Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quick Sunday Update...

I just took this information off of Blondie's blog (thanks, Blondie!) and thougtht I would pass it on to you. It concerns a DDOS attack on Deep Cycler...

"BTW for anyone that doesnt know. A Ddos wont hurt a cycler. Basically it just freezes time. We are not an hyip that pays a certain percentage per day so it will be as if we just stopped time for a bit until we can get this resolved. Don't worry though if this continues for a while I will just move the site to another server.The reason that Ddos works on HYIP and surfs is because they must pay a certain percentage per day to their members and even if the site is down they must still pay. With a cycler We pay out as spots cycle so no spots bought none cycle. Don't worry though as I'm going to hold off on releasing the limits on the new lines until we are fully moved and that way we will get some momentum going and keep on rocking along.Thanks for your patience everyone."

What this means is that the site will be down while they move to another server, so everything is on hold. Just be patient and watch for the updates, ok?

Let's have some more coffee...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Reunion Passed...!

Well, the reunion is over for another year. There was indeed plenty of food, including such goodies as sausage balls, chipped beef dip, stuffed jalapenos, cheese dip, chopped spinach dip, 7 layer salad, egg salad sandwiches, various crackers and chips, smoked sausage links, grilled hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, banana pudding, vanilla ice cream, and homemade PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!!!

There was probably some things I missed, but it is so hard to remember everything when there is so much. It was , of course, all buffet style with people pretty much snacking all day long. Plenty of talking, remembering, kids running and screaming. Ever notice that the amount of fun kids are having seems to be proportionate to the amount of noise they make? The more noise, the more fun! In the middle of all the madness and mayhem, the two roomies were soaking it all in and having a good time with the scraps getting dropped on the patio.

To cap off the evening and before the coals died all the way down, Mom went and got some wire coat hangers, had someone straighten them out, and proceeded to show the Grand daughter and grand nieces how to roast a marshmallow. It was an interesting experience, but something was lost in the translation, as a charcoal grill just isn't the same as a campfire and the girls were too tired to see the fun in it all.

The day finished at a reasonable time, it didn't rain, everyone got along, and the children did very well right up to time to go home...and then they fussed a little. But they were tired ( as were we all) so that was understandable.

Now I'm tired and ready to go to bed...the roomies are staying outside tonight because they don't want to come in and I'm too tired to argue with them, and tomorrow will be a good day to watch the weather. Sorry I'm rambling tonight, but I should be back on the ball Monday.

See you all Sunday morning and we will share a cup of coffee, OK?

Gonna Be Busy Today...!

Today I have a family reunion at my Mom's house. I've been making potato salad, egg salad for sandwiches, all that stuff. I'll fire the grill up tomorrow afternoon for hot dogs, sausage links and the like. My sister will bring all the good concoctions she can create ( I'm thinking cookies here!) and my niece is always good for some outstanding dips and other outstanding snacking foodstuffs. We never lack for food...but I guess most family get togethers are that way!

I hope you remember to get in early at Deep Cycler for the addition of the $5 and the $6 lines added today. If so, I'll see you there!

Now, it is Saturday and we haven't had a cartoon in a this would be a good day for one. So run get your coffee, grab some peanut butter toast, and enjoy the show...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's News...

Well...tomorrow at 10:00 AM Est. two new lines will be added to the available lines at Deep Cycler. The new lines will be for $5 and for $6. Now here's the thing. For the first hour or so you will be limited to buying 5 of each line. After that, the admin will lift the number of positions you can buy. I would suggest that if you want to play with these new lines that you get in early, as the first ones in will, of course, cycle first!

The three Paid-to-Advertise profit sharing sites I'm in are all doing well. They are DRW, ETXads, and E-tradexchange . The daily share of the profits can add up to a nice little bit of change over time, plus the advertising venue is very effective. I have had good results from the ads I placed on these sites, so I would again suggest that you at least check them out .

Of course, 10DW is still cycling for me and I'm still making money from it. Everyone is looking forward to the opening 10CentClub, which is the replacement for E2EPay. it should be opening soon, so just keep your pants on, OK?

The Private Program I'm in is really rocking right is starting to mature again for me on the 7Th. That will be a nice little payday, believe me! I can't tell you anything about it here, but I can give you the details if you want to drop me an email.

Oh, and don't forget the Gano Coffee Business. Free to join, pays 20% commission on the 1st level, 10% on the second, and you get your own website to promote. The commissions are paid even on your own purchases, so it's a pretty good deal all around.

Speaking of coffee, I think it's time for a fresh cup. Want to join me...?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes Things Are Black And White...!

It's true...sometimes things are just black and white, and sometimes that can be good! But let's consider for a minute just how black and white (and grey) affect us.

Strictly speaking, black and white are not colors; they are characteristics of the presence or absence of light. Black and white cannot be defined without each other. Black absorbs all aspects of light whereas white reflects, black conceals whereas white reveals.

In symbolism, white is seen as holy, good and whole therefore black inevitably becomes linked to fearful and bad experiences. White is the color of emergence, birth and change whereas black is the colour of withdrawal from definition, of the hidden.

