Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hear Of The "Camel Rustling"...?

I live in Texas where cattle rustling was once very active. In fact, some still goes on today.

However, I don't think any of our rustling activities were anywhere as strange as the camel rustling mentioned in this article from Listverese.

Gorgeous Camel Rustling

In 2010, thieves attached ropes to five valuable camels on a Saudi Arabian farm and pulled the bewildered beasts through the gates into a getaway vehicle. These abducted camels were particularly valuable because they had previously won beauty contests. In Saudi Arabia, camels are prized for their beauty, especially if they have pretty eyes, fine cheekbones, and an affectionate nature.

The camels in question were collectively worth a staggering 15 million Saudi riyals, which equates to over $4 million. The daring thieves were caught only a few days later, and the camels were returned.

Some Asian workers staying in Saudi Arabia were also arrested for camel rustling the same year after abducting a camel, beating it to death with iron bars, and feasting on one of its legs. Strangely, two camels were likewise rustled from a farm in Columbia, Missouri, in early March 2015.

Now I know that I am not too familiar with all of the states, but I had know idea that camel rustling was a thing in Missouri! Heck, I didn't even know they had camels in Missouri!

Cpffee in the kitchen this morning, OK? Rain coming our way.


Chickenmom said...

I can understand stealing Arabian horses... but camels? Good news! Mamahen and family are fine - she just can't make any comments to blogs with her phone thingy but still reads us everyday!

linda m said...

Chickenmom, Thanks for the good news about Mamahen. Mr. Hermit, I knew we had camels in the U.S. but had never heard they were being rustled like cattle. Camels are a very valuable animal in the Middle East so it makes sense to me that people would steal them there but why here in MO! Oh well, "to each his own". Cool here this morning but sunny. I'll bring us some homemade bread and sweet Wisconsin butter.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
That is good news. Dizzy is fine also. I found out yesterday that his PC is in the shop and he doesn't want to post using his tablet!
Thanks for stopping by today!

JO said...

I have never heard these stories either wierd. At one time there were camels in the Sonoran desert brought in my military but that plan didn't work and they roamed free until they all died off.

Good to hear Mamahen is doing OK but now if we could hear from Dizzy.

I was told that by a couple readers they could no longer comment on my blog due to having something not compatable. These people had been reading my blog for years. I hope that is the only problem Dizzy is having or computer failure

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
Guess that thieves will take what ever they think is of value. Strange world, ya know?
Thanks for coming over this morning!

deborah harvey said...

still camels at a farm near yuma, az.

that camel in the picture is pretty. looks like a disney cartoon. seems closer to its cousin the llama, than other camels i've seen.