Friday, January 16, 2015

Underground For Freaky Friday...!

Im sure hat most of you have heard some of the stories of underground cities and the people that used to live there. If you haven't, then this might help you learn about one such place.

This isn't about the hollow Earth theory or anything like that, but about a real place that is pretty amazing in it's size and it's construction!


Stepping away from fiction for a moment is the curious case of the underground city known as Derinkuyu. Located 76 meters (250 ft) below the Earth’s surface, its earthwork walls and buildings descend deep into the ground and span 18 floors. While many modern edifices and structures can dig deep into the recesses of the Earth, having an ancient variation on this idea traverse such subterranean depths is truly an astounding feat of ingenuity and versatility.

Of course, all of this raises the question of “Why?” Unfortunately, little is known about Derinkuyu and its enigmatic ancient inhabitants. While the origin of this city may never be known, the fact that it still stands and can accommodate up to 20,000 people shows just how impressive these ancient Turkish builders truly were.

As is often the case with an article like this, we come away with more questions than answers. That is what makes it so interesting, ya see?

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. Anyone got donuts?


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Chickenmom said...

You did it again, Mr. Hermit - sending me off to another adventure.
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linda m said...

Truly amazing. That is just so cool. Great way to start my Friday. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

JO said...

That is quite a find. But I don't think they will let it go that easily I'm sure they will investigate more on this.

Off for a camping trip today. But I'll join in for quick cup.

Mamahen said...

Pretty you said leaves so many me a donut i'll be right there :))

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Hey Gorges...
Pretty amazing, right?

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Hey Linda M...
That's a lot of digging by hand, ya know? Wonder what the temps are down there?

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Enjoy the camping trip. The campfire will be nice, I'm sure!

Gotta wonder about the folks that built this place!

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Hey Mamahen...
Kinda makes the mind come up with all sorts of possibilities, doesn't it?

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Dizzy-Dick said...

Wow!!! They just didn't go underground, they WAY underground!!