Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some Dangerous Chocolate...!

This could have been a real danger to a chocolate lover like me!

Never ceases to amaze me at the diabolical ways man can come up with to destroy their fellow men! Of course, the Nazi's were experts at finding new ways to kill! This next one just validates my thoughts on this!

The Nazis' Chocolate Bomb

The term "Death by Chocolate" usually refers to a dessert recipe -- chocolate cake served with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, sometimes with chocolate brownies or chocolate candies or chocolate shavings on top. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. For most, Death by Chocolate seems like a wonderful idea. The Nazis agreed -- but took the term more literally.

In 2005, the British intelligence agency MI5 released a treasure trove of documents and photographs of camouflaged equipment used up by Nazi saboteurs. Among the documents released was the item depicted above -- a sketch of what seems to be an ordinary chocolate bar. But instead of containing nougat, caramel, or Rice Crispies, these chocolate bars contained a bit more punch. This unique brand of Nazi chocolate were rigged to explode.

The chocolate bars were more akin to hand grenades than the confections they purported to be. They were steel-encased explosives covered with chocolate, all wrapped up in a candy bar-like wrapper. To detonate the bomb, the operative (or would-be victim) would break off the first row of "chocolate," revealing a canvas strap. The strap worked like the pin in a hand grenade; once it was removed, there would be only a few seconds before the bomb would explode.

The likely target of the chocolate? Gizmodo states that the Nazis envisioned the British Royal family falling prey to the ruse, opening up a bar of chocolate only to find a very rude -- and deadly -- surprise. According to the BBC, while explosives camouflaged as food were found on Nazi agents in Turkey, none made it to the UK. However, four similarly constructed cans of peas, en route to Buckingham Palace, did make it to Ireland before being intercepted.

Of course, it's incredibly unclear as to why the Nazis believed that a member of the Royal family would be opening up their own cans of peas.

See what I mean? These folks were beyond mean and nasty! They were indeed the bringers of no small way!

We are having our coffee in the kitchen this morning! Weather is just way too crazy to take a chance!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Chocolate is my favorite, thankfully not white chocolate and surely not back then. Seems to be no end to some group's inumanity.

chinasyndrome said...

I say Jeeves,be a good fellow and open me a chocolate bar! Cheerio!


Ben in Texas said...
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Ben in Texas said...

OK, This madness must stop!! Save your family the heartbreak of having to attend your funeral, to say nothing of having to clean up the kitchen of the mess made when you opened that package of chocolate you got at the discount store.

Carefully package all the chocolate in your house and mail it to chocolate Alert,Box 549, Cut and Shoot ,Texas.

I'll examine it all and render it harmless with no worries to you about exploding children all over your kitchen or den!!

Sixbears said...

How low can a person get?

linda m said...

This makes me rethink my love for chocolate. Naw, forget I said that; I'll take my chances and keep eating the stuff. Those Nazis were just toooo evil!

BBC said...

That gives me an idea....

Duke said...

That's just wrong, you can mess with a lot of things but you start boobie trapping chocolate I draw the line.

JOJO said...

They were the ugly people.
I hope we never see anything like that again in the world.

I will bring banana bread for the coffee. I was going to bring chocolate cake but sorta changed my mind.

HermitJim said...

Hey Beatrice...
Pretty crazy, isn't it?

Just as long as they don't mess with the Reese's Peanut butter cups!

Thanks for coming by this morning!

Hey China...
Might just be Jeeve's final task!

Thanks for the visit, buddy!

Hey Ben...
That's a really good deed you are furnishing, buddy!

Need some help getting rid of the evidence...I mean, potential danger?

Thanks, buddy, for dropping by today!

Hey Sixbears...
Evidently pretty low! Boy, killer chocolate! Who would have thunk it?

Many thanks for dropping by today!

Hey Linda...
I'm with you! Just have to take my chances!

I appreciate you coming by this morning!

Hey BBC...
Now behave yourself! No blowing something or someone up!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Duke...
I have to go along with you on that one! Somethings should just be out of bounds!

Appreciate the visit today, Duke!

Hey JoJo...
Banana bread sounds just fine to me! I'll have mine without the nuts, please!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over this morning!

Dizzy-Dick said...

They do have good salads. I go to Jack-in-the-Box and get 7 stuffed Jalapenos and then I stop at McDonalds and get the salads. Works for me.

Labrys said...

During their war with Afghanistan, the Russians dropped mini-bomblets that looked like chocolate bars.
They blew hands off a lot of children.

Not only the Germans are evil in war; it is pretty much cross-cultural.