Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get Out The Hanky...!

I don't like pit bulls as a breed, but once in a while I hear a good story about one!

Talk about loyalty! I've known people that would never be this protective, so I might have to rethink the breed as a whole! Maybe they are more like human beings than I thought...some good and some bad!

Boston (WCVB/CNN) - A Massachusetts pit bull saved her owner from an oncoming freight train, risking life and limb, to pull her off the tracks.

The woman survived, but the dog is severely injured.

David Lanteigne has adored this pit bull since recuing Lilly from a shelter to be a companion for his mom who suffers from alcoholism.

"We saved her life and she saved my mom's life," he said.

It was midnight last Wednesday when his mom fell unconscious on train tracks in Shirley.

"Lilly was either pushing or pulling my mother off the tracks," said Lanteigne. "There wasn't enough time and that just prior to the train making impact Lilly had intentionally gotten between the train and my mother and had taken the hit."

The entire hit. Eight-year-old Lilly suffered severe trauma. David's mother was uninjured.

[Reporter]: "Will this dog be able to walk again?"

"Yes she should be able to walk quite well. They accommodate quite well to having a front limb amputation," said the veterinarian.

Lanteigne, a Boston police officer, will be with her every step of the way.

"I'm supposed to be the strong one. I'm supposed to be here for her, but she's been so great, so tough through all this. It almost seems like she's the one comforting me and being there for me and making me feel better," he said.


I'm a sucker for animals. I'd be the first to say that I'm more of a cat person than a dog fan, but any animal willing to stand between his owner and danger certainly has my respect!

Coffee on the patio this morning. We'll have to arm wrestle for the last of the cherry pie!

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