Sunday, September 6, 2015

How About Some Bugs Bunny...?

Sunday of course means 'toons. Today it's Bugs.

Bugs is probably as well known around the world as Mickey Mouse, but who really knows? I actually like him better, ya know? Well, to each his own.

See...when you come here for the 'toons, ya get some classy music thrown in for nothing extra!

Everyone loves baseball, right? Maybe a little?

Is it just me or does Elmer seem a little strange? I have a neighbor that may be his twin!

I don't even know what to say about that last one. Better to not say anything, I guess! That should be enough to jump start the morning for ya!

Coffee out on the patio today.


Chickenmom said...

Could only see two of 'em, Mr. Hermit - but they were good ones! Always enjoy your Sunday 'toons! I'll brig fresh apple turnovers!

JO said...

Sometimes they work and sometimes not. but the ones that did were fun to watch.

I think it may have finally quit raining here but it sure is humid. refil please