Friday, April 15, 2016

Swimming Pigs On Freaky Friday...!

Actually these pigs are not freaky at all, but are kinda cute. I mean, as far as pigs go, ya know?

What makes the story of these pigs so interesting is the back story. There is even a modern name that came from places like this, believe it or not. Never know where you are going to find a bit of history or legend!

Big Major Cay

In the Bahamas, the spectacular island paradise of Big Major Cay is home to powdery white beaches, clear turquoise water, and about 20 wild pigs. That’s why it’s been nicknamed “Pig Island” or “Pig Beach.” Humans don’t live on the tiny island, but the locals and tourists sail in frequently to bring food to these wild creatures.

The pigs are fairly lazy but clever. Like the Tom Sawyers of the pig world, they get the humans to do most of the work. The pigs usually spend their days playing in the sand or sunning themselves while waiting for their next shipment of food.

When a boat ventures into their waters, the pigs reward their human benefactors with a water show. They swim out to meet the boats, get the food, and then frolic in the water and pose for pictures until the humans go away and let the pigs return to baking on the beach.

But the waters around Big Major Cay weren’t always a literal bay of pigs. European explorers often dumped domesticated pigs, chickens, goats, cattle, and other animals on islands throughout the world so that sailors could return to eat them later. Sometimes, the sailors didn’t come back. It’s also possible that the pigs escaped from boats and made their way to shore.

By the 1600s, there were a number of islands in the Caribbean with pigs gone wild. Early hunters of wild pigs barbecued their pork on a frame called a boucan or buccan. The word “buccaneer” came to mean “pirate” because Caribbean pirates apparently enjoyed hunting wild pigs and eating barbecued pork, too.

Who would have ever thought the meaning of the term "pirate" or "buccaneer" came from the cooking and eating of wild pigs? Like I said, you never know when or where these kinds of thing pop up. Thanks to Listverse for once again finding a great bit of information for us to share.

Coffee out on the patio once again.


Chickenmom said...

Pigs are smart animals - until they are caught and made into bacon!

linda m said...

Those are some clever pigs. At least they are working for their food. Have a nice weekend.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Well I'll be!! So that is how "buccaneers" got their name. I always lean a lot of new and enjoyable information from reading your blog, Jim. Keep up the great work.

JO said...

Yes Dizzy we seem to learn quite a few things here don't we.

Looks like a wonderful day to be on the patio.