Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Food Holiday...Kinda !

For those of you that are keeping track of this sort of thing...Lammas Day is coming up on August 1.

And what, you may ask, is Lammas Day? Well, my friends, I'm glad you asked!

Lammas Day marks the beginning of the harvest. In old England, loaves of bread were baked from the first-ripened grain, consecrated in churches, and eaten.

From the Old English hlaf, “loaf,” and maesse, “mass” or “feast,” Lammas is very old indeed.

It derives from the ancient English festival called the Gule of August, which marked the beginning of the harvest, traditionally August 1. The early English church kept this pagan dedication of the first fruit but converted it to Christian usage.

Through the centuries, “loaf-mass” became corrupted in spelling and pronunciation to Lammas.

After Lammas Day, corn ripens as much by night as by day.

As the self appointed Keeper of Trivia, I felt it my duty to remind you of this! After all, you know that I'm just a vast warehouse of useless information, right?

As much as I'd like to claim all the credit, you undoubtedly know that I really gleaned this information from the pages of The Farmer's Almanac!

See, credit given where credit is due!

Oh, and by the way...more importantly, August 1 is also Air Force Day! Take time to find a member of our armed forces and tell them "THANK YOU!" If you can't find a member of your armed forces, then at least say a prayer for the countless number of our troops that serve each and every day to protect the home front!

If by some odd chance of fate you can't find a serviceman or woman, or if you don't believe in prayer...then at the very least, stand in front of your flag for a moment with your hand over your heart and give a very loud and meaningful "THANK YOU" for what it represents and for where you are! if you don't have a flag, then, for goodness sake...GO GET ONE! I mean, now more than ever's time to show some pride and solidarity, don't you think?

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit outside for a bit! We can watch MY flag fluttering in the breeze!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Class Will Always Shine Through...!

Back in the old days, cars had class!

I'm talking about REAL class! It showed every year in the new styles that the American car industry introduced to the public! We used to look forward to the new models coming out at the end of the Summer every year!

In those days, you could tell what a car was just from a glance...they didn't all look the same. Each company had a very distinctive emblem or style or trademark. Buick had it's port holes in the side, chevy had it's fins, and so on and so on!

My first car was a '49 Chevy. My second was a '54 Chevy, and the third was this classic! A 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Aire two door hard top! Mine was black with a white top...the interior black and silver! I mean, just look at these pictures...

I was just a year out of high school when I paid $700 for my '57! $700 ...can you believe it?

I traded it in for my first Mustang a few years later! The Mustang was a brand new '66, all silver blue...and I drove it off the show room floor! They allowed me $400 trade in for my '57! Being young and stupid...I took it!

The Mustang was just never even close to the Chevy in class!

I never had a Continental Kit on mine, but they did look pretty good, I'll admit!

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I guess that we all have certain things we will never forget! Our first car, our first love, our favorite car, our most all time favorite song, our most classy car...did I mention that I loved this car? Actually, I loved all the cars I had over the years for the most part!

To sum it up, I guess I could say that I've been very fortunate in my life so far. I've enjoyed some beautiful automobiles, loved and been loved by some wonderful ladies, enjoyed far better health than I deserve, and had the opportunity to make very many enjoyable memories! It's been a great ride so far! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit outside for a bit! We can start making some new memories for the second half of this wonderful journey!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sometimes It's Best To Say Nothing...!

Did you ever have one of those days come up that you just knew was going to go badly if you weren't careful?

Today is one of those days for me. I woke up with a real sense that I should very careful of the things I say...unless I hurt someones feelings. It's hard sometimes to find the words to politely tell someone what you truly think of them.

So here's what I think I'll do. I'm gonna have several more cups of coffee before I say anything I'll be sorry for! I wouldn't be sorry for saying them, only sorry for the way I said it!

I found some pictures that say it much better than I could...

I'm hoping that some folks pay attention to what I'm saying with these pictures. This one below pertains to anyone that has a tendency to speak before they think, or start talking to me without knowing what the hell they're talking about.

The picture is self explanatory, I think! See what you think!

That just about says it all for least for a while!

Now, my friends, let's get a fresh cup and sit outside for a bit. We don't have to talk...just sit, OK?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Coffee Humor...!

Since we always start the day with a cup on the patio, I thought today I'd bring a little coffee humor to the table. You might find this a little too close to home to be funny, but I thought these were pretty good!

You're Drinking Too Much Coffee When:

you'd be willing to spend time in a Turkish prison.

you grind your coffee beans in your mouth.

you lick your coffee pot clean.

the only time you're standing still is in an earthquake.

you can type 60 words per minute with your feet.

you have to watch videos in fast-forward to prevent boredom.

your nervous twitch registers on the Richter scale.

you want to be cremated so you can spend eternity in a coffee can.

you can take a picture of yourself from 10 feet away without using the timer.

can jump start your car without cables.

you don't need a hammer to pound nails.

you buy sugar by the barrel.

you are so wired, you pic up AM radio.

you channel surf faster without a remote.

you are offended when people use the word "brew" to mean beer.

you short out motion detectors.

the only time you're standing still is in an earthquake.

the nurse needs a scientific calculator to take your pulse.

