Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Light Goes Boom...!

The very last thing you would expect to get an injury from is your flashlight, right?

Well, this article from Listverse proves just how dangerous this handy tool can be, given the right conditions. Pretty damn scary, if you ask me. I never even thought about something like this ever happening...never!


Photo credit: Meagan Fitzgerald/KUSA

In January 2015, Coloradoan Christopher Reid Carrington was searching for tools in the back of his truck. To free his hands, he held his flashlight in his mouth. A few seconds later, it exploded, causing third-degree burns to his lip, tongue, and throat. Blood gushed from his mouth, and he was unable to speak, but his seven-year-old son called 911. Carrington spent four days in the hospital, a tube down his throat helping him to breathe, before he was released. Doctors said he may never be able to taste anything again.

In a similar incident on November 7, 2017, in Bradley, Indiana, Caleb Joyner, 36, was injured when a flashlight exploded in his mouth.[2] After experiencing car trouble, he’d stopped in a parking lot to look under the hood of his car. The flashlight exploded when, while bending over for a better look, Joyner came too close to the vehicle’s battery. He died the next day in a local hospital.

I think that both of these incidents were very unusual, but it makes you stop and think; just how safe are the things we sometimes have to really count on. Just another nagging question to ponder, i reckon.

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. Way too cold to go outside!


Rita Mizell said...

You always share insightful bit of news to share....thank you for that.

bigfoot said...

I've held a light in my mouth doing the same thing at night. Better not again.

linda m said...

I think at one time or another we all have held a flashlight in our mouth. To think that it could explode is really scary. Don't think I'll do that again. Way to cold up here. I'm dreaming lying on a South Pacific Island beach right now.

Momlady said...

My mouth isn't big enough to hold my flashlight so I guess I'm safe. lol

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

We have flashlights everywhere, Bubba, and Hubby now has a couple of those headband lights. Says it's one of his best investments ever, so maybe no explosions our way.

Stay warm ~ I gotta go out this week to get a new driver's license (renewed online the last 2 times), so might as well make it today. Gonna go to small town nearby, not the local DMV.

Rob said...

I'd never heard of a flashlight exploding and they have been around my whole lifetime! I guess I have to go look & maybe find out why... son of a gun! The CDC has some answers that sound good!


In order to protect themselves, workers should follow these precautions:

Read and follow manufacturers’ recommendations for product use
DO NOT MIX batteries of different brands
DO NOT MIX old and new batteries
DO NOT MIX alkaline with nonalkaline batteries
DO NOT USE damaged batteries
Ensure that proper polarity is observed when installing batteries
PRIOR TO THEIR USE IN FLAMMABLE ATMOSPHERES, inspect approved battery-powered flashlights to ensure that the batteries are in good condition, and that the proper batteries are installed correctly. Opening the battery compartment should allow any accumulated H2 to dissipate. DO NOT inspect the flashlight in a hazardous area or near an open flame.

HermitJim said...

Hey Rita...
More than happy to share what little I know. Hope it can be put to use.
Thanks for stopping by this morning!

Hey Bigfoot...
Probably nothing will happen, but why take a chance?
Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Linda...
Not a bad dream to have as long as the island is warm. Certainly beats the snow and ice.
Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Momlady...
That's some good news for sure. Don't want any accidents to happen to my friends!
Thanks for coming by this morning!

Hey Sis...
As you know. there is no shortage of flashlights around here. I certainly never thought about any of them exploding, though.
Careful out on the road. Still some crazies out there!
I appreciate the visit this morning!

Hey Rob...
All of those suggestions sound good. Makes me wonder if there has been a problem in the past somewhere, ya know? Like you, I had never heard of anything like this until I read this article.
Thanks for the info and for the visit today!

JO said...

Well Rob's list seems to make sense. I'm a good one for mixing brands but I know never to use damaged or leaking batteries. Those guys on Pickers always put a flash light in their mouths.

Seems like the entire country is in a super cold front while we are fine here. Mornings are chilly but then it warms up. Kitchen is OK by me.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I now use those little flash lights that take just three AA batteries. I carry them in either my shirt pocket or pants pocket, and sometimes hold them between my front teeth. I don't think I would enjoy it exploding in any of those places. . .