White makes its presence felt whereas black withdraws, refusing to take a stand or be noticed. The energy of white completes, the energy of black prepares.

Using black.

If you want to become inconspicuous, consider dressing in black. Black clothing can convey the message “notice I am here but don’t invade my space

Using white.

White has the ability to clear away all clutter, all unwanted noise. New beginnings and fresh starts benefit from this energy.


Grey is the true neutral color. It is the color of emptiness, lack of emotion and lack of warmth. However, because of this, it can be restful. If it contains a lot of white, it will take on the qualities of surrounding colors, however, if it contains a lot of black it can feel depressing.

Unlike brown, grey has no connection to the solid earth or nature. Immovable stone and cloudy skies reflect the impersonal nature of grey. Grey has a detached, isolated and unemotional feel. Grey clothes can suggest the wearer wishes to remain uninvolved but they can also suggest sophistication.

Using grey.

Top Tip from Angel Therapy Spain. Add a hint of another color to your grey clothing and you will be seen as efficient, well behaved but also having a personality. If you want to emphasize your willingness to comply, wear grey.

Now what do you say to some fresh coffee, my friend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little Kitty Story...

I wanted to take a little break from the discussion on colors to tell you a cute story about one of the Roomies. I don't normally share these little stories, but this one was so unusual I just had to share it.

Monday I was getting ready for an appointment at the V.A. Hospital for a blood test. After trimming my beard a bit I splashed on a little Old Spice. (I's old fashioned stuff but I like it). Sitting at my desk finishing my coffee, I was suddenly the recipient of a lap visit by Smokey, one of the roomies. After going through the normal hugs and rubbing that they do, he suddenly stopped dead in the middle of a rub and began sniffing at my hand and arm. He head butted my hand and arm several times, rubbed both vigorously and then gave me several love bites. Head-butt, rubs and bites went on for several minutes. Then he looked up at me...right in the eye.

Those of you have seen Siamese know how they can be, and usually are, quite crossed-eyed. When he looked up at me with those crossed blue eyes, his tongue half hanging out the side of his mouth, and with what passes for a smile on a cat's face it was so comical I just started laughing. Every time I looked at him, I started laughing again. I guess it was something in the aftershave that made Smokey a little giddy, because he just kept looking up and grinning at me. Of course, the more he grinned the more I laughed.

Finally, when my sides stopped hurting enough I put Smokey down on the floor, where he just stood for a second or two like he was in a trance. Suddenly, he snapped out of it and slowly walked away, glancing back at me to see what I was laughing about.

I just thought to myself "What a perfect way to start the day! A good laugh with a friend, a fresh cup of coffee, and a memory to keep a smile on my face all day long!" I just wanted to share that, my friends. Want me to freshen your cup?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Friends Blue And Green...

In continuing our discussion about the colors and how they can affect us, we certainly can't overlook what may be two of the most favorites of all the colors...Green and Blue!

First, let's consider the color green.

Green is the color of nature, the color of the plant world. Green is the middle of the color spectrum and is therefore seen as a color of balance. It can be interpreted as either a warm or cool color, depending on the shade.

Green stands for growth and the desire to expand and increase. It is the vibration of relationships because in growing and expanding we meet others around us.

If you feel trapped by external circumstances or restricted in some way, taking a walk in green surroundings or surrounding yourself with green will restore your balance.

Avoid green in situations where you need to be ‘on the ball’ or react quickly as to what is happening, as the color is such a good relaxer. It is good for the following:

. Heart problems
. Claustrophobia
. Bronchitis
. Brooding
. Flu
. Fear of emotional involvement

Put green in your life when there is...

. A need for new ideas.
. A need to let change happen but also there is a fear of the unknown .
. A restricted feeling caused by circumstances such as being housebound or feeling trapped by other people’s rules and regulations.
. Negative “green” emotions such as jealously, envy and greed.

Now let's consider blue...

There are two aspects of blue. On the one side there is the search for information and detail and on the other side the experience of rest and peacefulness without any particular focus or thought. This seems to be a contradiction but the uniting factor is the desire for balance.

All kinds of communication like listening, talking and learning are “blue” activities. In fact, blue is the color of our throat chakra which is related to how we express ourselves. Blue is the color of distance, it gives a quality of detachment and devotion. Think about how gazing into the sky or deep blue water brings a sense of calm. Blue seems to somehow free our minds from normal activity.

You can use blue to help the energy flow of communication whether you are listening to yourself or someone else. To help remember a speech or anything else you need to remember, write it on blue paper.

Avoid this color if you are feeling cold or low or feel any stiffness or tightness in your body. It is good for the following conditions:

. High blood pressure
. Timidity
. Laryngitis
. Frigidity
. Migraines
. Fear of speaking out
. Cuts, stings or burns
. Distrust
. Menstrual problems
. Fear of confrontation

Top Tip from Counselling Spain.
Put blue in your life when there is...
. A need to communicate clearly
. A need to calm excitable or agitated states
. A need for peace, rest or solitude

Now, how about some nice fresh coffee...guaranteed to fight the blues!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Considering Orange And Yellow...

Let's continue with our discussion of colors and how they affect us. Some of this may be surprising to you.