Kramer of Seinfeld thinks you need to calm down.

you name your cats Cream & Sugar.

your lips are permanently stuck in the sipping position.

your nervous twitches register on the Richter scale.

you think being called a "drip" is a compliment.

you're employee of the month at the local coffeehouse and you don't even work there.

you don't sweat, you percolate.

you walk ten miles on your treadmill before you realize it's not plugged in.

your life's goal is to amount to a hill of beans.

when someone says how are you? you say "good to the last drop."

you have a picture of your coffee mug on your coffee mug.

you don't tan, you roast.

you don't get mad, you get steamed.

you think C.P.R. stands for "Coffee Provides Resuscitation."

you go to an AA meeting just to get the free coffee.

you are able to outlast the energizer bunny.

you get drunk just so you can sober up.

your survival kit has a pound of coffee & a grinder.

you speak perfect Arabic without ever taking a lesson.

you sleep with your eyes open.

your hand is molded to the shape of your coffee mug.

you answer your door before anyone knocks.

your birthday is a national holiday in Columbia.

you have your blood tested, the results come back in acidity levels.

Now, my friend, should we take a chance and have some coffee on the patio? Yeah, I think we should...!

Monday, July 27, 2009

How About Something Completely Different...!

I know that I'm just an old Hermit type, but I do read...A LOT!

Sometimes when you read, you run across an author or a piece of writing that stays with you forever! Such was the case when I met Robert Frost!

Each time I read his works again, it's like reading them for the first time. I always see something there that I missed the time before.

So much of his writings are of special interest to those of us that like simple things in life. The beauty of nature, the simplicity of country living, the honesty in a spoken country parable. I thought we should have a listen just to start our Monday, OK?

Simple beauty...what a way to start the day! What makes it better is to share it with my friends!

So let's get some fresh coffee and sit outside for a bit...just to share some time together!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Know What? I'm In The Mood...!

I mean in the mood for some old time rascal!

Why? Because it's Sunday! Because I like it! Most of all...just because I can, OK? OK!

Hey, my friend, coffee on the patio if you're interested !

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Good Explanation...!

This is probably the best explanation of why youngsters can't read of any that I've heard lately.

Even though it's meant to be funny, I think there is a lot of truth in here...

See what you think, OK?

That's all the political stuff for today! After's Saturday and we should all be out having fun, don't you think? So do I...

Now, my friend, grab a cup of coffee and we'll sit and talk for a while...

Friday, July 24, 2009

How About A Little Scotch And Soda...?

Did you ever just happen across a song from the past that seemed to show up just for you?

That's what happened to me yesterday. Then today, after getting up and trying to sort things out a bit, this song kept coming back. I don't exactly know why, but there it was. Kinda like a sign, ya know?

I have a feeling that the muses felt that I needed a break from worry and from the bad feelings that were building up.

The song is just mellow...that's the only way that I can describe it. The blend of harmonica and guitar has always been a soothing sound to me, so I guess that's the reason this song came up when it did!

Whatever the reason, I welcomed it. I welcomed the peace and comfort I felt as I listened to this song. I must have listened to it three or four times...and each time, I felt even better than the time before.

To maybe help in starting out your day with that same mellow feeling, I wanted to share it with you, OK? OK!

Now, my friend, what do you say to a fresh cup of coffee on the patio? We can just sit and continue to "mellow out"!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting Sticky In The City...!

Would you like to know just how crazy things are getting the the city?

This story came from the Houston Chronicle...and may help you understand why I hate this place so badly!

PASADENA — Pasadena police have a sticky investigation.

Somebody put glue on the hair of three shoppers in two stores.

A 12-year-old girl told KHOU-TV that she was shopping at a drug store last week when she felt a wad of something "sizzling" in her ponytail. The substance turned out to be glue.

The child had to cut off some of her hair to get rid of the mess.

Managers say another customer had glue sprayed into her hair earlier Thursday at the same drug store.

Pasadena police are investigating a similar incident at a nearby grocery store.

Assistant Chief Bud Corbett said Monday he has never heard of any assault like the glue attacks.

So far, there are no arrests.

For those that may not know, Pasadena is just another suburb of Houston. I guess you could say they are a separate city, since they have their own police, city hall, all of that!

All I know is that on one side of the freeway it's called Houston...and on the other side, it's called Pasadena! No matter what you call's nuts!

I can only guess that first they must sniff the glue...then spray it!

Lord, after
reading this story, I know I need a fresh cup of coffee! Get a cup and join me on the patio, OK?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Take Things For Granted...!

Don't ever just take things at face value.

Often things that appear to be one thing are really another. Sort of like a wolf in sheep's clothing, ya know?

A friend of mine sent me nice little short story that illustrates this point perfectly!

"One day my mother was out and my dad was watching me.

Someone had given me a little tea set as a get-well gift and it was one of my favorite toys.

Daddy was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when I brought Daddy a little cup of tea, which was just water.

After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my Mom came home.

My Dad made her wait in the living room to watch me bring him a cup of tea, because it was just the cutest thing!

My Mom waited, and sure enough, here I come down the hall with a cup of tea for Daddy and she watches him drink it up.

Then she says, (as only a mother would know..?)

'Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?'

You see what I mean? The point I'm trying to make here is that you and I should question anything and everything that's given to us, especially if it supposedly for our benefit.

A government program, a state free food pantry, a new social assistance program...any of these should be looked at very carefully before we allow ourselves to be the recipients of something that could cause us more grief that good.

