Monday, April 28, 2014

Egg Head For Monday Mystery...!

Once in a while, we get something on our mystery search that calls for further examination. Today is one of those times!

Unfortunately, no one can give us any idea about this mystery other than what people already know! Strange looking, pretty in a strange sort of way, ya know?

Mystery Stone

Construction workers digging near New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee uncovered a very unusual item in 1872. It was a black stone egg, about 10 centimeters (4 in) tall, carved with images. It was described as “remarkable” and a “wonder of the scientific world.” Nothing similar has ever been found anywhere in the United States to this day. It’s known as the “Mystery Stone.”

The carvings offered few clues as to the stone’s origins. The front of the egg shows a face. There’s an ear of corn on the side, a circle containing depictions of animal parts, a spiral, a crescent moon, and various patterns made of lines and dots. There are holes drilled into the top and bottom, which are too regular to have been created by pre–19th century technology, suggesting the stone was crafted not long before it was found.

No one recorded details about the stone’s discovery. We don’t know the exact site where it was found or how deep it lay. The type of rock it’s made from isn’t usually found in New Hampshire. After close to 150 years of investigation, we know no more than this: Someone created it for some reason at some point and it ended up buried.

Sure would look good on my desk, but who knows what kind of strange curse or bad luck might be attached to it? I reckon I'll just be happy to leave it be, if you know what I mean!

Coffee out on the patio this morning. They say rain is in the forecast, but we'll take a chance!


Chickenmom said...

I'm with you - I have way too many "cool" things on my desk anyway! I'll bring some Dunkins to brighten up the day.

linda m said...

I think I'll leave it where it is; it may be cursed or something even worse. Looks very interesting though. Started raining here last night and supposed to continue all feel. Bummer

Sixbears said...

There's a lot more strange stuff found in NH,but few know about it. There are some very odd, very old things in these hills.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Funny how attached we can get to things that mean nothing to other folks, isn't it?

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Linda M...
Best to let sleeping dogs lie. Sorry about the rough weather there!

Hey, thanks for dropping by this morning!

Hey Sixbears...
Sounds like it would be an interesting state to explore! Certainly has had a lot of history attached to it!

I appreciate you coming by today!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I wonder if it was ever checked for radiation? The egg is a symbol of life. You sure do come up with some good mysteries that make me really wonder.

Anonymous said...

It does look cool and the first thing I came to think of was Inuit people. But I don't think they carved in anything but bones and walrus tusks.

Have a great day!

Mamahen said...

WOW! Seems I say that a lot here, but this is very intriguing to say the least...I'll meet everyone on the patio :))