First of all, let's consider Orange.

While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is more closely linked to the more gentle warmth of the sun and of fire. True, orange is certainly dynamic, but more thoughtful and controlled than red.

Curiosity is one of the characteristics of the orange vibration and this brings exploration and creativity, particularly on a practical level.

Strangely, surveys have often found orange to be the least popular of colors (green and blue being the favourites)... is this because exploring and reaching out can sometimes be painful?

Using orange properly can provide some surprising results. In times of stress, or after a shock or surprise wearing shades of orange can help return you to a state of balance.

Orange can be good for the following:

. Low vitality
. Poor appetite
. Listlessness
. Indigestion
. Bereavement
. Asthma
. Inhibition
. Cramp
. Sadness
. Gallstones
. Boredom

Put orange in your life when there is…

• A feeling of boredom and bleakness, particularly when you feel time is dragging.
• A lack of interest in what is going on around you, even to the point where you don’t want to become involved at all.
• An obsessive need to have things in their “proper” place and resentment of changes in familiar routines.
• A lack of sense of humor.
• A fear of experiencing pleasure through the senses and of enjoying sensuality.
• An inability to let go of the past.
• A problem with blocked experiences in life, such as a decrease in personal creativity.

Now how about Yellow ?

Yellow is a bright, sunny color. Most people will recognize the sensation of warmth and vitality when looking at pure yellow. Different shades of yellow produce different reactions. A clean, light yellow can help to clear the mind whereas a yellow that has green tinge to it can create a degree of discomfort, disorientation and even nausea.

The functions of the yellow vibration have to do with decision making... our decisions rely on information. More importantly, knowing which bits of information are relevant.

The digestive, immune and nervous system all reflect yellow frequencies. Both the digestive and immune system rely on correct decisions as to what is useful to the body and what is dangerous.

The nervous system relays on information to the brain which then acts upon the signals. Fear and worry are the consequence of an imbalance of yellow energy, when wrong information and a lack of logical thought result in an inability to act positively.

There are some simple ways to use yellow in a positive fashion. When working at your computer a yellow mouse mat will help improve your concentration and keep you alert.

Your health and yellow ...

Avoid yellow if you have stomach problems or are feeling restless, excitable, stressed, and unable to sleep or unwind. It is , however,good for the following:

. Constipation
. Depression
. Flatulence
. Low self-esteem
. Diabetes
. Short attention span
. Skin problems
. Exam nerves
. Nervous exhaustion
. Writer’s block

Top Tip from Counselling Spain. Put yellow in your life when there is…..
• Confusion and indecision.
• Unknown fear and anxiety leading to nervous and digestive disorders.
• A weak immune system or regular minor illnesses, intolerances and allergies to foods or other substances.
• Nervous exhaustion, panic attacks, hot flashes. • Poor memory, inability to study or concentrate.

Now what do you say to some fresh coffee...?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Update...!

I haven't done an update for a while, so I thought I would give you a quick one today! Not sure if anyone pays any attention to them or not, but part of why I'm here is to tell you about the ways that I am actually earning a little extra money. Whether or not you choose to take advantage of the information is, as always, up to you.

10DW continues to pay and pay. Although it has slowed down for a bit, the Summertime seems to do that for all of these programs. Also, the fact that we are still waiting for news about the re-opening of E2EPay as 10CentClub has hurt the confidence of some players. As for me, I'm still getting payed so I'm staying in.

The three profit-sharing and advertising sites I use are continuing to pay on a daily basis. I am, naturally, talking about DRW, ETXads, and E-TradeExchange. They all three are sister sites and pay a daily share of the profits. You won't get rich, but as far as the advertising venue is very effective. You are offered a text ad, banner ad, and URL ad for every ad package you buy. With prices starting as low as $5 a package and the total earnings running from 150% to 200%, these paid-to-advertise sites are well the effort.

Clixsense is continually my favorite program to earn with. The reason is simple...they pay me every month. I can make more money at other sites, but the constant monthly checks are more than enough reason for me to stay with this program. I like it...a lot!! There again, you won't get rich but you will earn consistently. Isn't that what we all want? I do!

The most recent addition to our packages is DeepCycler. I don't usually play cyclers, but I followed the lead of several of my friends and joined. This jewel pays a total of 200% per investment with part of the profits being automatically reinvested back into the program. This should help to insure a little longer run. We'll see. I am already in profit, so I'm staying in and reinvesting to help keep it going.

That's all for now. I am in some other programs and you can see the links on the left there...but these are my favorites right now. Look them over if you will...or don't. Your choice, as always. Now...let's have some fresh coffee.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are You In A Red Mood Today...?

Let's talk a little bit about colors and how much they can affect our lives and our attitudes. Often overlooked, colors can really make a big difference in some cases.

Our sight is our primary interaction with the world around us and most of us take it for granted. We rarely stop to think about color means to us and how it can affect us. Light is a form of energy and all energy acts on the matter that it comes into contact with. What we see as color is the brain’s way of recognizing the different energy qualities of light.

We tend to think of color as existing on surfaces, but the color of an object is determined by what happens to the light that hits it. The color we see, very often, is exactly what the object is not.

