Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Credit Given But Not Earned...!

Many times in life, we give credit to folks for an invention when the credit really belongs to someone else.

The question I have to ask is which is worse...us giving the credit wrongly, or being taken by the wrong folks under false pretenses?

Electric Chair—Alfred Southwick
Credited To Thomas Edison

Photo via Wikimedia

In 1890, the electric chair was first used in the US to execute wife-killer William Kemmler. The chair had been built by employees of Thomas Edison, who was against the death penalty but believed the chair was more humane than hanging. However, New York dentist Alfred Southwick came up with the idea for the electric chair first.

For years, he had experimented with using electric current to numb pain in his dental practice. After witnessing an accidental electrocution at a local dock in 1881, he was inspired to create an apparatus like a dentist’s chair that used electricity as a painless form of execution. Southwick and a partner electrocuted animals to find the right voltage.

When they had trouble with their electric chair, they contacted Edison for help. Although he initially refused, Edison obviously warmed to the idea later.

I find it ironic that the chair was developed as a less painful way of execution, don't you?

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Chickenmom said...

"Warmed to the idea later." now that is funny!

Sixbears said...

Edison had a long history of stealing others ideas and slapping his name on it.

linda m said...

If done correctly hanging was very swift and relatively painless and so was a firing squad. Don't see how electrocution was less painful. And if botched it was extremely painful. Just watch the movie The Green Mile. After what some of these criminals did to their victims maybe they should suffer a little pain. Their victims sure did. Just my thoughts!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I would think a long drop to the end of a short rope would be the quickest and most painless way to execute someone. A broken neck is quick and I would guess painless. But for sure, it would be the less expensive way to go.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Yeah, it was a little funny, wasn't it?
Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Sixbears...
I had heard that about Edison. Wouldn't be the first time for him.
Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey Linda...
I'm with ya on the less painful stuff. Not sure I buy that concept. Trouble is, who are ya gonna ask?
Thanks for the visit this morning!

Hey Dizzy...
I think you are right about the broken neck. Guess it's like Linda said, the secret is to do it correctly.
Thanks for coming by today, buddy!

JO said...

Like Linda said if you out to kill some one then you should suffer some kind of pain for what you did. Why make it easy on some of these creeps.

We are already having thunder this morning. And they say it will rain for the next 4 days. I was wondering how your buzzard problem was, did they leave? Maybe the cats brought back a kill or 2 and thats what brought them around. Maybe a good hosing down might help. Nasty looking things,