Monday, May 25, 2015

Brazilian Atlantis For Monday Mysteries...!

Seems like many different groups have been searching for Atlantis for years. Until now, none have had any luck.

Some of the latest finds by one group has raised some interesting questions, t say the least. If nothing else, their discovery may create as many questions as it answers

The Brazilian Atlantis

The legendary lost continent of Atlantis has captured the imagination of generations of explorers, with many wishing they could make a discovery that would turn myth into reality. In 2013, it seemed that a group of Brazilian geologists might have done just that.

Working with Japanese scientists, the Brazilians announced that they had found granite around 2,500 meters (8,000 ft) underwater. Since, granite is only formed on land, the discovery pointed to the existence of an ancient continent now lying submerged on the ocean floor. Further supporting the theory was the discovery of quartz deposits, which also only form on land. According to the researchers, the granite found resembled a cliff and they expect to make further discoveries confirming the existence of the submerged continent.

That hasn’t happened yet, so the exact cause of the granite in the ocean remains a mystery. Some have even speculated that the researchers might just have stumbled upon ballast dumped from a ship, although admittedly the odds of that happening in the middle of the vast ocean are astronomical. While the potential new continent is unlikely to be the mythical Atlantis, it might be the closest we get.

There are so many natural mysteries we know nothing about. Someday we may come across one that can be explained, but until then we'll have to just enjoy them for what they are...Mysteries!

How about coffee out on the patio this morning? Sound good?


Mamahen said...

So many unanswered questions......and man thinks he's so smart....Coffee outside in the cool morning air sounds good :))

Chickenmom said...

Many, many treasures are under the sea. Probably whole cities. It will be amazing if they can really find them some day!

Sixbears said...

The ocean is vast and we know so little about it. I love these mysteries.

Warm enough to not need the woodstove this morning. There is hope yet. Had to make coffee on the electric burner.

JO said...

Thank You Sir for your service to our Country!

Like Sixbears said above the ocean is vast and the earth has made constant changes so who knows what lies down there. It is a great mystery indeed

Dizzy-Dick said...

As much as it has been raining here and for a few days ago with high chances for all this coming week, we may end up under the sea, too.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mamahen...
Won't stay cool for long, I'm afraid. Been close to 90 several days here.

Love the fact that nature holds back some of her secrets from us.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Phyllis...
The ocean holds on to her secrets pretty well.

Thanks for dropping in this morning!

Hey Sixbears...
I'm thinking we just aren't supposed to know some things.

Sounds as though Winter doesn't want to leave there!

Thanks for coming over!

Hey Jo...
Most of what's under there we will probably never know!

Thanks, sweetie, for the kind words and for the visit!

Hey Dizzy...
It does look as though we'll get our feet wet some more. I'm sure the mosquitos will be right behind!

Thanks for stopping in today!