Saturday, January 11, 2014

Watch Out, Bigfoot...!

Did you hear about the hunter that says he shot Bigfoot? In Texas that's legal!

With all the rules and regulations we face now days, this kinda surprised me! I found an article that explains it all right here!

It’s Completely Legal To Kill Bigfoot In Texas
By Nolan Moore on Friday, January 10, 2014

Bigfoot is one of the most famous monsters in the world, but if he exists, he better stay out of the Lone Star State. According to the Texas Park and Wildlife Department, it’s perfectly legal to kill the rare cryptid, if you can find him of course. However, California and Washington are a little more Bigfoot-friendly and have set up laws to protect this mysterious creature.

Bigfoot is North America’s most legendary cryptid and has appeared in books, movies, TV shows, and now possibly Rick Dyer’s freezer. If you’ve been paying attention to the “news” recently, you may have noticed this Texas hunter, who says he bagged the creature outside of San Antonio. He now plans to take the body on a road trip across North America, charging people for a glimpse of the mythical beast. While chances are pretty good that Dyer’s story is a hoax, if he actually did kill the mysterious monster, he’s totally within his legal rights.

According to the Texas Park and Wildlife Department (TPWD), hunters can shoot as many Sasquatches as they want, assuming they can find any. Of course, Bigfoot isn’t specifically mentioned in any state laws, and that concerned John Lloyd Sharf of Oregon. He sent the TPWD an email asking if the creatures receive any kind of protection, and he got a prompt response from Lieutenant David Sinclair, Chief of Staff of the TPWD. According to Lt. Sinclair, Bigfoot isn’t listed as “an indigenous, nongame species” so it’s not protected by Texas law which means you can kill as many as you want. Of course, the rule was written for less-elusive creatures like bobcats, coyotes, and cotton-tailed rabbits, but technically speaking, it applies to Bigfoot, too.

While Texas isn’t exactly Bigfoot-friendly, California might be a safe-haven for the fabled, furry ape. According to the California Department of Fish and Game, if Bigfoot exists naturally in California, then it’s a non-game mammal protected by law. However, California isn’t the only place with pro-cryptid laws. In 1992, Whatcom County, Washington declared itself a Bigfoot refuge area, and Skamania County made it illegal to hunt the hairy humanoids all the way back in 1969. That’s great news for the 29 percent of Americans who actually believe in Bigfoot and even better news for the creatures themselves . . . assuming they’re even real.

I have to say that, legal or not, if a Bigfoot showed up at my camp site unannounced...he's more than likely gonna get shot! Sorry, but that's just the way I roll!

Coffee out on the patio this morning! Sunshine is on the way and the temps are rising!


Gorges Smythe said...

I wonder if it's legal to shoot the tooth fairy in Texaas?

Chickenmom said...

Gotta love Texas! Save a spot for me on your sunny patio-it's 35 here and pouring rain.

justastick said...

Jim you dug deep for this one!

JO said...

I'm those of you who have Animal Planet know about this group who hunt him not to kill but to see him. All these for sure sightings by locals and yes these fools have been hunting Big Foot for over 25 yrs. have never sighted one themselves. LOL I rather read a book anymore.

I'll have a hot cup with you please.

linda m said...

He would be in my freezer for sure. Love Texas and their way of thinking. Don't know if I believe the person who claims to have shot him tho.

Anonymous said...

They say that we have a similar monster the the one in Loch Ness in one of our bigger lakes and it is now days protected. If one by misstake catch Storsjöodjuret one must releas it at once :-)

Have a great day!

Mamahen said...

Hmmm..i've always thought that it woud depend on the creature if I were to see one...If it was acting in a non threatening manne, I would probably let it live with ot without the "protection " of the law......42 n rain rain rain here a suny spot n a hot cup sounds grand :))

Mamahen said...
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HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
It probably is! Wouldn't surprise me at all!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Phyllis...
We do have a unique way of looking at things sometimes!

Thanks for stopping by this morning!

Hey Stick...
You have no idea! Strange articles out there!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Jo...
Reading does seem like a better way to spend my time!

Besides, he probably lives in my neighborhood!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Linda M...
One case where the priorities are straight.

Thanks for dropping by today!

Hey Christer...
Nice to know that our law makers are doing such important jobs, right?

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Mamahen...
I figure that if he leaves me alone, I'll leave him alone!

What a world we live in!

Thanks for coming over today!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I hope he exists, but I have my doubts. Although I talked to a guy who was canoeing an east Texas river and saw one running along the bank.