Thursday, June 16, 2016

Marooned Robert Jeffery For Thursday...!

We don't hear many stories about men being marooned on deserted islands very often, so I thought you would find this story interesting.

Robert Jeffery

Robert Jeffery was a young sailor in the Royal Navy in 1807. While aboard the HMS Recruit, he sneaked an extra drink of beer. The captain, who may have been drunk himself, responded to the offense by marooning the 18-year-old on the next island the ship passed. Jeffery was left on a rocky outcropping with no food or water as the crew begged their captain to reconsider. Jeffery’s story would have ended soon after, had an American ship not rescued him just nine days later. In fact, the “case” of Robert Jeffery was just beginning.

The public was outraged by the Captain’s behavior and court martial followed. In 1810, when the missing Robert Jeffery was found living in Massachusetts working as a blacksmith, another public fervor erupted. Jeffery’s mother was still alive and well in England and the British citizenry demanded they be reunited. A Royal Navy vessel was dispatched and the public waited in suspense for its—and Jeffery’s—return.

When Robert Jeffery finally arrived back in his hometown in England, church bells and waiting crowds greeted him. The press and public watched as mother and son reunited in heartfelt excitement. One last public outcry served to help Robert Jeffery—the captain who had marooned Jeffery three years earlier was found and compelled to pay his former crewman reparations for having nearly killed him.

Ya know, I always heard that drinking could get you in trouble, but I had no idea this was the trouble talked about ! Wonder if that extra glass of beer was worth it !

Coffee out on the patio this morning. It's hot and muggy, but that's typical Houston weather !


linda m said...

That certainly is a new way to get in trouble for drinking. I may reconsider that second glass of wine from now on. hehe cloudy and muggy here.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
Seems like a heavy punishment for such a small thing, right ?
Thanks for stopping by today!

JO said...

I can't beleive the crew didn't take over and lock up the so called Captain. Better yet leave him there.

This morning for now it is really beautiful here but it won't last past 9 am I bet.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Sure glad I quit drinking years ago. Wouldn't want to end up like that.

Sixbears said...

It could have been worse. At least the guy had some great stories.

I'd buy him a drink!

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
Seems like they would have done a little more, doesn't it?
Thanks for dropping by today.

Hey Dizzy...
I know what you mean. Bad way to end up.
Thanks for coming over!

Hey Sixbears...
Yeah, there is always that! He probably didn't have to pay for a drink for a long time!
Thanks for the visit today!