Friday, September 20, 2013

Eye For An Eye...!

In some cultures, the idea of justice calls for the "eye for an eye" path to settle things.

While I'm not defending this, I can see where it could be some determent for certain crimes. As far as it being inhumane, I'm not sure of that claim either. Punishment to fit the crime doesn't seem to far removed from hanging or death by injection to me! I guess we could argue that one is payback and one is revenge! Pretty close to the same thing, don't ya think?

Acid Thrower Feels Victim’s Pain

In 2004, Iranian jerkmuncher Majid Movahedi showed the world what a terrible person he was by throwing acid over Ameneh Bahrami as she walked home from work, blinding her. Bahrami had previously turned down his offer of marriage, and in Movahedi’s disturbed little mind, that slight apparently demanded a face full of acid. But here’s where things get interesting. Iran operates under strict sharia law, and sharia law allows “eye for an eye” style punishments. In Bahrami’s case, she took this literally. When Movahedi came to trial, she asked the court for a special favor. She wanted Movahedi blinded by acid.

And the court said yes.

For the next three years, Movahedi lived knowing he was going to feel the exact same pain and fear that his victim had. In 2011, he was taken into Tehran hospital and sedated, knowing he’d be blind when he woke up. Before you think I’ve gone totally mad and started advocating cruel and unusual punishment, I should add that Bahrami called off the procedure at the last second, saying she’d never intended to actually go through with it and would rather forgive her attacker. Movahedi got to keep his sight, but crucially he got to understand exactly the sort of fear and misery his victim must have felt all those years before. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

This story is taken from the site Listverse.

I can only imagine what kind of fear this man must have lived in for those 3 years. To know that you will face a punishment like this down the road must take it's toll, and maybe that's a good thing. I'm not saying I'm for it or against it, but I can bet it isn't pleasant at all!

Better have coffee in the kitchen this morning. The rains have finally showed up and it's wet outside! Cake donuts on the table there!


Linda said...

Good story. However, after being blinded, I would go ahead and let him be blinded.

The Biblical injunction of "an eye for eye" meant that a person could only do the offender what the offender had done. In other words, if someone gouged out one eye, you could not do more than put out one of his eyes. If you put out both of his eyes, you were then punished. It was not a call to action but a call for restraint.

I had not heard of this incident. Thanks.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
Very literal meaning of the law, it would seem.

I guess she figured that he had suffered enough, waiting for the punishment. Who knows?

Thanks for coming over this morning!

Chickenmom said...

I remember that story. Living in fear for only three years? He got off easy.
Donuts? be right there!

linda m said...

I heard this story also and I think he got off easy. But I guess she is the "bigger" person for forgiving him. Raining here also. Thanks for the donuts. Have a great weekend.

Sixbears said...

In an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth world, we'll all be blind and toothless.

JO said...

Waiting must have been hell but not hell enough. And he was sedated first? She didn't have that option. although I'm sure it still burned and was quite painful.

I'll have coffee in the kitchen it's always pleasant there. :)

Mamahen said...

I can't say in all honesty I would have stopped it from happening, but I would hope I would. Thanks for the coffee n donuts. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for the invite :))