Every frequency of visible light, each color, creates changes in us at all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. Different cultures have given different attributes and meanings to color, but on a biological level we all react in the same way.

Color is not superficial; it shows us the energetic reality around us.

Everything under the sun is affected by color. Plants, animals, bacteria, chemical reactions, all show changes of behaviour when exposed to different colors. It is also a subconscious language that we use instinctively in very area of our lives.

Learning to recognise and use color with awareness can bring positive changes into our lives. Each color has a set of clearly defined meanings and influences which can help us understand the world around us and our behaviour.

These qualities can also be used to create particular impressions on others. A subtle message can be sent with color much more effectively than with words.


Red is the color with the longest wavelength. It is the nearest visible light to infra-red in the electromagnetic (energy) spectrum. It maintains close connections with heat and warmth. Even rocks become red when they are heated sufficiently. This is evident when volcanoes erupt and lava pours out onto the earth’s surface. Red makes us wary as we connect it with heat and potential danger of burning.

Too much heat and red burns, but at the right level it gives us comfort and supports our lives. Being the color of blood, red has symbolic links with life and living. Spilling or losing blood brings illness or death.

If you want to increase your body’s ability to absorb iron wear red, eat red foods or surround yourself with red. This is because iron is the metal that is responsible for the color of haemoglobin in the blood. The presence of haemoglobin allows the blood to absorb oxygen in the lungs and to transport that life-giving oxygen to the body’s cells.

Physical activity and the energy that supports it also have a red vibration. If speed, danger, daring or courage are involved the red quality of the activity increases – people like stunt men, racing car drivers or mountaineers all have “red” careers.

Using Red.

If you want to come across as a bold and dynamic person, wear a red scarf or a tie. This is especially effective if you are going to an event where your confidence needs a boost, like a presentation or an interview. It will also help you feel less nervous about meeting new people.

Your health and red.

Red is a very powerful color and should be avoided if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, have a quick temper or are feeling angry as it will over-stimulate you. It is good for the following:
Low energy, Apathy, Anaemia, Depression, Poor Circulation, Fear, Low blood pressure, Lack of confidence, Colds/chills, Lack of initiative.

Top Tip from Reiki Healing Spain.
Put red in your life when there is….
• A lack of enthusiasm and interest in life
• A lack of energy and a feeling of over-tiredness
• An inability to make your dreams a practical reality
• A feeling of insecurity, unwarranted fear or anxiety

Now I'm in the mood for some fresh want it in a red cup?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry About The Non-post...

I just ran out of time yesterday before I could get everything done. I meant to have an update here this morning...but I didn't. So I'll be back later to post the update...but until then I hope this video will entertain a bit.

Back in a while...


I was just over at TrafficEra, which is a good place to surf for advertising credits, and I signed in at 7:49 AM. The last time anyone on my "Team" signed in until then was when I signed in at 7:46AM on Wednesday. Think my "TEAM" is lost?? ME TOO!!!


Now let's have some more coffee...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ever Wonder Why...?

It's been a while since we had a little silliness, don't you think? And if anyone is capable of bringing you a little silliness, it's your friend the Hermit! So if you are ready, ask yourself the question...

Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are going dead?

Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough money?

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?

Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?

Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"?

If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?

Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale?

Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?

Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?

Why is it that no plastic bag will open from the end on your first try?

How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?

When we are in the supermarket and someone rams our ankle with a shopping cart then apologizes for doing so, why do we say, "It's all right?" Well, it isn't all right, so why don't we say, "That hurt, you stupid idiot?"

Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that's falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?

In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?

How come you never hear father-in-law jokes?

Now that we have had a little dose of silly...why don't we go get some fresh coffee? See, there's that word again!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Hermit's New Favorite Cookie...

Now I have found something very special! As you know, the Hermit is a cookie lover from way, way back. I have found a treat that not only is a cookie, but it's made with Coffee! What a deal for a coffee lover like me. I wouldn't share this with just anybody, but since you are all friends of mine, I'm going to post the recipe here. I hope you enjoy it!


1 c. soft shortening
2 c. firmly packed brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 c. cold coffee
3 1/2 c. sifted flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 1/2 c. seedless raisins, soaked in 1/2 c. brandy or rum

Cream shortening and gradually beat in sugar and eggs. Stir in cold coffee. Sift together flour, soda, salt, nutmeg and cinnamon, mix all together and stir in raisins. Chill at least one hour. Drop rounded teaspoons on lightly greased baking sheet.

Bake in hot oven, 400 degrees, about 8 to 10 minutes. Makes 6 dozen.

I can't help but think that a fresh batch of these cookies and some just brewed coffee would be a perfect way to start the day! Tell you what...I'll bring the coffee and you bring the cookies! How's that sound, my friend?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rainy Day Lazy...

Well, it's raining still here in big "H" so I think that I'll take the morning off. I don't do that very often, but today seems like a good day to sit and listen to the lullaby of the rain on my roof.

If anything Earthshattering comes up, I'll post an update. Otherwise, I'll see ya all tomorrow.
Now grab a cup and let's enjoy the rain together, OK? OK!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Comfort Of My Chair...