There are many, many programs that help folks out through the hard times...and that's a good thing. That is the only way that some of us can get through when times are tough. As long as there are no strings attached, that's fine ! I support this type of assistance without reservation.

All I'm saying is that before blindly accepting whatever is offered, find out as much as you can! I just don't want you to accept something, and then wind up with a bad taste in your mouth, if you know what I mean!

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit...don't worry, there's no strings attached!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pay Heed To The Voices From The Past...!

Many of the songs from the past are prophetic in nature, like this one from 1965.

Maybe it's time to start paying more attention to the songs that once warned us about the roads we are traveling down!

At the time, we thought this type of thing could never happen. We thought that we could do no wrong! We thought that the resources that we raped and pillaged from Mother Earth would last forever! We thought that the officials we voted into office were honorable men and had our best interest at heart! We thought that soon the hate and racism and wars would end! We thought that this was the land of milk and honey, that we all would be prosperous, that jobs would always be there for those that needed them, that our dollar would always be worth a dollar, that our banks would always be solvent!

We even thought that the reputation of our great country would never allow itself to be stained by the wrong doings and evil deeds of a few!

Maybe it's time that we re-examine the way that we think about things! Maybe it's time to remind those we put in office that they work for US, and NOT the corporations of the world!

Maybe it's time that we not only take responsibility for our actions, but that we force the "Powers That Be" to do the same!

Maybe it's time to collectively wake up, stand up, and join up to remove the stains from our country's reputation! Maybe, just maybe, it's time for ALL of us to remember where we came from and where we wanted to go...and what we wanted to accomplish when we got there!

May now is the time for a fresh outlook, for rebuilding our pride, and to somehow take back our HOPE!

Now, my friends, join me for some coffee on the patio...OK?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Impressive Manners...!

Regardless of the bad rap we sometimes lay off on Mother Nature and her creatures, you have to admit that she can throw us a curve once in a while!

When you have company like this show up for supper, it's best to go ahead and throw a couple of extra pounds of steak on the grill! In fact, you may want to just bypass the grill and put the raw steak directly on the table!

Now, I don't mind when company drops in at meal time, especially if they are well behaved. There are, however, a couple of questions that come to mind right off! First of all, what do you talk about at the table with a 700 or 800 pound bear? Obviously you don't want to argue with him ...about ANYTHING!

Secondly, do you even bother putting his food on a plate, or do you just gently place it on the table in front of him? I mean, you don't want to look like you are uncouth or anything, right?

I guess the third question that comes to mind is just what in the world do you serve a bear to drink? Something tells me I don't want this fur ball...oops, I mean my guest, having access to alcohol of ANY kind, if you know what I mean! I'm thinking that tea or water would be best, because seems like I read somewhere that bears don't like coffee! Must be a bear thing!

Just a guess here, but I think that a pot of honey for dessert would be more than acceptable! I have a feeling that fresh fruit, maybe apples, might be good as well!

Now you do what you want, but as for me...I think I'll just eat standing up! Not that I mind sharing my table with a bear, but I figure that I can start running faster from a standing position should the need arise! I know that the guys that teach this stuff say to just fall down and don't run...but, my friends, not only am I going to run, but I'll probably leave an easy to follow trail behind me in the process! I don't think I'll be able to help myself, ya know?

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit...and don't worry about the bear! He'll leave when he's ready!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three Simple Things To Love...!

Just a quick and simple post today to remind us all of the simpl;e things in life.

This song has always been better able to point that out than I could with all the words I could write. There is a lot of truth and wisdom in this song...and I like it!

See what I mean? Truth and wisdom is where you find it, my friends! Always has been...always will be!

Now, let's get some fresh coffee and visit for a while on the patio, OK?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paper, Plastic, Or Whatever...?

A friend of mine sent me this, probably thinking it sounded a lot like me! Anyway, it was just too good not to share with all of you!

Electronically-Challenged Seniors

Things are spiraling out of control. I think I have become lost in a world of electronic madness.

One of my sons informed me this week that my cell phone has become obsolete and I must head down to the cell phone store and get a phone that is contemporary with the time.

I pointed out that the fancy razor/slimline phone with camera built in that he made me trade my perfectly good flip-top Motorola cell phone for two years ago still works perfectly fine. Well, except for the camera thing. Never could figure that out. Even the few times I actually did take pictures I couldn't figure what to do with them and gave up.

That is except when I would push the wrong button and take a video of the ceiling or my feet.

Seems the issue is that I am unable to text with the tiny little 3 character buttons. "Hi, son," would come out looking like, "Gh Qmo." My grandkids have even spoken to my wife about Poppa's crazy text messages. Give me a break. Whatever happened to actually talking on a phone? Isn't that what they were invented for?

They want me to get one of those phones that you can turn upside down and sideways and has a typewriter keyboard with keys about one-eighth the size of my pinky finger.

One of my four sons is a realtor whose real occupation is fly fishing. "Way to go, son." Or in my text language, "Xbz um Io, rmo."

We were floating the Yakima River in his guide-quality drift boat south of Ellensburg, Washington. We were miles from anything remotely resembling civilization. Rock canyon walls were on either side of us. Bear with me as I try to explain this strange thing.

His "Blackberry" rang. It was blue and I asked him why it wasn't called a Blueberry. He shook his head with that "dealing with an elder" despair look I get a lot these days. It was another realtor who called to say that the sellers he represented had agreed to my son's client's changes and he had the signed documents in hand.

