Wednesday, January 25, 2017

General Burnside Busted...!

As far back as any one can remember, the military has had to contend with a lot of politics. Don't believe me ? Take a look at what happened to a couple of generals under Abraham Lincoln.

Burnside relieved of command

On this day in 1863,Union General Ambrose Burnside is removed as commander of the Army of the Potomac after serving in the role for two months.

Burnside assumed command of the army after President Abraham Lincoln removed General George B. McClellan from command in November 1862. Lincoln had a difficult relationship with McClellan, who built the army admirably but was a sluggish and overly cautious field commander.

Lincoln wanted an attack on the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, which was commanded by Robert E. Lee. Burnside drafted a plan to move south towards Richmond, Virginia. The plan was sound, but delays in its execution alerted Lee to the danger. Lee headed Burnside off at Fredericksburg, Virginia, on December 13. Burnside attacked repeatedly against entrenched Confederates along Marye’s Heights above Fredericksburg with tragic results for the Union. More than 13,000 Yankees fell; Lee lost just 5,000 troops. Northern morale sunk in the winter of 1862-1863.

Lincoln allowed Burnside one more chance. In January 1863, Burnside attempted another campaign against Lee. Four days of rain turned the Union offensive into the ignominious “Mud March,” during which the Yankees floundered on mud roads while Lee’s men jeered at them from across the Rappahannock River. Lincoln had seen enough–General Joseph Hooker took over command of the army from Burnside.

Even back then, politics had a way of getting into nearly everything. I wonder how badly politics will be involved under the new administration...good or bad ?

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. It's raining outside once again.


Chickenmom said...

Look at what Obama did to our military and veterans. I sure do hope all the damage he caused can be fixed quickly.

linda m said...

I am so sick of politics and politicians. Sure hoping we can get back on the right track again.

JO said...

It's amazing that they won the war back then.

Politics and politicians yes Linda I am sick to death of it all too!
We should see more sunshine for a few days but cold temps.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Our veterans deserve better, that's for sure!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Linda...
I am tired of hearing about nothing but politicians as well. Time for something a bit different, I think.
Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Jo...
It's no wonder that so many troops on both sides lost their lives. Poor leadership on the battlefield is way too costly.
Thanks for dropping by, sweetie!