At the desk where I have my computer, I have an old raggedy office chair. I have had this chair for several years now, and like me, it's starting to show it's age. The fabric that serves as the covering of this old chair is torn in spots, worn thin in others, and has become the center of claw sharpening activities from my two cats.

My poor old chair makes noises when I try and roll it backwards or forwards, when I swivel around and when I lean back. Also, some of the bolts that hold this over worked and well used piece of furniture together are starting to become loose, and can't be tightened as the holes are starting to strip out and just don't work like they should.

Why don't I get rid of this old chair and get a new one?'s a comfortable chair. Despite the torn and worn fabric, the moans and groans that it makes from time to time, the fact that it isn't as nice to look at as it was when it was new, and some of the padding in the seat has shifted a bit it's still the most comfortable seat in the room to me.

In fact, the more I think about it there is another reason I don't dispose of this worn out chair. The truth is this chair reminds me a lot of...ME! I mean, we have a lot in common. We really do!

My skin or covering, if you will is a little torn in spots, starting to wear thin in others, and all too often is used by the cats as a place to stick a claw from time to time. I also make creaking noises from time to time when I move wrong, get out of bed, swivel the wrong way or lean too far back. Some of my joints don't seem to fit just right, different muscles are starting to wear out a bit and don't work as well as they used to. I'm not as good looking as I used to be when I was younger and more than a little of my padding has shifted to a totally different place than it started from.

One other thing this old chair and I have in common is that we are both very comfortable to those that know us well. Despite our worn condition, we still can offer a safe and dependable source of support to those that need it. Forget about the fact that we both are showing our age a bit. Even though some may think that we are too far past our prime to have much to offer, I would suggest that regardless of all our faults we have some good years in us yet. We both are stronger than we look, firmer than we appear to be, and even with the shift in some of our padding in places and some rough edges, the hugs and comfort we offer to those that need it far surpasses any available by a new replacement.

So having said all that, I'm going to lean back in my old worn chair, rock a little while I listen to some music, and have some fresh to share a cup?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sound Of Sunday...!

I wonder if anyone but me has ever noticed that the days of the week seem to have their own feel to them. I'm talking about a physical feeling that is all encompassing. Besides the feel of the day, the very name of the day seems to impart what the day is all about.

If you don't think that is correct, then just think of what the feeling is that you get from the day Friday. Say the name out loud: Friday! Sounds almost like a sigh of relieve, a release of tensions doesn't it? What about Saturday? Think about this...the name Saturday rolls off the tongue totally different than any other day of the week. Again, say it out loud: Saturday! It sounds a little longer, a little slower. Saturday to me sounds like sitting by the pool, lounging at the patio, doing things just a little slower than the other days of the week.

Now to the best day of them all... Sunday! What a special day this is! Sunday has an almost musical sound to it. Try it: Sunday! It comes out of the mouth almost with the same sound as the beginning of a song. To me Sunday denotes a softer and smoother day, almost like a day of rest which it is. A comforting sound, a friendly sound that really wants you to stop rushing around and take the time to enjoy what is clearly around us.

So many times the blessings we have are overlooked and ignored because of busy schedules, life and job pressures both real and imagined, and manufactured crisis situations by ourselves or others. One of the first things you should do in the morning when you first wake up, is to look around inside and outside at the many blessings that you have and say aloud "Thank You".

Other days of the week have their own sounds and feel as well, but today for the sake of expedience, I have only included the weekend days. Why not conduct your own study of these days and notice the sound and feel that you personally get from each one. I think you'll find it to be an amusing and educational past time...and a great topic of conversation for when you are sharing a cup of coffee with friends.

Speaking of coffee and friends...let's go share a fresh cup, and maybe talk about the sound of Sunday!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lessons For A Saturday...

Let's talk about something we have discussed before...Manifesting. Manifesting in the most productive way in order to achieve your goals. To help you in this endeavor, I am including in this post part of an e-mail I received from Dr. Eric Amidi, who teaches a very positive and advanced way to manifest going beyond even the book "The Secret". He makes a lot of sense and is easy to understand.

What's the best way to phrase your desire? The desire you would like to manifest in your life?

For example, if you would like to manifest wealth in your life how would you phrase it to reach your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and impress your lower self as strongly as possible?

I know, perhaps you know by now that the BASIC approach is to ask your desire as if it's already given...


As you are getting more advanced in MASTERING manifestations, I am going to share with you something that is more ADVANCED than this basic approach...

Yes, based on the basic approach, for example, for wealth, you'd say "I am wealthy" as opposed to "I want wealth" or "I will be wealthy" because your subconscious mind takes every affirmation at face value and brings it to you.

So if you say "I want wealth" your subconscious mind will make sure you will always "want" wealth as opposed to having it!

Also, the subconscious mind is timeless so it takes everything as if it's already in existence...

BUT that's the basic approach!

How about something more ADVANCED and more POWERFUL? Something that bypasses the logical mind and reaches the subconscious mind with EASE...Something that logical mind cannot argue with and reject....