My son told him to FAX the papers to his office and he would get them signed and faxed back to close the deal that morning. A minute later the phone rang and he hit a few buttons and looked over the FAX, now on the Yakima River with us.

He then called his clients and told them he was faxing the papers to them to sign and asked them to FAX them back to his office. While he was waiting, he hooked into a fat rainbow and was just releasing this 22-inch beauty as his phone rang again with the signed FAX from his clients.

He called the other realtor and told him he was sending the signed papers back by FAX. The deal was closed. He smiled and just said, "You are a little behind the times, Dad." I guess I am.

I thought about the sixty million dollar a year business I ran with 1800 employees, all without a Blackberry that played music, took videos, pictures and communicated with Facebook and Twitter.

I signed up under duress for Twitter and Facebook, so my seven kids, their spouses, 13 grandkids and 2 great grand kids could communicate with me in the modern way. I figured I could handle something as simple as Twitter with only 140 characters of space.

That was before one of my grandkids hooked me up for Tweeter, Tweetree, Twhirl, Twitterfon, Tweetie and Twittererific Tweetdeck, Twitpix and something that sends every message to my cell phone and every other program within the texting world.

My phone was beeping every three minutes with the details of everything except the bowel movements of the entire next generation. I am not ready to live like this. I keep my cell phone in the garage in my golf bag.

The kids bought me a GPS for my last birthday because they say I get lost every now and then going over to the grocery store or library. I keep that in a box under my tool bench with the Bluetooth [it's red] phone I am supposed to use when I drive. I wore it once and was standing in line at Barnes and Nobles talking to my wife as everyone in the nearest 50 yards was glaring at me. Seems I have to take my hearing aid out to use it and got a little loud.

I mean the GPS looked pretty smart on my dash board, but the lady inside was the most annoying, rudest person I had run into in a long time. Every 10 minutes, she would sarcastically say, "Re-calc-ul-ating." You would think that she could be nicer. It was like she could barely tolerate me. She would let go with a deep sigh and then tell me to make a U-turn at the next light. Then when I would make a right turn instead, it was not good.

When I get really lost now, I call my wife and tell her the name of the cross streets and while she is starting to develop the same tone as Gypsy, the GPS lady, at least she loves me.

To be perfectly frank, I am still trying to learn how to use the cordless phones in our house. We have had them for 4 years, but I still haven't figured out how I can lose three phones all at once and have to run around digging under chair cushions and checking bathrooms and the dirty laundry baskets when the phone rings.

The world is just getting too complex for me. They even mess me up every time I go to the grocery store. You would think they could settle on something themselves but this sudden "paper or plastic?" every time I check out just knocks me for a loop.

I bought some of those cloth re-usable bags to avoid looking confused but never remember to take them in with me.

Now I toss it back to them. When they ask me, "paper or plastic?" I just say, "Doesn't matter to me. I am "bi-sacksual." Then it's their turn to stare at me with a blank look.

Now, my friend, let's get some fresh coffee and sit on the patio for a bit. We can discuss whether or not I'm really getting this bad!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Know Smokes Are Expensive, But...!!

Now this might certainly get your attention...!

We all know that the cost of all the fun stuff like cigarettes, booze, gas, food...ALL the fun stuff, has gone up a lot as of late! This poor guy just found out what an expensive habit he has.

This must have been a shocker...but the real shocker for me would have been if my bank had even honored the purchase in the first place! This story is just an example of why I don't use brick and mortar banks...I don't trust them!

Take a look at this story from the Houston Chronicle...

Associated Press

July 15, 2009, 12:15PM

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (AP) — A New Hampshire man says he swiped his debit card at a gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes and was charged over 23 quadrillion dollars.

Josh Muszynski checked his account online a few hours after the purchase and saw the 17-digit number — a stunning $23,148,855,308,184,500 (twenty-three quadrillion, one hundred forty-eight trillion, eight hundred fifty-five billion, three hundred eight million, one hundred eighty-four thousand, five hundred dollars).

Muszynski told WMUR-TV that he spent two hours on the phone with Bank of America trying to sort out the string of numbers — and the $15 overdraft fee.

The bank corrected the error the next day.

Bank of America said the card issuer, Visa, could answer questions. Visa, in turn, referred questions to the bank. (More on this story here — and see the bill.)

I'm not sure, but this just might be enough to make someone give up smoking! If I got a bill for this amount, I think it might drastically increase my immediate consumption of the closest alcoholic beverage, if you know what I mean!

I'm thinking, my friend, that we should get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit...and hope that coffee doesn't go up this much!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Wonder We Don't Trust Them....!

I saw this story in the Houston Chronicle...and it made me ill!

When employees of the FedGov act like this, they reflect the attitude of their bosses and their environment! At least, that's my opinion! Somewhere down the line, there should have been safeguards in place to make sure that this sort of thing cannot happen.

Federal probation officer arrested

© 2009 The Associated Press

July 15, 2009, 5:04PM

McALLEN, Texas — A federal probation officer has been arrested on drug trafficking and bribery charges, accused of using government databases to run background checks on truck drivers for a drug-trafficking organization.

Authorities allege that Armando Mora, 36, of Edinburg warned drug traffickers not to hire three truck drivers this year because two were undercover agents and a third was an FBI informant.

