Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Texas Ranger For Western Wednesday...!

Most folks think that much of what is told about the Texas Rangers is just a myth, but there was a lot of truth in some of the tales of their exploits.

Many of the best known Rangers didn't even dcome from Texas originally. This is the story of one such man.

John B. Armstrong

Yet another Tennessee native, Armstrong clashed with Reconstruction-era authorities at home and ended up moving to Texas in 1872 at the age of 22. He joined the Austin militia unit known as the Travis Rifles before moving on to a company of Texas Rangers led by Captain Leander McNelly. Armstrong’s most famous exploit as a Ranger by far was his capture of John Wesley Hardin in the spring of 1877. Hardin, Texas’ most infamous gunfighter, was said to have killed at least 20 men in the decade following the Civil War; some said the total reached as high as 40). By 1877, he was on the run, wanted by the Rangers for the killing of Comanche County Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb. Though he was recuperating from a gunshot wound, Armstrong sought and won permission to work the Hardin case. He and his team tracked Hardin to Pensacola, Florida, and confronted the gunfighter and his gang in a train car. Though various versions exist as to what happened next, the most commonly told story is that Hardin’s gun snagged on his suspenders and Armstrong was able to hit him over the head, knocking him out. Armstrong then sent Hardin back to Texas to stand trial for Webb’s murder.

Like the old saying can run, but you can't hide! Some of these old boys were tough, rough, and ready!

Coffee out on the patio this hot and humid morning.


Chickenmom said...

News traveled slowly back then. Makes you wonder how they ever found anyone on the run by the time they got there. We had our hot an humid yesterday a cool 59 here now.

linda m said...

They were and still are some of the best lawmen around. I'll bring a fresh Kringle to go with our coffee.

Dizzy-Dick said...

A Texas Ranger in Florida? I guess they would go anywhere to catch the criminal that they were after.

Rob said...

Well Mr Hermit, you did it again! I had to go read more about this story.
An interesting read. Thanks!