You know, sometimes, for some people the affirmation "I am wealthy" is unbelievable so, their logical mind rejects the idea and the affirmation doesn't make it to the subconscious mind to manifest...

So what kind of affirmation, the logical mind cannot reject?

Here's the answer...

An even more POWERFUL and more ADVANCED AFFIRMATION such as this: "I Am becoming Wealthier and Wealthier Everyday in Every Way"

The feeling that this affirmation creates is extremely powerful to the subconscious mind. This affirmation creates a sustainable and ONGOING DRIVE for wealth in your subconscious mind.

This affirmation can create an AVALANCHE... a snowball effect...

You can apply this way of phrasing your affirmations to relationships, health, personal goals, or helping others...

Can we make that affirmation even more powerful? You bet...

Folks, the study of Manifesting is very powerful stuff and I can tell you from my own experience that it does work. The main thing to watch for is to make sure you have a good teacher. Dr. Amidi, in my opinion, is just such a teacher.

Now...let's go get some fresh coffee. After all, it is Saturday!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday Reminder...

Tomorrow is the opening day of Deep Cycler. This is a program that has a built in design that should allow it to run for a long time. It is owned by an experienced, well known and trusted admin. Many of the most experienced players I know are backing this program and are sharing their enthusiasm with a lot of their followers. The plan is simple, yet should help to produce a solid run. Here are some of the facts:

1. All the lines will be 200% ROI.

2. All lines will include an automatic reinvest. This means if you join with $1, when it becomes $2 one will go to your available balance and the other will be automatically reinvested in the program.

3. Referral commission is 8%.

4. Positions will stay active for life.

5. Liberty Reserve, Alter Gold, Alert pay, Solid trust pay, Strict pay, E-gold and Perfect Money will all be accepted .

You can join now for free and get in early, but the official opening as I said is Saturday, August 16 at 10:00 A.M. EST.

I just want you to always remember that the best way to play any of these programs is to have fun, and don't put in what you can't afford to lose.

Just one other thing... if you notice the blog links to the left of the page you will see a link to David Pollay's Blog. We got a nice mention in his "Gratitude Friday" post today. If you get the chance, why not drop by and read it? He always has good things to pass on...

Now let's go get some fresh coffee, OK?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's Talk About Thyme...!

There are several varieties of Thyme but the common Thyme is the one most used in aromatherapy. It is also one of the best known by the average person.

This herb has always been used in cooking and is known for slowing down the growth of bacteria in foods. It is also a digestive stimulant, useful for people with a sluggish digestive system or in helping when the whole body needs to be more efficient.

Another traditional use of Thyme has been in treating colds, coughs and sore throats. It can be used as an inhalation for nose, throat and chest infections or as a mouthwash or gargle.

Even as little as 1% of Thyme essential oil in a toothpaste is effective against bacteria which can cause mouth and gum infections. Perhaps one of the most important properties of Thyme in fighting infection is that it stimulates the production of white corpuscles needed by the body to increase resistance to invading organisms.

It generally stimulates the circulation and helps to raise low blood pressure. It is particularly good for people who are fatigued, depressed or lethargic making it very useful in helping to restore health and in stimulating the appetite, which is so often poor after an illness.

Like Rosemary essential oil, Thyme helps to stimulate the brain and improve the memory. It is said Thyme can be used in baths to help insomnia, which may seem strange considering its stimulating properties but as with so many essential oils it can be both a sedative and a stimulant.

Thyme is sometimes used for healthy hair rinses, aromatic waters for the skin and in compresses for sores and wounds. You can use it in hot compresses to relieve rheumatic pain and the fresh herb, crushed, is a good first-aid for insect bites and stings. It's important not to use undiluted essential oil for this as it will sting the skin. The essential oil stings in the bath, unless previously dissolved.

Safety Data from reiki healing spain. Avoid during pregnancy and use in moderation and in low dilution.

Now I think it's about TIME for some fresh coffee...! (no pun intended, of course!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wonder Of Cloves...!

Let's talk about the wonderful little Clove. Whether used in cooking or in medicine, the Clove is an absolute wonder.

Clove oil is extracted from the dried, brown cloves so familiar to cooks. These are, in fact, the unopened buds of the tree Eugenia Caryophyllus originally native to Indonesia.

Now it is very important that you use only oil extracted from the bud of the tree, as oil extracted from the stalk or the leaves are very powerful skin irritants.

The tree belongs to the botanical family of Myrtaceae which makes it a “cousin” to Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and other oils noted for their anti-infectious action.

Clove oil is a very powerful antiseptic and well worth using at home in an aromatic oil burner if there are many germs around.

It blends well with other oils such as Orange and Cinnamon to make a lovely “winter type” fragrance, which at the same time gives you protection against winter germs.

Clove is a good painkiller and has the oil has long been used to ease toothache. It is used in many commercial toothpastes, mouthwashes and the like. The taste as well as the smell is delightful!

Safety data from Holistic Therapies Spain. Clove oil should be treated with respect as it can be a skin irritant – use it only well diluted and only in small amounts.

Now, I don't know about you but I am in the mood for some fresh coffee !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have a Little Lemon In Your Day...!