Mora was scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court Thursday. It was not immediately clear if he had hired an attorney.

You have to wonder if his supervisors knew what was going on, and maybe just getting a cut of the action! Even if they didn't know, they should have been of someone accessing the database without clearance and their jobs should be re-evaluated!

Just another example of the power hungry folks in the wrong places higher up! Sort of makes you think that the inmates are in charge of the asylum!

To me, this is the type of case that screams for execution! The same should hold true for ANY government employee found guilty of selling out to criminals or foreign countries...but that's just my opinion!

So much for the saying " Lead by example"...! How about we say "Off with their heads!" instead!

Now, my friends, let's get some fresh coffee and sit on the patio for a bit, OK?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Put Yourself In This Picture...!

Just a simple question for you today...

Could you be forced to live in a cabin like this? I mean, it's fairly cozy inside, being 14 by 16. It also has a sleeping loft which increases the downstairs walk around room quite a lot!

Just imagine this room with a wood burning stove, a nice rug, and an old dog asleep by your feet on a cold winter's day...

About the only thing I might change is to increase the size of the porch a little! Right now, it's only 6 feet and it needs to be at least double that! That would give you a lot of room for a big rocking chair or two, ya know?

I mean, take a look at the front yard...! Plenty of trees for a hammock, a horse shoe pit, bar-b-que grill, a fire pit...just about anything you could imagine! Another good feature is that it has a genuine, down home Texas style "Thunder Box" not far from the back of the cabin! You can just make it out to the right rear in the picture!

All the comforts of home, with the exception of not having any water or electricity. The good news is that it doesn't have any real close 2 legged neighbors, only the 4 legged kind! Plenty of peace and quiet as it sits in the middle of 40 acres in the Ozarks!

One more little bit of good news for ya! It's only 10 miles to the closest little town, just in case you needed to make a beer run or handle some other emergency!

I don't know about you, but I think I could manage to enjoy myself out here just fine, thank you very much! I'll bet that most of you would too!

Now, my friend, let's get some fresh coffee and sit outside for a bit, OK? OK!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grandpa Would Be Proud...!

I'll just bet that at one time or another, nearly all the country boys reading this had a harmonica!

If you didn't, maybe your grandpa or grandma did! I had many of them in my younger years and even while I was in the service. Small, easy to carry, cheap (at least back then) and if you practiced enough you could really make it sound good!

My Grandma King played one...and my Uncle Bill as well. Country folks that liked the sound of a little music on the front porch or in the parlor. Harmonica music seemed to go with just about anything, but was really a nice compliment to a guitar.

Now, a harmonica on the front porch or in the parlor is one thing, but can you imagine how far removed it seems from a place like Carnegie Hall? I mean, hundreds of folks all decked out in tuxedos and fancy dresses to hear some average looking man with a small little harmonica...sorta boggles the mind, doesn't it?

Well, this is no ordinary man! His name is Buddy Greene, and what he does with his little harmonica just proves that even folks in tuxedos and evening dresses can appreciate a true talent, and a well done treatment of a classical piece!

Who knows? There may be one or two people in the audience that had a harmonica when they were young, or who can remember grandpa or grandma or Uncle Bill playing one on the front porch or in the parlor!

Just goes to show that sometimes we are more alike than we may want to admit. Know what I mean? Of course you do...!

Now, my friend, let's get some fresh coffee and sit outside for a bit...and I'll play you a little ditty this morning.OK?

Monday, July 13, 2009

I've Solved The Mystery...!

For a long time, like many others, I've been wondering just how the government comes up with the methods they use for spending our money!

Well, being the tireless researcher that I am, I have finally solved the mystery! I have uncovered some secret video from the bowels of the accounting offices. This video is vintage, and is still used to train the current folks that write the budgets and give out the money!

When you see how their minds work, all the facts start falling into place! I must warn you ahead of time, after watching this video you may change the way you pay your please use caution!

Now, if you can start to understand this system, or if you can almost see the accuracy of this may qualify for a government job in accounting!

See, Hermitjim is always watching out for you! BTW, I probably shouldn't mention it, but this made perfect sense to me! Pretty scary, huh?

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio before it gets too hot!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shaking Things Up In Texas...!

Just how mad at us is Mother Nature?

I'm struck by the fact that if these tremors had been very much bigger, there could have been some serious consequences. This kinda makes you wonder if this might have been just a warning or maybe a wake up call!

I don't know what you think, but I'll bet that this certainly got the attention of folks in Cleburne!

This story is from the Houston Chronicle and I thought it was pretty interesting!

© 2009 The Associated Press

CLEBURNE, Texas — Another small earthquake — the seventh in about a month — has been reported in the North Texas town of Cleburne.

The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a 2.0-magnitude quake there Friday morning.

Before early June, an earthquake had never hit the town of 22,000 people about 50 miles southwest of Dallas. That's left some city officials and residents to wonder whether natural gas drilling in the area could be contributing to the tremors.

Two weeks ago, seismographs were placed in the city for about six months, after which researchers will report on the seismic activity to city officials.

So far, the strongest quake in the area has had a magnitude of 2.8.

No damage or injuries have been reported from any of the tremors.

Something tells me I don't want to be around when anything that big (or small) hits in Houston! There might not be any visible damage in the town, but I can tell you for sure that in my case, a change of undergarments would definitely be in order!

