Friday, May 22, 2015

Looks Can Be Decieving...!

If ever two guys didn't look like what they were, it was Izzy and Moe.

Ya know that old saying about judging books by their cover? Well, Izzy and Moe were a perfect example. That's probably why they were so good at what they did! This story just shows that middle age can be fun...and maybe just a tad dangerous as well.

Izzy Einstein And Moe Smith

Photo via Wikipedia

Isidor “Izzy” Einstein and Moe Smith were two middle-aged men from New York’s Lower East Side who managed to arrest 4,932 offenders, haul in roughly five million bottles of illegal liquor, and sport a conviction rate of 95 percent from 1920–25. Before becoming the premier booze detectives of their day, the Austrian immigrant Einstein had been a street peddler and a postal clerk, while Smith had owned a cigar store. When the duo first applied to work for the Prohibition Bureau for $40 a week, the G-men in charge weren’t overly impressed. Somehow, Einstein and Smith managed to convince their superiors by selling them on the idea that hoodlums would never suspect two portly, regular-looking guys of being undercover agents.

Einstein and Smith, like Sherlock Holmes before them, gained a reputation for being excellent at concocting disguises that actually worked. Sometimes, the pair got away with hiding in plain sight, even though most speakeasies had their pictures hanging on the wall. Ultimately, it wasn’t the criminals who sank the careers of Izzy and Moe, but their own fellow agents, who grew increasingly jealous of the pair’s success.

Unlike fictional detectives, Einstein and Smith weren’t neurotic geniuses who relied on their vast wealth of knowledge. For the most part, the pair became successful detectives because of their willingness to work long hours and their native knowledge of New York City life. Einstein was also gifted with languages—when need be, he could converse with suspects and witnesses in Yiddish, German, Polish, Hungarian, and even Chinese.

If I had not found this article over at listverse, I would never had the pleasure of reading about these guys. The Internet is a wonderful tool for information!

We better have our coffee inside today, just in case the weather clowns are correct about the rain!


Mamahen said...

That's pretty cool..guess i'll have to see if there is more written about them...your kitchen is always nice too so let it rain :))

Chickenmom said...

Hiding in plain sight! Neat story!

linda m said...

They sound like 2 fine upstanding citizens to me. I love their disguise - just being themselves. Great story! Have a wonderful weekend.