Let's get back to our discussion of essential oils and some of their many benefits. What makes the use of these oils so sensible, is the fact that they are both readily available and fairly inexpensive. Now days that's very important to us all.

Lemon essential oil has a variety of very important properties. One of the most important is it's ability to stimulate the white corpuscles that defend the body against infection. This ability to stimulate the body’s own defence means that Lemon is excellent for treating all kinds of cuts and wounds. It also helps to stop bleeding... you can use it for nosebleeds or any bleeding in the mouth, like after a trip to the dentist.

Lemon oil mixed into an air spray, or used in an oil burner will give some protection against the spread of infection and will also give out a lovely, refreshing aroma.

With regard to skincare, Lemon is very useful. It is a mild bleach and helps to brighten dull or discoloured skin, especially on the neck area. If you applied it every day over a period of time over your freckles, it could help to reduce them although this has never been proven! It is astringent and will therefore help greasy skin, especially in the fight against spots.

On a psychological level, Lemon helps you feel fresh and uplifted. It also clears and stimulates the mind. It is particularly recommended for PMT and stress.


Lemon is good for verrucae, corns and warts. Neat Lemon oil can be used directly on the affected area but it is important not to let it touch the surrounding skin.

Safety Data from reiki healing Spain. Lemon may irritate sensitive skin, so use in very low dilutions in these instances. Also it is best to avoid direct sunlight immediately after use as it is photo toxic.

Now...let's all get some fresh coffee. Oh, and maybe a little lemon on the side.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Update To Start The Week...

We are going to start the week off with an update on paying programs so that you guys can start making a little extra money if you aren't already, OK? Instead of just giving you the link, I thought maybe it would look a little nicer to give you a look at the banners for each program. All of these are paying programs, at least for me.

The first on the list is Driven Rapid of a group of profit sharing sites that are showing signs of becoming more and more popular.

The next in line is a sister site of DRW called ETXads. Almost a mirror site, but operates as a total separate entity. In my opinion, that's a good thing because if one goes down the other can continue to operate. Again, the profit as well as the advertising venue is very good. These two are well worth the time to look them over.

The third of these sites is E-TradeExchange. Very similar, but once again operating separately allows for a little more margin for safety. The value of the advertising you can get from these sites is outstanding, and the profit isn't bad either.

Now we come to one of my favorite sites. 10 Dollars Wonder...which is a non-sponsoring site and just continues to pay and pay...

Generated image

No update for me would be complete without mentioning the constantly paying ClixSense site. This program pays me without fail every single month and has ever since I joined. I cannot sing the praises of this program enough.

This last one is a new program that is officially opening Saturday. By joining now, you have a chance to get in early and start getting your referrals, if that's what you want to do. It should be a decently run program as the admin is very experienced and is trusted by some knowledgeable people that I in turn, trust. The name is Deep Cycler.

Click Here For Fast Cash!!

Well, that's all I have for what do you say to some fresh coffee?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Special Sunday Edition...

This first video is a special for my fellow blogger JS who does not like the Road Runner. Instead he likes the famous "Bugs Bunny" here ya go, John.

And this next one is for my special friend who is almost as big a Beatles fan as I am. Here you go, Lady!!

Back later with a little more probably. Till then, have a cup of coffee on me, OK?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Morning At The Hermit's...

The roomies decided they would just hang out on the patio this morning instead of staying in and watching cartoons. That's fine by me cause it means that I don't have to share my toast and peanut butter. They won't drink coffee, no matter how many times I offer. Just no accounting for taste. They would rather have cold water, which isn't such a bad idea as hot as the weather has been. As you can see, they have taken over what used to be my chair at the patio table and turned it into their own.

Before we get down to the fun part of today's post I would like everyone to consider taking a look at DRW if you haven't done so yet. This program, along with it's two sister sites ETXads and E-TradeExchange, are really worth investigating because they have the potential to be a solid vessel to earn some extra money, while offering a great way to advertise with each ad pack containing a text ad, banner ad, and visitor link. The payouts are great at 150% and 200% of the ad pack purchases. Just thought I should mention these programs to you as I would hate to see you miss out because I didn't say anything.

Now let's make some peanut butter toast, brew some fresh coffee and watch a Road Runner cartoon. Next to Tom and Jerry...the Road Runner is my favorite! Enjoy, my friends !

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rest Well With Lavender...

I want to continue to discuss the many healthful uses of aromatic oils as we have for the last couple of days. The proper use of many of these oils can be of benefit for a lot of us.

If any of my friends were to ask me which one essential oil I would not be without I always reply without hesitation “Lavender”. Why? Simply because it is the most versatile of all the essential oils and very safe to use.

It has a wide range of properties - it is an antibiotic, anti depressant, anti septic, bactericidal, insect repellent, sedative and an immune booster to name but a few! For me this essential oil is best summed up though as being calming, soothing and above all BALANCING….

Lavender is a native of the Mediterranean and there are several varieties in cultivation. However, the most important variety in terms of aromatherapy is the “common” or “true” Lavender... known as Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavendula Officinalis or Lavandula Vera.

Lavender is beneficial for so many different conditions. Here is just a small selection.