Now let's get some fresh coffee this morning...maybe it will help to get us moving ! (pun intended!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

There May Come A Time...!

You know, the time may come that we have to make some very difficult choices.

Just suppose for the sake of argument, that you are getting ready to leave for a trip. You need to get on the road by a certain time, and there are several people that want to go along. When the time comes to leave, all the folks that wanted to go are still not ready, clothes not packed, showers not taken, plants not watered, pets not fed...whatever the reason.

Now the question long do you wait for them to finally get ready? Do you delay your leaving for an hour? A day? Maybe a week? Just how long are you willing to wait?

Well, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself. How badly do you want them to go anyway? Are they necessary to you having a safe trip? Are they sharing the driving, helping pay for the gas? Do they have any car repair skills that might come in handy? Are they bringing any food? Can they get along with everyone else and not drive all their fellow travelers crazy? Just what do they bring to the table that would make them indispensable?

Here's where it becomes harder to make the choices! This is the time when you may need to decide who goes and who stays...never a easy choice, but one best made now instead of when all Hell is breaking loose, ya know?

I think that a time may come when we are going to have to make the decision based on a completely different set of standards than we use today. For example, just because someone is family doesn't give them a free ride. The same holds true for best friends! I know, it sounds heartless and cruel...but it's a fact of life. Some stay and some go! Period!

For children, the answer is clearly that they go! Mine, yours, anyone's! Children are the future and for the most part, more adaptable than the grownups. In most cases, spouses are in the group that must go. No question! But what about the rest? How do we decide if they go or stay?

That answer is going to be a difficult one, and will more than likely be completely different for each group! No one is going to be responsible for that decision except you...and maybe your spouse! You will have to live with these choices for a long time, so you might want to sit down and make a mental list of the pros and cons for each choice.

This is not going to be an easy task, for sure! Deciding if you can add someone to the group and still keep the unit safe is probably going to be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make! The same will hold true if the need arises that someone , for whatever reason, needs to be removed from the list! Gut wrenching choices, for sure!

For me, some of the choices will be easy! Lucky for me, my mom and and my two sisters, along with their families...would bring with them many skills that could be very useful in an emergency! All of them are wizards in the kitchen, all of them are frugal (or are pretty close to it), all of them are fairly well organized, all of them can discuss things without flying off the handle, all of them can sew and mend very well, and most of all all of them are fiercely loyal to family! These are important traits to have, if and when the SHTF...

Now, I hope that none of these choices ever have to be made! I really do! However, like all important decisions, they need to be made BEFORE hand and not put off. They need to be done in a calm fashion, done in a private manner, and done in such a way that you won't carry a guilt trip with you for the rest of your life! There will be plenty of guilty feelings to go around when the time comes, believe me.

No one can really know what the future holds! No one has all the answers! No one can tell you what's right for you and your group or family! As with everything else we as Preppers must consider, the decision of selecting who goes and who stays should be done now. It needs to be done to the best of your ability. It needs to be done after praying about it, discussing it with your significant other or life partner. It needs to be done in a controlled situation, taking all the cold, hard facts into the consideration!

Bottom needs to be done! The sooner the better, for bad or good, for everyone's just needs to be done!

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit...and please, don't shoot the messenger! After all, it's only my opinion!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Let's Clear The Confusion...!

I know that these are confusing times we live in. I know that we can get overwhelmed at times. I know all that, believe me!

I want to do what I can to help clear some of the confusion. Now, we all know that no matter how badly we are confused, no matter how frustrated we get with the trying to keep things straight, there will always be a snag. Seems there will always be the unsuspected popping up to keep things muddled up.

Now, just in case you think things can't be any more confusing, let me present this video to prove that things are NOT as bad as we think! Give it a watch, OK...?

Now you see just how confusing things can really be? We can be thankful that none of us have this least I hope we don't!

To help stay unconfused, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit. OK, my friend?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It Just Could Happen...!

It was just after 8:00 in the evening as the local stations broke into the regular programs to make the announcement.

A suitcase bomb had just been detonated in a subway train in New York city. Massive deaths were being reported, along with far too many injured to count . The true consequences wouldn't be known for a long time yet, but for a few individuals across the country the signal was clear.Time to get out of Dodge!

Even before the news story was completed, the old man got up from his chair and turned off the small T.V. in his bedroom. Going to the closet, he took out a small back pack, already loaded with sundry items. He did not bother checking the contents as he had just checked them two days ago as he did every Friday!

Reaching up to the shelf in his closet, he took down a small zippered bag containing a loaded .38. Reaching back into the corner, the old man brought out his well worn Marlin .22. Walking over to the bed, he sat down, taking off his house shoes and replacing them with his very comfortable hiking boots. He then stood, took his windbreaker off the hook on the back of his bedroom door, slipped it on and walked into the living room of the house he shared with his daughter and son-in-law.

The news was still showing the reports about the bombing, supplemented with reports from the national broadcasters. During one of the mandatory commercial breaks, he said "I'm leaving for the desert. If you want to go, the time is now." His son-in-law didn't even look back, but just chuckled and shook his head. The daughter, however, got up and came over to her dad.

"Is it because of this bomb thing, dad?" she asked with concern in her voice. He looked her straight in the eyes and said "This? This is just the beginning. What's coming next is going to be much worse, trust me."

