Monday, February 2, 2015

An Island Puzzle For Monday Mystery...!

Nothing like a good old fashioned mystery to start a new week, right? Well, this one could make your week then!

This story almost sounds open and shut at first glance, but gets a little weird towards the end. The fact that so many questions still remain is enough to make it a genuine mystery in my book!

The Crew of the Sarah Joe

On February 19, 1979, five men from the Hawaiian island of Maui – Benjamin Kalama, Ralph Malaiakini, Scott Moorman, Patrick Woesner, and Peter Hanchett—went on a fishing trip on a vessel called the “Sarah Joe”. The boat and its crew all vanished after a terrible storm hit the area. It would seem obvious that the five men probably got lost at sea and drowned, but things got really weird in 1988 when pieces of the “Sarah Joe” were found on an island over 2000 miles away.

An unmarked shallow grave was also found on the island where the remains of Scott Moorman were buried under a pile of rocks. However, no trace of the other four men was found, so if they were the ones who buried him, what happened to them afterward? And if they didn’t bury him, then who did? To make things even weirder, this island had apparently already been searched a couple years beforehand and no one found the pieces of the Sarah Joe or the grave at that time. The fate of the four other missing men and the mystery of how Scott Moorman was buried remains unsolved.

Ya know, if it wasn't for the folks over at Listverse, I would never find these wonderful mysteries to share with you. You really should check them out someday.

Coffee inside this morning. Looks a little nasty outside!


Mamahen said...

A good one to start the work week for is nasty here as well...I see a nap in .y future :))

linda m said...

What a weird one for today. Our weather was really nasty yesterday. The blizzard hit us anyways after the weather gurus said we weren't in it's path. Still trying to dig out.

Chickenmom said...

Maybe Friday buried him. Good mystery, Mr.Hermit! And yes, it is nasty outside: 18 degrees, snow, sleet and strong winds!

Rob said...

Talk about weird... I was stationed at Barbers Pt Hawaii (Coast Guard air station) when they brought that Boston Whaler back. The families of the missing fishermen came by to look at the boat.
Sad times & a real mystery.

Speaking of Boston Whaler's there was a guy who'd take his 14' Boston Whaler out 'fishing' and not return. His wife would report it missing and we'd find it tied up at a dock on another island... seems he 'knew' some ladies on the different islands. I have to tell you that the seas between the islands got rough, I watched the waves crashing over a large tug boat between Oahu & Molokai... not where I'd take a 14' open boat.
Anyway, he was reported 'missing' regularly & his boat was found tied up at a dock regularly.
Up until the time it was never found again. Not much mystery really...

JO said...

That's a really small boat for 5 men. But a good mystery.

The sun is shining bright this morning look like a beautiful day for us finally.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Time warp, black hole, whirlpool. . . we will never know.