Monday, July 8, 2019

Missing Man For Monday Mystery...!

We haven't had a good old fashioned missing person case on here for quite some time. Here is one that is pretty much unique from Listverse.

James Worson

On September 3, 1873, a man named James Worson had accepted a challenge to race, in record time, from the town of Leamington to the town of Coventry, a 20-mile trek. He had been boasting of his foot skills and then was asked to prove them, so, with sporting good spirits, he set about to do just that. Two friends, Hammerson Burns and Barham Wise, followed behind in a horse-drawn gig. Burns brought along his camera. Worson was never out of their sight, and would often turn around while running to exchange some friendly words with the two riders. Running in the middle of the road, Worson suddenly appeared to stumble and pitch forward, having time enough for only one short, piercing scream. Wise later said, “It was the most ghastly sound ether of us had ever heard.” But as Worson pitched forward with that terrible cry, instead of falling to the ground as he appeared to be about to have done, he completely and totally vanished in mid-fall, before ever striking the ground. The road itself told the story and Wise took the pictures to prove it. There, in the soft dirt, were Worson’s footprints.They led down the middle of the road, looked as if the runner stumbled, and there they disappeared. A search was called and the locals scoured the area for James. The bloodhounds used in the search were strangely reluctant to approach the spot where Worson disappeared. He was never seen or heard from again.

Pretty strange, don't you think?

Speaking of missing people, I am going to be missing from posting for a few days. I don't know for sure just how long, but I wanted to let everyone know so no one would worry. I will continue to post if I can, but may have to miss a few days, so don't be alarmed...OK?

Friday, July 5, 2019

How About Some Laughs...?

Something a little different today and we all need it, I think.

Coffee out on the patio this morning!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Bad Frontierswoman...!

Lest we forget that women played a very important part in our early history of the Old West, let's remember Delia Haskett Rawson. From Listverse here is her story.

Delia Haskett Rawson

Stagecoach driving was a tough business back in the 1800s, but that didn’t stop Delia Haskett Rawson from entering the profession at just 14 years old. It was a feat that made her the first and likely youngest female to carry the mail in the state of California. She continued to blaze the trail for nine years between 1876 and 1885.

Delia’s father, Samuel W. Haskett, owned a stagecoach line, which provided her with the opportunity to take the reigns. When it came to horses, Delia had natural talent. In addition to driving the stagecoach, Delia participated in horse races, rodeo events, and beauty pageants, winning awards in all three. She later went on to be a mine owner, an oil baroness, and the only woman to be accepted into the California Pioneer Stage Drivers Association when it was formed in 1934.

The old west wouldn't be the same without women like her, I reckon.

Coffee in the kitchen again today!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Strange Blue-Eyed Rascal...!

Here is something that you might find interesting. From Listverse, this is an article about a few blue eyed coyotes .

Blue-Eyed Coyotes

Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

Coyotes look at the world with golden brown eyes. For this reason, it came as a shock when five coyotes in California turned up with piercing blue eyes. When the photographic evidence was shown to experts of eye color in wildlife, nobody had seen anything like it. Two of the animals trotted around in Point Reyes while the rest lived in Santa Cruz and Sacramento.

In wild animals, eye color remains consistent. This drastic change is still unsolved, but at least researchers have ruled out interbreeding with dogs. Domestic dogs sometimes have blue eyes, and they do have puppies with coyotes. However, these crossbreeds have distinctive faces and coat colors but never blue eyes.

A genetic mutation is more likely. The suspicion is that a single coyote was born with blue eyes a few generations ago and the California five could be this animal’s descendants.

Nature is sure filled with wonders, don't you think?

Coffee inside this morning. Rain is coming back. Gingersnaps anyone?

Monday, July 1, 2019

Still Unsolved...!

Sometimes we just can't find a way to solve a crime, even using all of the modern tools we have today. Here is one such story from Listverse.

The Boy in the Box

In 1957, an unidentified Caucasian male, probable age 4 to 6 years, whose nude body, wrapped in a cheap flannel blanket, was found lying face up inside a large cardboard carton just a few feet from the edge of Susquehanna Road in Northeast Philadelphia. The body was dry and clean. The boy’s arms were carefully folded across his stomach. The finger and toenails had been recently trimmed short and neat. His hair had been cut recently – very close to the head, in a crude, hurried way, perhaps as a deliberate attempt to conceal the child’s identity. Small clumps of cut hair clung to his entire body, suggesting that someone had groomed him while he was unclothed, probably either shortly before or immediately after death. There were many bruises all over the child’s body; particularly on the head and face. All of the bruises appeared to have been inflicted at the same time. Despite recent DNA investigations in to the crime, it remains unsolved.

Seems to me that many clues were there to at least find out the identity of the poor victim.

Coffee out on the patio this morning!

Friday, June 28, 2019

What A Way To Go...!

Since this is actually Freaky Friday, you might just appreciate this story from Listverse.

Death By Toilet

Convicted murderer Michael Anderson Godwin unwittingly saved taxpayers a great deal of money at a Columbia, South Carolina, correctional facility in 1989.

After having his death sentence overturned on appeal, he settled into his new reality as a “lifer.” As he was only 28 at the time, he would more than likely have been there for many years to come.

One fateful day, he attempted to repair a set of earphones that was connected to his television. He bit down on one of the earphone’s wires while sitting on the steel toilet in his prison cell. This turned out to be a deadly combination.

The same prisoner who initially escaped the electric chair unintentionally carried out his own death sentence by electrocution. How ironic.

One thing about it...Karma is a bad mama-jama!

Coffee out on the patio this morning!