Thursday, May 28, 2015

The First Roller Blades...!

Actually I don't knw if roller blades would be correct, but these wearable wheels were far ahead of their time.

Like so many other inventions we think of as new, the first ones were invented and used long ago. I can only imagine what funny looks the folks wearing them got as they rolled down the street or sidewalks. I'm sure a lot of people had to do a double take!

Wheel Skates

Photo via Scientific American

Wheel skates look somewhat like regular inline skates, except that the wheels are much larger, up to the size of bicycle tires. They are seen as a cross between an inline skate, a ski, and a bike. Recently, a company called Chariot Skates said they had come up with something unique—the Chariot wheel skates. According to the company, wheel skates are “revolutionary new skating product[s].” Revolutionary? They do at least revolve. New? No. The first wheel skate was made more than 142 years ago.

It even featured in the March 19, 1870, issue of Scientific American magazine. Made by Thomas Luders from Olney, Illinois, and called a “pedespeed,” the wheels then were much smaller, measuring around 36 centimeters (15 in) in diameter. Luders also said the skates could be used by anybody, irrespective of their physique. He himself was a large, heavy man, and he claimed he could use them for two straight hours without getting tired. Another version of wheel skates, appearing in 1923, had its tires on the inside of the foot rather than outside. (Other than the size of the wheels, the main improvement made by Chariot Skates is the small tire at the back of the bigger tire for increased stability.)

If you want to see the modern version, YouTube has some video of them. Just look for wheelskates. I guess the old saying is true...what goes around, comes back around!

Coffee out on the patio this morning. How about some sausage and biscuits?


Mamahen said...

Another saying "What's old is new again" comes to mind also..rather odd looking for sure. I'll have to check them out on youtube. Breakfast sounds yummy :))

Chickenmom said...

Oh, the joys of roller skating when we were kids! They clamped onto your shoes and you tightened them with a skate key. The leather strap held 'em place. Skating down the sidewalk until you hit a crack in the cement. Then you knew what flying was! I'll bring fresh eggs to add to your wonderful breakfast!

Sixbears said...

Looks like another great way for me to break my neck. You should have seen me when I tried one of the kid's skateboards. I did not know I could throw myself on the ground that fast.

Now where can I try some . . .

John said...

Looks dangerous to me.

JO said...

For some one who can hurt themselves doing the slightest things YUP I would for sure break something on my body. Love Chickenmom's comment about flying. LOL

Breakfast sound great.