The younger couple had been hearing the old man's warnings for years. Hearing, but not really paying attention or believing !

"Dad, this is just an isolated incident and it's a long way from here! There's no need to think that anything else is going to happen!" She looked worried, but not for anything about to happen, but instead about the fact that her Father was finally going off the deep end.

"Don't bother" the son-in-law said, still not looking around. "He has been just waiting for something like this as an excuse to leave for a long time!"

The old man just hugged his daughter, went out the kitchen door to the driveway where his old truck was parked. He loaded the backpack behind the front seat, went back into the house to get his rifle and pistol and, pulling the door behind him, left the house for the last time.

The old truck was mechanically sound and always kept full of gas. With a sadness he couldn't hold back, he ran over the mental checklist of the contents he kept in the camper on his truck. Satisfied that everything was in order, he wiped his eyes and backed out of the driveway. With nothing but a brief glance at his daughter's house, he sadly put the truck in gear and headed for IH-10 out of Houston. Because of it being Sunday night, the traffic was very light and the old man made good time on his trip.

At approximately 6:00 p.m. the next day, Monday, right in the middle of the daily heavy traffic and the mass of commuters jamming the freeways...the five nuclear bombs hidden in containers at the port of Houston detonated as planned. The city of Houston and a large portion of the Texas Gulf Coast disappeared.forever!

The old man heard the news on his shortwave set as he sat at the camp table outside of his camper. He bent his head and cried out loud for a long time. Finally, the tears were mostly gone, and the old man reached and poured himself a stiff shot of whisky into his coffee. He had tried and tried over the years, but nothing could convince those that didn't believe. Still, he wished that he could have done more somehow!

Taking his cup in his hand, holding it up to the starry sky, he made his toast "Rest in peace! I love you both!"

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit. We can talk about the importance of staying prepared all the time, OK?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Have A Hero...!

I often say that I miss my dad!

There are so many reasons why, it would be foolish to try and go through all of them right now! However, today I just want to talk about one of the reasons.

My dad was a genuine, rough and tumble, whatever it takes kind of man! At least, as far as I know and from what I hear from others this is a fair description.

I know that if I ever needed anyone to watch my back, or lend me a hand with something he would be there in a heartbeat! He was a good man, doing what ever he could to provide for his family and to help a friend.

He also did not have any use for folks that didn't behave in a decent fashion, if you know what I mean. He was not judgemental, but unless you wanted a straight and truthful answer, then don't ask his opinion!

He believed in God, he believed in justice, he believed in Texas, and he believed in doing the right thing! Below I have a copy of the Oath of Allegiance which he swore to and then signed as prove of his intent to support when he joined the Navy. If you click on this picture, you will see that it is dated 1940!

One thing that I can say in all certainty is that he would support the efforts of each and every one of the folks that are trying to get back some of the rights being done away with daily! He would have no part of letting others be taken advantage of...that wasn't his nature.

I'll tell you what he wasn't! He was NOT a "domestic terrorist"! He was NOT a radical! He was NOT a "rabble rouser"! He was NOT any of the labels being forced on the average American today, for wanting to defend and protect what he had sworn an oath to!

To put it as simply as possible, he was a lot like your dad! He was caring, but not weak...strong, but not a bully...firm, but not pushy! He could cry, but preferred to laugh! He believed that his handshake was a contract, and he looked you in the eye when he gave it!

In short, my dad was a patriot, my friend and my hero! I only hope to be half as good a man as he was!

Now, my friend, let's have some fresh coffee...Oh, yeah, he loved coffee with his friends as much as I do!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today...It's Conundrums !

Here's something you might have a little fun with today.

A little exercise for the brain is a good thing...especially with your morning coffee. I don't know about you, but I need all the help I can get now days, ya know?

1. A boy undertakes to put something in a playmate's left hand which the playmate cannot possibly take in his right. What is this? [ANSWER]

2. At what time of day was Adam created? [ANSWER]

3. Can a leopard change his spots? [ANSWER]

4. Did Jonah cry when the whale swallowed him? [ANSWER]

5. From a word of five letters, take two and leave one. [ANSWER]

6. How could the letter G surprise a farmer? [ANSWER]

7. How does the transposition of the parts of a word express the difference between a welcome and a wish for your departure? [ANSWER]

8. How many hard-boiled eggs can a man eat on an empty stomach? [ANSWER]

9. How many wives is a man lawfully entitled to by the English prayer book? [ANSWER]

10. How would securely hitching a horse affect his speed? [ANSWER]

Today's entertainment is brought to you by (where else?) The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Now, my friend, let's get some coffee...OK? OK!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Time Classroom...!

Many times in days of old, many of us had to make a trip to the woodshed or to out behind the barn.

I don't think it really damaged any of us to a great degree, although today most of those trips would be considered illegal! I can't help but wonder if sometimes one or two of those "educational trips" might not help us a bit today...or at least some of us!

There were times that those trips were not for unpleasant education, but maybe for one of the more enjoyable lessons of life! I'm sure that some of you know exactly what I'm talking about, so don't try and deny it!

Besides, there were some good memories made back then! Watch and you'll see what I mean...

Did any of that remind you of the days gone by? Probably it did...I know it did for me. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything!

Now, my friend, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio. We can swap stories about some of our "behind the barn" trips, OK?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

OK...Now I'm Angry...!

