Thursday, August 1, 2013

Now This Is A First For Me...!

Over the years, I've heard many strange and scary stories about how gullible some folks are. However this one really caught me off guard!

I don't really know why I should be surprised. After all, way too many folks show signs of being unbalanced at times, if you know what I mean! Trouble is many of them are still walking around out there!

The First Murder By Ouija Board

After a Ouija board session on November 8, 1933 in Prescott, Arizona, 15-year-old Mattie Turley fired a shotgun at her father, Ernest Turley, inflicting mortal wounds. She’d shot him, she said, because “the board could not be denied.” She eventually pled guilty to attempted murder, was sentenced to a state reformatory, and received parole three years later.

While her mother, Dorothea Irene Turley, operated the planchette during the séance, the Ouija board told Mattie to “shoot Daddy after he milked the cows” and assured her no one would discover the murder. Allegedly, Dorothea told Mattie she wanted to marry a handsome cowboy and getting rid of Ernest Turley was the simplest solution. Mattie and her mother used a deck of playing cards to apparently confirm the command, then the teenager shot her father, a former US Navy chief gunner’s mate, in the back. He later died at the hospital.

At first, Mattie tried to pass off Ernest’s death as an accident. She told the sheriff she’d been following about 30 feet behind her father when she tripped and the shotgun went off. However, the investigation revealed the victim’s wounds could only have been inflicted if the shotgun were held by someone standing upright and 10 feet away. Mattie confessed.

Dorothea Turley was also arrested and tried for assault with intent to commit murder. She was convicted and was sentenced to 10-25 years. However, following an appeal, her conviction was overturned in 1936, and she was set free.

One of the scariest parts of this whole thing is how quickly this girl was let out of prison. It almost sounds like some of the sentences served today, doesn't it?

Coffee out on the patio this morning. I have some apple turnovers this time around!


Chickenmom said...

Now that is a strange case! Wonder why they both got out early and whatever happened to them afterwards?
Getting rain later this morning - the garden needs it. Good friends, apple turnover and coffee! What more could you ever ask for?

Anonymous said...

Very strange!
But I understand that the girl was released rather quickly even if I think she shuld have stayed much longer, her mother was the one behind it and I can see how she most likely convinced her daughter that one must obey the spirits. Do we know anything more about the girl? She might have been a bit slow so to speak.

But what I really can't understand is how her mother came out that quickly! I guess that her former husband must have had poweful enemies that helped her out somehow.

Very interesting today!

Have a great day!

Momlady said...

Well you know it wasn't the fault of the board. Mama should have stayed behind bars longer and the daughter should have had her head examined. Coffee sounds good.

Sixbears said...

Just waiting for the coffee to be ready this morning. Enjoying the sun while it lasts.

Hadn't heard that one. Strange and twisted tale this morning Hermit.

SHARON said...

Wow, I wonder if mama ever married that 'handsome cowboy'? Sure would be interesting to find out what happened to them. Coffee sounds good, just had my first cuppa, sitting here, enjoying the nice, steady rain. Will make it easier to finish pulling those weeds. Enjoy your day, HJ.

JO said...

Yep some people pretty much get away with murder today too. It really is disgusting.

Very humid this morning air is very thick. But hangin with friends on the patio is a great way to start the day.

Dizzy-Dick said...

As always, you have come up with a "strange but true" story for us. Love your blog and always read it.

linda m said...

Good story. I do wonder why they both got out early. Rained here yesterday and last night.

Hermit Ladee said...

The wife's new love must have had connections! Same as today. And I LOVE coconut macaroons! Especially if they're homemade!