Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some Unknown Secret Dirty Tricks...!

I am not anti government, but I'll admit that some of the things that the PTB have done in the past and continue to do now days is more than a little unsettling to me!

In the not-to-distant past, many nasty things were done in the name of "scientific research" that are almost criminal in nature. Some of them may seem hard to believe, so I'm including links to the documents released about these so called "experiments!" You decide what to believe! I have already made up my mind!

The Government Secretly Radiated Sick Children

The US government has sponsored such a wide array of human radiation experiments on unsuspecting citizens that it’s hard to decide which was the most diabolical. They intentionally dropped radioactive material over US cities, fed radioactive oatmeal to mentally disabled children, and injected people with plutonium without their knowledge. Still, the most shocking example is arguably when the government radiated some of the most helpless individuals imaginable: children suffering from cerebral palsy.

These 1,100 children were patients at Sonoma State Hospital between 1955 and 1960, a time when parents were encouraged to institutionalize their mentally and physically disabled children. Most of these patients were simply abandoned by their parents, which meant Sonoma State had captive subjects on which they could perform all sorts of experiments without parental consent. And it was all funded by the federal government. In addition to being exposed to radiation, the kids were put through other painful tests, such as unnecessary spinal taps and having air injected into their brains.

In the end, about 1,400 children died at Sonoma State. Not coincidentally, the hospital and its doctors netted one of the largest brain collections ever recorded.

Let me say this! I am NOT just some sick psycho making all this up! I got the story from  Listverse and the other links speak for themselves, I believe! Just do your own due diligence and decide where the truth lies!

Coffee out under the carport this morning! I need the fresh air, rain or not!


linda m said...

It just "blows" my mind what people will do in the name of science. When you think of some of the "experiments" that have been done on people it makes me puke. How can people be soooo SICK to do this to another human being. Coffee under the carport is just fine with me. I too need some fresh air. I'll bring a rhubarb cake.

Mamahen said...

There truly are no limits to the suffering humans will inflict on one another it seems...carport is great...never had rhubarb cake....but love the pie so i'll have a slice.

JO said...

This is sick I have heard other horrible this done to humans for science.

Lets talk about something pleasant over coffee.

they said we might get rain today. I will have to see it to believe it.

Sissy said...
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Sissy said...
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a.rogue (Alice) said...

This is horrible, gut wrenching just thinking of those poor children. Sadly governments the world over are responsible for atrocities like this... not just the USA.
I've lost my appetite for a bit now, but coffee is always fine. We are having a lovely sunny day here.