Lately I have not been spouting off too much about politics and the government made one stupid move after another, but this time I felt that I had to rant just a bit!

However, after seeing the headlines and reading the story in the Houston Chronicle, I was just flabbergasted! I just cannot understand, for the life of me, how this sort of thing could be allowed to ever happen...EVER!

Harris County jail, in their infinite wisdom, managed to let thousands of criminals, including child molesters, rapist, and drug dealers walk right out the door and go straight back into society after serving a short amount of time in county jail!

No wonder the crime rate is climbing here! No wonder the average citizen has no faith in their police or city government! No wonder I want out of this cesspool of a city so badly!

Then the PTB want to call the average Prepper or homesteader or average working man a "domestic terrorist" for wanting to defend his family and his home from outsiders, when the people in charge are letting the bad guys out of jail faster than the cops can pick them up and put them in!

Yeah...that really helps me feel so much more safe and secure! Thank you very much, all of you people responsible for this fiasco! May the bird of paradise fly up your nose!

Now, my friend, let's get some coffee and sit on the patio for a bit while I try and calm down, OK? OK!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Do I Think...?

Ever wonder just what the Founding Fathers really thought about the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Writing in July 1776 from Philadelphia, John Adams related to his wife, Abigail: "Yesterday the greatest Question was decided, which ever was debated in America, and a greater, perhaps, never was or will be decided among Men.

A Resolution was passed without one dissenting Colony 'that these united Colonies, are, and of right ought to be free and independent States, and as such, they have, and of Right ought to have full Power to make War, conclude Peace, establish Commerce, and to do all the other Acts and Things, which other States might rightfully do...' This . . . Day . . . will be the most memorable Epoch, in the History of America.

I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. . . . It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more."

What do I think? What could I possibly add to this outstanding summation of that day's famous events? What is the only thing that would be appropriate to add to this? Only one thing..."God Bless America!"

Now, my friends, let's share some coffee on the patio and count our many blessings on this Independence Day!

Happy 4TH of July, everyone !!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Time For A Grin...!

Once in a while, there is a commercial that not only makes a point about the product, but carries a message as well.

Watch this ad from New Zealand and you'll see what I mean...

Now, this is what happens when you try and hide what you really are...or try and pretend to be something other than your true self!

Besides, folks could get hurt by all the pretending...ya know?

Now that we've had our object lesson for the day...let's get some fresh coffee and go sit on the patio. OK, my friend?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where Does Time Go...?

You know, it seems like yesterday that the "roomies" were small!

Somewhere down the line, we went from this...

To this...! This is the biggest of the roomies "Smokey". Not so small any more, is he?

Then there is his brother "C.B.". The initials are for the name "cry baby". How he went from a cute little kitten here...

To a nearly grown up cat, still cute but not so little anymore so fast is a wonder. Grown into a very pretty, highly opinionated Siamese, who doesn't take any crap from anyone!

These guys are my closest friends. They are the reason I sometimes smile when I don't really feel like smiling. They are a lot like children at times, causing grief when they can't see in their mind that they have done anything wrong.

When I am down, like any friend they make themselves available by just being there...without forcing themselves on me. They give me hugs each day, accept hugs in return, and in their own catlike way let me know that they are proud to have me as a roomie! They bring joy into my life daily...just because that's what friends do!

Now, my friends, the roomies and I invite you to join us on the patio for a cup of coffee...OK?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just Open A Dialogue...!

I'm as guilty of this as anyone.

Like in the most recent conversation I had with the auto repair shop...I just listened to what the owner quoted me as the final price for the work he said needed to be done. Now, I have to admit that this was over the phone, and not in person.

Usually, when I'm face to face with someone, I can tell if they are being straight up with me or not. While on the phone with them the last time, I did tell him that the amount he quoted was more than what I wanted to spend right now. He said he understood and that he would get the truck ready to pick up.

I just took for granted that he would call when it was ready, he assumed that I would just come and get it.Neither of us verified what we thought...can you say "communicate"? I knew you could!

Anyway, I called him back Tuesday after getting back from VA hospital, and this time we spent a little time discussing the options. In fact, he was the one that offered up a solution. He said that not all of the freeze plugs were leaking...and the ones that would have to have the engine lifted to get to seemed OK for now.

He agreed that if we just fixed the leaking plugs, and did not do the brakes...the total would be around $500. Now that's a price that I can deal with a lot better than $1500. At least at that price, the water leaks would be fixed and if I needed to, I could get outta Dodge without having to worry about a heating problem.

I can get one of the younger shade tree mechanics I know and have them fix the front brakes for a lot better deal than a shop, I'm thinking. I have not noticed the brakes getting soft, or making any noise...but then, I wasn't looking for that.

If the owner of the shop had not mentioned these options, I wouldn't have thought of them until later. The reputation of this shop and the owner is very, very good...and now I understand why! Just because I didn't ask the right questions, I could have been out a lot more money! I should have opened a dialogue from the start and avoided this altogether, but I didn't. If you don't ask, you don't know if you have options or not because not every shop owner will bring it up on their own.

So, that's where we stand now. The shop is fixing the leaks, I'll pick up the truck on Thursday, and I am back on track again! YEAH!

Now, my friend, why don't we get some coffee and sit outside on the patio for a bit. We can discuss the benefits of opening a "Dialogue" more often!