Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lincoln's Murder Weapon For Western Wednesday...!

Don't ask me why, but I always figured the gun that killed Lincoln was bigger than this. Shows what I know (or don't know )>

I find it interesting that this weapon is still around, considering it's history. Now days someone would have stolen it, I think. Sad, but true.

The murder weapon

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty ImagesMandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

For a gun that had such a monumental impact on American history, the weapon fired by John Wilkes Booth is surprisingly diminutive. Fashioned from brass, the derringer pistol weighs barely 8 ounces. The gun, which discharged a single .44-caliber lead ball, was easily concealed by Booth but accurate only at close range. Since he had only a single shot as ammunition, Booth had only one chance to kill the president. The pistol is on standing display in Washington, D.C., at Ford’s Theatre, but through May 29, 2015, it is part of the theater’s special exhibition, “Silent Witnesses: Artifacts of the Lincoln Assassination,” which also includes items on loan from the Smithsonian Institution, including the custom-made Brooks Brothers overcoat and iconic stovepipe hat that Lincoln wore the night of the murder. Also part of the exhibition are the contents of Lincoln’s pockets the night of the assassination, which included a linen handkerchief, two pairs of glasses, a pocketknife and a $5 Confederate note that he likely received days earlier when touring the fallen Confederate capital of Richmond.

Nice looking pistol, even though it's a murder weapon with a scary history. Sure surprised me, ya know?

Coffee out on the patio this morning.


linda m said...

I had the opportunity to visit Ford's Theater in Washington D.C. and saw the pistol.It is avery handsome piece if i say so myself. However, what it was used for gave me the creeps.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Deadly doesn't have to be big - pistol or bacteria. Right?
Big hugs -

JO said...

Handsome looking little deadly thing. It's just amazing he was able to get so close to a President of course it has happened more than once.

We are in for triple digits for the next few days so I am going to get out and take in a short walk.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
So much to see around the famous places from history. Just not enough time!
Thanks for stopping by this morning!

Hey Sis...
Small but deadly. Sure seems to have gotten the job done! That size bullet must have made a very big wound.
Thanks for coming over this morning, Sis!

Hey Jo...
The Secret Service had just been created at that time, and Lincoln didn't want any protection. Paid the price for that mistake, I reckon.
Thanks for coming over today!