Saturday, March 25, 2017

Close Call For Coffee...!

Can you believe that at one time, coffee nearly became against the law in England? True, so help me!

Seems that those of us that enjoyed the fellowship of other coffee drinkers and the establishments  (think coffee houses) that sold the stuff were considered ne'er-do-wells by the King. The law passed, but lucky for us, was abolished before taking effect. Here is the terrifying story for ya.



In 1675, Charles II of England issued a proclamation to end the legality of coffeehouses. According to him, too many people spent the whole day in coffeehouses doing nothing other than gossiping and spreading rumors about the government. The law did not stop there. It also forbade people from selling coffee, chocolate, sherbet, and tea from any shop or house.

Back then, coffeehouses were centers of gossip. The phrase “coffeehouse politician” was even coined to refer to men who spent the whole day in coffeehouses, doing nothing other than discussing politics. The law was passed on December 29, 1675, and was supposed to become active on January 10, 1676, but it was abolished on January 8. The undoing of the ban was backed by several ministers of Charles II, who themselves were lovers of coffee

Like I said, that was a close call for all us coffee drinkers. I'm certainly glad that the law was abolished, because if it had remained in place and had found it's way to the states...that would NOT have been a good thing! Know what I mean?

Coffee out on the patio again today. Let's be thankful that no such law has ever been passed here...yet!


JO said...

OH NO! That would have been awful to say the least. Sorry I'm late but slept in then had to do laundry and a few things. But my mind was screaming for that coffee. So here I am at last.

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
Better late than never, right? I know what it's like to not have that first cup in the A.M.
Thanks for dropping by, sweetie!

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Not a good thing for the Coffee Hermit, right? I have to admit I made a second pot of 4 cups this morning, but mine is only 1/2 caff ~
Good to see y'all so early - must have had your coffee, huh?

Big hugs ~

Terry said...

"spent the whole day in coffeehouses doing nothing other than gossiping and spreading rumors about the government. "
Sounds like the original internet. Heh heh
Except most of our rumors turn out to be fact. Probably the same back then.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...
It would have been disastrous for myself and many others, had that law made it across the big pond! That's for certain.
Thanks, Sis, for coming over today!

Hey Terry...
Seems like the PTB have always been trying to do away with free thinking and so-called "rumor mills!" Guess that's why we free thinkers love our version of the coffeehouses.
Thanks for the visit today!