Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bowie On Western Wednesday...!

By now I'm sure that everyone has heard of Jim Bowie, or at least heard the legend of his famous knife!

As usual, we only know part of the story. Seems like his brother was as wild as he was! That is so often the case!

Jim Bowie stabs a Louisiana banker with his famous knife

After a duel turns into an all-out brawl on this day in 1827, Jim Bowie disembowels a banker in Alexandria, Louisiana, with an early version of his famous Bowie knife. The actual inventor of the Bowie knife, however, was probably not Jim Bowie, but rather his equally belligerent brother, Rezin Bowie, who reportedly came up with the design after nearly being killed in a vicious knife fight.

The Bowie brothers engaged in more fights than the typical frontiersman of the day, but such violent duels were not uncommon events on the untamed margins of American civilization. In the early nineteenth century, most frontiersmen preferred knives to guns for fighting, and the Bowie knife quickly became one of the favorites. Rezin Bowie had invented such a nasty looking weapon that the mere sight of it probably discouraged many would-be robbers and attackers. Designs varied somewhat, but the typical Bowie knife sported a 9- to 15- inch blade sharpened only on one side for much of its length, though the curved tip was sharpened to a point on both sides. The double-edged tip made the knife an effective stabbing weapon, while the dull-edge combined with a brass hand guard allowed the user to slide a hand down over the blade as needed. The perfect knife for close-quarter fighting, the Bowie knife became the weapon of choice for many westerners before the reliable rapid-fire revolver took its place in the post-Civil War period.

Looks to me like the Bowie boys were not to be messed with! Funny, but I've known a few folks like that! Wonder if they are related?

Coffee out on the patio this morning. I'm in the mood for some danish, OK?


Glan Deas said...

Hello Hermit!! How are you dear???
Please share some thing about the Current issue of government.

Kopi Luwak

Chickenmom said...

Didn't know he had a brother. We learn so much here, Mr. Hermit!
I haven't had a danish in a long time - save me one (or two)!

linda m said...

I had no idea Jim Bowie had a brother - learn something new every day. Have you noticed how more and more bad guys today are using knives? Something to be said for a knife. Save a danish for me.

JO said...

Considering how much damage a knife can do I think I'd rather be shot! Gutting someone sounds like a terrible way to die.

I also never knew about the bother. What a pair.

Danish sounds good haven't had any in long time either. Beautiful morning.

Dizzy-Dick said...

And I suppose the Bowie brothers had a sister who could put them both in their place (grin).

HermitJim said...

Hey Glan...
The current government issues here are way too many to try and explain on this blog. Besides, I don't confess to being able to understand what the people in charge have going on in their minds.

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Phyllis...
I think that the whole family was a bit quick tempered.

Glad to share what I learn when I can.

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Linda...
For one thing, knives are a lot less costly than guns, and probably a lot harder to trace!

Plenty of danish to go around today!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Hey Jo...
Being shot would certainly be a lot quicker way to go. Probably a lot less painful as well!

Thanks, sweetie, for the visit!

Hey Dizzy...
I haven't heard that, but it wouldn't surprise me at all!

Thanks for coming over today!