Monday, July 19, 2010

Attack Of The Killer Clowns...!

We've all heard about them, joked about them, read about them, but there are some of us that might have even seen some of them!

This poor guy may want to reconsider his choice of recreational drugs. I guess that if you have to see some imaginary killers, you could find something a lot worse than clowns.

I'm surprised that he managed to NOT get shot to death by the police, considering the climate in law enforcement now days! Thank goodness that the LEOs used some great restraint in this.

Man believed clowns were attacking home in Roberts, Wis.

Mother's house shot up; Arizona visitor admitted taking hallucinogen
By Andy Rathbun
Updated: 07/13/2010 10:44:27 PM CDT

Police responded early Friday to a call of shots fired at a home in Roberts and found a man apparently hallucinating an attack by clowns.

The 40-year-old man, armed with a shotgun, had fired several shots in his mother's home. It also appeared that he fired a shot at his mother and visiting father as they fled from the home in a vehicle, said St. Croix County Sheriff Dennis Hillstead.

"Pellets probably hit their windshield," Hillstead said.

Police arrived about 4 a.m. and surrounded the home. The man came to the door at one point and was "yelling at what he could see in the yard, but there was nothing there," Hillstead said.

The man went back into the home and fired more rounds, Hillstead said. In total, about 22 shotgun rounds were fired into the walls and ceiling of the home.

The man then went to the porch with the shotgun in hand and a bag of ammunition around his neck. He did not respond to police commands, but after the man slipped and fell, deputies were able to take him into custody, Hillstead said.

While being taken to a hospital for examination, the man indicated he had taken a hallucinogenic drug. He said he believed that people dressed as clowns were attacking his mother's home and that he had shot and killed a number of them, Hillstead said. He also said he had shot dogs that were attacking him and that his mother had been shot and killed.

"He was ... not in touch with reality," Hillstead said.

No one was injured in the incident.

The man, who was visiting from Arizona, is being held in a mental facility while he undergoes a psychological evaluation, Hillstead said Tuesday. He has not been charged with a crime, and police have not released his name.

The obvious understatement of this article is the statement is "He was...not in touch with reality,"! That, I think, goes without saying...but I appreciate the authorities telling us this little bit of information!

Just imagine if this guy started seeing these "killer clowns" while in a crowded place, like a train or shopping mall! Sorta scary, don't you think?

Let's get some coffee and sit outside before it starts raining this morning. Oh, and keep an eye out for any dangerous looking clowns lurking around, OK?


Catman said...

I wonder what the drug was....

HermitJim said...

Hey Catman...
I don't know what it was, but I think it should be taken in moderation from now on, without a doubt!

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Ben in Texas said...

Whew!!! Close call and I applaud the police for not firing on him.. Had he been in Dallas it would be a different story.

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special One
Scary story, I have seen what these drugs do. These idiots who take these drugs are dangerous to begin with.
It was thungering when I woke at 5am we have had some great storms up here but usual late in the afternoon and evening. I'm glad its raining here and the ground is not dry to cause fires.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I think clowns are scary as it is :-) :-) Sometimes I wonder how some people works in their heads! Using hallucinogenic drugs!! Pure luck he didn´t kill anyone!
Have a great day now!

HermitJim said...

Hey Ben...
Same in Houston! Shoot first and question later is often the case here!

Guy doesn't know just how lucky he is!

hey, thanks for the visit today!

Hey JoJo...
Glad the rain i keeping down the threat of fire in your area! At least it's being put to good use.

Does seem like the folks taking these drugs are a bit of a threat to themselves and others, doesn't it?

Thanks, sweetie, for coming by today!

Hey Christer...
I think you're right! Good that he didn't hurt anyone!

I don't know why people take these drugs, but they are not thinking straight when they do!

I appreciate you coming by today!

chinasyndrome said...

Killer clowns from planet Lsd? Dude is very lucky to be alive.


HermitJim said...

Hey China...
Ain't it the truth? In many cases, coming out on the porch to face a swat team would certainly lead to a hail of gunfire!

Hope the clowns all went away, and the guy gets the help he needs!

Thanks for coming by today!

Dizzy-Dick said...

Dang, 22 shot gun shots into the home's walls and ceilings??? It's a wonder that it is still standing. Bet it gets remolded (grin)

Mechanic in Illinois said...

Sounds like an attack from the current political administration. Only they're the clowns on drugs. Thanks for another great lesson.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

HJ, I agree with the obvious that the fellow was not in touch with reality. Come to think of it, I know lots of folks like that and they're not even shooting or on drugs. But, then don't we all know people like that?

HermitJim said...

Hey Dizzy...
Does make you wonder how it was left standing, huh? Guess it is a good thing that it wasn't a 12 ga.

I would say that a remodel job is definitely in order!

Thanks for coming by today, my friend!

Hey Mechanic...
I knew that they were clowns, but not that they were ther kind that would attack someone tht is armed!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Beatrice...
I think I know a few folks like that, now that you mention it! Guess we all do...

Thanks for dropping in today!

Ashley said...

You see? That's why I have to stay sober! So that when the clowns do attack, I'll be taken seriously. This is a threat that the world has ignored for far too long, and when the popcorn hits the fan, I'm gong to be the first to say, "I told you so!" We'll see who has the last laugh.


HermitJim said...

Hey Ashley...
Actually, this guy as the first to let us know they were here...even if no one but him could see them!

Main thing to do is to stay away from those mushrooms!

Thanks for coming by today!