Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Travels Are Here Again...!

This one isn't in the United States as some before have been!

Although it is a bit strange, I think it would be an interesting place to visit. It must be quite a sight, to say the least! While the reason for it's existence may not be clear, it is probably unique.

Hill of Crosses

The Hill of Crosses, Kryzi┼│ Kalnas, located 12 kilometers north of the small industrial city of Siauliai (pronounced shoo-lay) is the Lithuanian national pilgrimage center. Standing upon a small hill are many hundreds of thousands of crosses that represent Christian devotion and a memorial to Lithuanian national identity. The origin of the first crosses is unknown, but despite repeated attempts by the occupying communists in the 20th century to destroy the hill and remove the crosses, they still come back in their thousands. While the subject is not scary in itself, the concept of a hill with mysterious crosses appearing is a little disturbing.

Guess we should never underestimate the power of people moved by their faith! Notice the difference here between placing a cross, and attacking and killing folks for some imagined insult! In my opinion, there is just way too much killing in the world. That, however, is merely the opinion of an old-timer who has seen far too much violence in his lifetime.

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. The rain seems to come and go, so we better not take a chance!


Catman said...

Uh, who wrote that part you quote?

Specifically, "While the subject is not scary in itself, the concept of a hill with mysterious crosses appearing is a little disturbing."

What is "disturbing" about people expressing devotion to their chosen faith?

Not hammering you, Hermit. Just puzzled by why someone would describe see it as disturbing.

HermitJim said...

Hey Catman...
I think what they meant by disturbing was maybe no one was seen putting the crosses there!

I'm sure that only the persons trying to remove them were disturbed by the reappearing, but as I said...never underestimate the power of people passionate about their belief!

Many thanks for coming by today!

Sixbears said...

There is far too much violence in the world.

The Communists only have limited success with surpressing religion.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Wow, I never heard of that place. It gives me a wonderful warm feeling to see what some people will do for their faith.

JOJO said...

Faith is a strong power for some and no one or nothing will come between them. Good for those who believe.

I think we have seen the last of our rain, but it sure is chilly at night now. Had to use Fred's sweater this morning it was 43 degrees. :) love it.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sixbears...
I totally agree with you about the violence and the fact that religion will never be totally suppressed!

Thanks so much for coming over today!

Hey Dizzy...
So many places around the world where folks have built some lasting monument to their faith!

Many wonders still out there to explore!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by this morning!

HermitJim said...

Hey JoJo...
Sounds to me like you are having an early Winter! Seems like a long time since I've seen temps even down to the 60's!

Oh well, guess ours will come when it's ready!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over this morning!

DavidandDarcy Cobb said...

Hermit I just love reading your post I may not always commit but be sure I am out here reading. You have a nack for this and I for one enjoy it.

HermitJim said...

Hey David and Darcy...
I sure am glad that you take the time to drop in for a read, even if you don't comment!

I appreciate the fact that you enjoy what I come up with, and hope I can continue to entertain.

Again, thanks for coming over today!

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