Monday, June 23, 2014

A Sad Monday Mystery...!

Unsolved crime is always a good subject for discussion. Some unsolved crimes just linger on and on, though.

Today's mystery is one involving two children and that makes it one of the most sad. Crimes against children are, to me, the hardest to understand. I will never be able to grasp why anyone would harm a child, much less two!

 The Babes In The Woods

Every year, the remains of numerous unidentified people are found, and when no one can determine who these victims are, they are classified as John or Jane Doe. These circumstances are particularly tragic when the unidentified victims are children.

On January 14, 1953, the skeletal remains of two children were discovered under some brush in Stanley Park near Vancouver, British Columbia. The remains were covered by a woman’s rain cape. Other items found at the scene included a woman’s shoe, a fur coat, a lunch box, and a hatchet, which was likely used as the murder weapon.

Investigators determined that the victims had been dead for approximately five or six years. The two children were believed to have been between 6 and 10 years old and initially thought to be a boy and a girl. They became known as “The Babes in the Woods,” and their remains eventually wound up in a display case at the Vancouver Police Museum. In 1998, the remains were removed from the museum for DNA testing before they were finally laid to rest. The DNA tests yielded a surprising result: The two victims were actually brothers.

Years before the remains were found, two witnesses reported seeing a man and a woman walking through Stanley Park with two boys, one of whom was carrying a hatchet. Later that day, the witnesses recalled seeing the same man and woman walking alone, but the woman was now wearing only one blood-covered shoe. Unfortunately, since police initially believed that one of the victims was a girl, this lead was not properly pursued at the time. After more than 60 years, the Babes in the Woods remain unidentified.

It's sad to think that it's been this long and still no evidence to at least identify these children. Very cruel set of circumstances, if you ask me.

Coffee out on the patio this morning. It may shower, but let's take a chance.


Chickenmom said...

Lot of evil people out there, Mr. Hermit. So sad when they take their hatred out a child.

Sixbears said...

Sad indeed. Always tough to see what people will do to kids.

linda m said...

Sad indeed. I always hate to hear about a child being murdered, hurt or lost. They are helpless little people who don't deserve it. Rained very early here but now the sun is poking thru. Coffee outside sounds good. I'll bring some bagels and cream cheese.

JO said...

So sad to read this. It is awful the things some people are capable of doing. And for there to be a witness and think nothing of seeing someone walking with only one bloody shoe. Just didn't want to get involved right.

Love to sit out this morning. Pass the pot please.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
You're so right about the evil people running free. Sooner or later, they will have to answer to someone!

Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey Sixbears...
Takes a really twisted mind to harm children.

Thanks for dropping by today!

Hey Linda M...
It's always sad when bad things happen to kids. Punishment should be swift and harsh, if you ask me.

Thanks so much for the bagels and for the visit this morning!

Hey Jo...
Looks like a case of "I don't want to be involved" to me. Sad, really sad!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over!

Mamahen said...

Such a disturbing story! I can't believe that there was not a follow up to witnesses with such evidence ..... I'm on my way. I'll bring fresh strawberry jam to go with bagles :))