Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Ship In The Desert...!

Folks report seeing some strange things out in the desert at at times, but here is something you would never expect.

Imagine if you found a Spanish galleon complete with all it's treasure? How would folks look at you when you told them about it? Know what I mean? This story from Listverse tells of just such a thing!

The Lost Ship In The Desert

If there’s any place you don’t expect to find a lost Spanish galleon, it’s probably the Colorado Desert. But in the 1870s, there were rumors galore about the lost ships. According to the Los Angeles Star, a treasure hunter finally found what he was looking for in November 1870. On December 1, a man named Charley Clusker claimed to have found an extraordinarily well-preserved Spanish galleon, but nothing was ever brought back from his expeditions into the desert. The ship was a pirate vessel and the treasure was still on board.

It might sound insanely farfetched, but there’s a small possibility that there actually was truth in the story. The Salton Sink is a massive depression created millions of years ago in the Colorado Desert, a depression that has been known to turn into a lake. Evidence of flooding includes the presence of oyster beds high in the San Felipe Mountains. It’s possible the pirate ship made its way up the Gulf of California and then ran aground. The crew would have ultimately died, leaving the galleon baking in the sun. Whether or not that’s really the case is still up for debate, but the sheer number of reports about a lost desert ship are enough to spark the imagination.

Now part of me really wants to believe that ol' Charlie found such a ship, but then the other part of me just wants some of whatever Charlie was drinking, ya know?

Today is my Baby Sis' birthday, so everyone get ready to sing "Happy Birthday!", OK?

Coffee out on the patio this morning. It's cold, but I'm tired of being inside!


Gorges Smythe said...

Coming across something like that would be quite a shocker!

Mamahen said...

Wow...that's a once n a lifetime event for sure and I'm not sure I wuld have told anyone..to cokd fir outside here..high teens ....and SNOW yuck.... so your patio it is :))

linda m said...

Happy Birthday to Baby Sis! I have heard about this ship via the Smithsonian Channel. They really do believe it exists. Coffee on your patio sounds much better than coffee on my patio. It is -3, with wind chill at -11 and snow. I have to shovel again this morning. Bet your patio is much warmer. I'll bring a cake for Baby Sis and we can all sing for her.

texasann said...

Thanks for the cake, Linda, and the best wishes. Our 37 degrees sounds a lot better than your -3, but if everyone else is gathering on the patio, guess I'll join you there - but can we make it a little later when the sun comes out? Makes it seem warmer, anyhow~

JO said...

Happy Birthday Ann! Wishing you a year of health good times.

Interesting story but if he found something why didn't he bring back something to prove it. Sounds a little like the Lost Duchman's mine story here in Arizona

Mamahen said...

I forgot to wish your baby sis a happy birthday....hope she has a great day ;))