Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some Food History For Saturday...!

Some things that have been around for a long time have very recognizable names. Have you ever wondered just where their names actually came from? Me too!

One of these names we are all familiar with is Heinz, as in "Heinz 57"! That name has been use as a label for so many other things than just food, I thought you might be interested in it's history!

Heinz 57

The Heinz Company is known for making condiments—so many of them that the company famously adopted the advertising slogan “57 Varieties.” The company was founded in 1869 and has prospered ever since, although it took a bit of a tumble when John Kerry ran for President in 2004. Since Kerry was married to Teresa Heinz, the widow of company Heir John Heinz III, some Republicans claimed that purchasing Heinz products was “like giving to the Democrats.” Unsurprisingly, Heinz survived this backlash and continues to produce well over 57 products.

So why is the number 57 associated with Heinz? It all started in 1896, when company founder Henry Heinz was on a train in New York City and passed a sign advertising 21 different styles of shoes. Heinz thought that was brilliant—it made the company seem complex and diversified and appealed to many different tastes in shoes. By that point, his company already had well over 60 products available, but Heinz decided 57 worked better. Some sources say he considered 57 his lucky number, others claim that his lucky number was five, and his wife’s was seven. Or maybe he just liked how it sounded. Regardless, the number 57 doesn’t actually refer to 57 specific varieties of anything—it’s just a catchy marketing device.

Funny how a products name is often more popular than the company ever thought it would be! This is one of those phrases that will most likely be around forever! BTW, the people over at Listverse are responsible for letting all of us know about this!

How about coffee and hot chocolate in the kitchen this morning?


Mamahen said...

Well I never would have thought it was just a advertising ploy with no basis of truh. Always learning something here....Kitchen sounds good...I'll bring some old fashioned powder sugar donuts to share :))

Chickenmom said...

Interesting, Mr. Hermit - now we know! Chilly here at 19. Hot chocolate and old fashioned donuts will start the morning right!

Terri said...

Well, I sure didn't know that. I always thought that number meant something, like how many spices.

JO said...

See heres another learned lesson. Interesting how he might might have come to the number.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mamahen...
Yeah, these advertisers are pretty slick, that's for sure.

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Phyllis...
19 is just too cold for me. I don't know how you folks up there do it!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Terri...
Funny how we get caught up in that trap, isn't it? Pretty effective advertising, though.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Hey Jo....
Nothing is ever what it seems, is it?

Thanks, sweetie, for coming by this morning!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I met a John Heinz when I was a boy. He struck me as quite a handsome fellow and had heard that he was the "black sheep" of the family and was hard to control. My Dad was a salesman for H.J. Heinz for most of his life. When I was young I never knew that there were other brands of Ketchup other than Heinz, and it is still the one I buy.

texasann said...

Bubba -
Heinz 57 Sauce is my favorite condiment for meat. Goes into my meatloaf, and drizzled across the top about half-way through baking. Ooops - I think I just gave away my secret! Oh well - hope anyone who tries it likes it.
Another good one today - thanks ~
Big Hugs -