Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Last Full Sized Train Robbery In Texas...!

The title may sound a bit strange, but there is a good reasaon for it being stated the way it is. I'll explain in a minute, OK?

Baxter’s Curve Train Robbery

Photo via Wikimedia

Another one of the Wild West’s most infamous icons is Butch Cassidy. Throughout most of his career, Cassidy was surrounded by an eclectic group of criminals known as the Wild Bunch. The gang dissipated in 1901, when the members split up in an effort to evade the Pinkertons. Most of them met a violent end in shoot-outs with the law.

One member who survived was Ben Kilpatrick, aka “the Tall Texan.” He was arrested in 1901 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. After serving 10 years, he was released and quickly returned to a life of crime with a new partner named Ole Hobek.

Despite a few successful robberies, this partnership ended on March 13, 1912. Kilpatrick and Hobek were on the Southern Pacific Number Nine Train from Dryden to Sanderson, Texas. At Baxter’s Curve, the robbers put on masks and held up the train’s four crewmen. While Hobek stayed with the engineer in the locomotive, Kilpatrick took the other three to disconnect the passenger cars. On the way, one of the crewmen, David Trousdale, managed to secretly arm himself with an ice mallet. When the opportune moment came, he struck the Tall Texan in the head and killed him. Now armed with Kilpatrick’s gun, Trousdale waited for Hobek to check in on them and shot him in the head. Men are shown above posing with their bodies (Kilpatrick is on the left.)

Trousdale was hailed a hero and rewarded for his bravery. Meanwhile, the Baxter’s Curve train robbery became romanticized as the “last train robbery in Texas,” although that’s not strictly accurate.

The actual "Last Train Robbery" was the miniature train running through Zilker Park in Austin. Follow the link and read about it, if you want. Happened around 1960 or there abouts.

Coffee inside this morning just to be on the safe side!


Chickenmom said...

Maybe that's what we should do with criminals now-a-days. Show pictures of them when they are finally dead. They are not so tough looking anymore, are they?. Thanks for link to that web site - lots of good info there!

linda m said...

I always thought it was a good idea to show the criminals dead body as it might be a deterrent to others - as in crime DOESN'T pay. But then some might consider that rather ghoulish. Coffee inside sounds good. I'll just wear my hip waders to be safe.

Barney The Old Fat Man said...

I have been to the site of this robbery attempt. It is way out on the other side of nowhere. Desolate would be a major improvement for the area.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Sounds like a good idea to me. Especially for those that are considered semi-heroes.
Thanks for stopping by this morning!

Hey Linda...
Hip waders might be an excellent idea, now that you mention it. They say more rain is on the way!
Thanks for coming by this morning!

Hey Barney...
Maybe that's why they chose that location. Didn't want too many folks ready to give chase.
Hey, I appreciate you coming over today!

JO said...

Never or just don't remember reading this story. At first I didn't realize they were dead just looked miserable at being caught. If I have time I will go back and read the other story. so Busy, busy

I'll have a cup though in the kitchen

Dizzy-Dick said...

That was a really interesting, fantastic, and true story. Sometimes, real life is much better than fiction. I really like reading the wild west history.

Annie Mouse said...

The mini train at the San Antonio Texas zoo was robbed in the summer of 1970.
Real robbery, passengers thought at first it was part of the train ride entertainment. Not So.

dbuck said...

David Trousdale, tie loosened & askew, is behind & slightly to the right of Kilpatrick, propping him up from the rear.