Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let "Sleeping Lizards Lie"...!

I've always heard the saying to let "sleeping dogs lie", but I reckon that it could apply to lizards as well!

This story is one I found on UPI...and is funny on several accounts, as you'll see when you read it!

Just goes to show that you never know what you may find when you go out for a walk!

'Sleepy' iguana awakens, frightens woman

Published: July 25, 2010 at 6:52 PM
STOCKHOLM, Sweden, July 25 (UPI) -- A woman carrying a sleepy 5-foot iguana she found while walking home in Stockholm, Sweden, panicked when it woke up, officials said.

"She got scared and called the police when it started to come back to life," police spokeswoman Christina Johansson said. "There's a unit now making its way to Skansen Aquarium with the iguana."

Iguanas, which are herbivores and native to Central American forests can live more than 20 years and grow to 8 feet, but an aquarium official said they are becoming a more common sight in Swedish woods during the summer vacation season, The Local reported Sunday.

"There was a time when people would throw out their summer cats. Now people throw out their summer reptiles before going on holiday," Jonas Wahlstrom at Skansen Aquarium said.

The iguana is not the largest animal to end up at the Skansen Aquarium, The Local said.

"Two old ladies were out picking berries in Huddinge when they happened upon a 20-foot-long boa constrictor that weighed 185 pounds. We went out and rescued the snake while the police rescued the ladies," Wahlstrom said.

Let me just say that just because something doesn't appear to be active, doesn't mean that it's safe to pick it up and carry it! We learn that at an early age here in Texas, especially with snakes!

Rule of Thumb...if you don't know what it is, what it does, and especially what it likes to eat or bite, then leave it alone!

Now, my friends, let's get some fresh coffee and sit in the kitchen for a bit! Raining outside this morning!


Tatersmama said...

A 5-FOOT iguana? And she was carrying it? Where? Why? What for? I mean something that big, wouldn't you at least have a clue as to what it was and what it might potentially do? Or where you would potentially put it once you got home? What was she planning on doing? Putting it in the bathtub or the garden?
Goodness gracious... but some people are dumb, aren't they??

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I laughed so much when I heard about it yesterday :-) :-) I wonder if she thought it was stuiffed or something? Why on earth did she carry it at all :-) :-)

But we do get lots of animals in our nature nowdays. People are getting tired of them and just throws them out from their cars near a forest. Most of the poor animals dies, but nowdays we have lots of north american turtles walking around here, it´s warm enough for them to survive here all year round, but to cold to become more.

We do however nowdays have the Corn snake here. We´ve only had three different snakes here before, but it seemes the corn snake found an open spot to survive. And as long as it isn´t rattle snakes I´m happy :-) :-)

Thanks for the laughe! I needed it since my brand new computer broke down yesterday. I had to reformat the hard drive and now it seemes I´m back again. But I have lost almost all blog adresses and photo´s I had in my computer. Well worse things can happen :-)
Have a great day now!

chinasyndrome said...

I thought it was add one...dead,stuffed,asleep? What?Too funny.


Ben in Texas said...

Talk about your DUH!!! Factor.. Wonder that the thing weighed , they ain't exactly light weights are they? And what she plan to do with it? Put it on the mantle

HermitJim said...

Hey Kate...
I have no idea where she planned to put it, or why she would want to carry it to begin with!

Maybe she thought it would make a great garden decoration!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Christer...
Guess you have the same kind of blissful ignorance there as we do here! In my neighborhood, someone would take it home to try and grill!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by today! Hope you get the PC fixed!

Hey China...
People are quick to pick up things they know nothing about, aren't they?

Good thing it wasn't poisonous!

You have a great day, and thanks for coming by, my friend!

Hey Ben...
Maybe she was going to use it as a giant paper weight!

Who knows what she was thinking!

Hey, buddy, thanks for coming by today!

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special One
OK lady! People will pick up anything these days. Thanks for the laugh this morning.
Coffee in the kitchen sounds perfect. We have had so much rain here and my car thought it was a sponge. Windshield leaked so bad I was vacuuming out a gallong of water after each down pour. Had to get a new windshield installed yesterday hope that WAS the problem.

Ken said...

...no wonder things are as bad as they are,on the other side of the pond...

Mechanic in Illinois said...

I want the lady that picked up a 5ft iguana on my side. She's braver then me and I'm not scared of anything. Thanks for another great lesson.

Bob Mc said...

It's amazing what people will dump out in the country without giving it a second thought. Not only dogs and cats, but alligators, monkeys, tropical birds, and all sorts of snakes. Never give a thought to how they might survive, or what they might do to the environment.

Beth said...

Rain here yesterday and again today. No iguanas that I know of but do have some mystery melons that remind me of the plant by Mom's window...need a chair and whip! Don't know what they are. I threw some seeds out for the birds and I think I bred something new. Wonder what the birds that ate some of the seeds are like? I am not planning to hold up my arm for them to roost on!

Bellen said...

During cold snaps/freezes in FL, such as the one in Jan 2010, headlines read "It's raining frozen iguanas".

They'd fall from the trees, lay on the ground until the sun warmed them up and they became active again. Weird as dozens were found on bike paths in a state park in Key Biscayne.

Maybe she found a 'frozen' iguana?
Even so, seems like it would be too big to carry. I don't like little ones so I know I'd never pick it up.

HermitJim said...

Hey JoJo...
maybe you should get a car cover, just in case!

never know where the car may be leaking!

You watch what you pick up on your travels, OK?

Thanks for coming by today, sweetie!

Hey Ken...
Does kind of make you wonder, doesn't it/

Thanks, my friend, for coming by today!

Hey Mechanic...
I'm with you, buddy! If she is that brave or fool hardy, she might be a good one to have on our side!

Let's hope that she is just brave!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Bob...
I'm surprised that some folks don't just dump their kids!

World is full of thoughtless and stupid folks, that's for sure!

I appreciate you coming by today!

Hey Sis...
If I were you, I don't think I would eat any of those melons! No telling what might happen!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Bellen...
I did not know that about the iguana's in Florida. See, I learn something new every day!

I have no idea what she was thinking to pick that iguana up to take it home!

I do thank you for dropping in...!