It was Rene Maurice Gattefosse’s observation of the dramatic healing effect of Lavender oil when he burnt his hand in a laboratory accident that led him to research essential oils in greater depth and coin the word “Aromatherapie”.

A French army surgeon called Dr Jean Valnet used Lavender oil to treat serious burns and injuries during the War. It is the antiseptic and painkilling properties that make Lavender an ideal choice for burns. It also promotes rapid healing and helps to prevent scarring.

Colds, coughs, Flu...

Lavender is a valuable treatment for colds, coughs, and flu with steam inhalation being the most effective treatment for these conditions. It will soothe, decongest and attack the bacteria which cause secondary infections like sinusitis. A little Lavender oil massaged on the throat helps to relieve a tickly cough. Massage one or two drops along the bony ridges of the eyebrows and on either side of the nostrils to help catarrh.


Massaged into the temples, Lavender will help to relieve many forms of headaches. You can also place a cold compress of Lavender on the forehead or back of the neck.


Everyone knows Lavender is the number one choice for insomnia regardless of the cause! Adding a few drops to the bath before you go to bed is probably the best way to get to sleep but you can put a few drops of oil on a handkerchief or on the pillow case to help you doze off with very little effort.

Muscular pain...

One of the most important uses for Lavender is for the relief of muscular pain, whatever the cause. Use it with a carrier oil to massage the affected area or add some drops to your bath. The pain of arthritis and rheumatism is greatly reduced, as the oil will lower the reaction of the central nervous system to pain, reducing inflammation and generally calming the system.

Skin Care...

The soothing, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties of Lavender make it unbeatable for many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and dermatitis. If you prefer not to use oil, you can add it to unperfumed creams or lotions .

What do you do if you can’t stand the smell of Lavender? It is important to remember that when using essential oils they will not be as effective if you don’t like the smell. The easy solution is to blend the Lavender with another oil which is more pleasing to your nose!

Lavender blends well with citrus oils (like Lemon or Orange), Patchouli, Geranium and Pine. It is also worth mentioning that when using Lavender with other oils, it enhances the effects of the other oils!

AROMATIP from Counselling in Spain. If the oil you buy does not have a Latin name on the label (usually underneath the common name) it may not be 100% essential oil. Another way to check if the oils are not just cosmetic, is the pricing. If you can buy Rose essential oil for the same price as Lavender it is NOT the real thing! Rose oil is extremely expensive, whereas Lavender is one of the cheapest you can buy.

Now...what do you say to some fresh coffee ?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chamomile, The Children's Oil...

Since we talked about Peppermint yesterday, I thought that today we would continue the discussion with the aromatic oil Chamomile.

There are several varieties of Chamomile that are used in aromatherapy, but the two most commonly used are Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) and German Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilia). You can also use Chamomile Maroc (Anthemis Mixta) but it is not as versatile.

Some of the properties and uses of Chamomile often overlap with those of Lavender and if you are undecided as to which one to use, its useful to remember that Chamomile is generally better for dull aches and pains, whereas Lavender is better for sharp and piercing pains.


Chamomile is one of the gentlest oils and is therefore ideal for treating children. It is, in fact, actually known as “the children’s oil”.

2 to 4 drops of pre diluted Chamomile in a warm bath before bedtime can help childred to relax and promote gentle, natural sleep. It can also help with teething, rashes, tummy upsets and so on. Just remember NOT to use it undiluted. The diluted oil can be used safely in baths and massage without any worries.


Chamomile is also an outstanding disinfectant, especially of the urinary tract. If you suffer from cystitis, drink lots of chamomile tea and massage over the lower abdomen. Add a few drops of oil to a warm bath. Also, drinking chamomile tea every day is a good preventative measure against bladder or kidney stones.

Inflammatory Conditions

All the Chamomiles are soothing, calming and anti inflammatory; in particular, German Chamomile (this is because it contains a high proportion of Chamazulene) This means they are ideal for inflammatory conditions, both external or internal.

You can use a hot Chamomile compress on boils, infected cuts, splinters and the like. For internal conditions such as colitis or diarrhoea you can massage or use a hot compress over the affected area for relief from discomfort with no adverse side effects.

Muscular pain, Inflamed joints...

Chamomile is very effective in treating conditions where the joints are inflamed such as arthritis or bursitis. Massaging these areas might be painful so you could use a cold compress instead. Chamomile also helps to reduce dull muscular aches and pains.

Skin Care...

Many skin problems can be helped by using Chamomile. It is especially effective against skin conditions related to allergies and those that tend to flare up when a person is under stress, such as eczema and dermatitis. Because Chamomile is very calming on the mental and emotional level it can help to reduce the physical and mental symptoms of this type of condition.

Aromatip from Holistic Therapies Spain. It is important to remember though, that there may be a “healing crisis” in which the skin appears to get worse before it gets better.

Now let's go have a calm, soothing cup of coffee...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Wonderful Uses Of Peppermint...!

If you don't mind, I want to shift gears a little here and start a discussion on the uses of aromatic oils to improve your life a bit.

Peppermint is plant that has been widely used for thousands of years. The Romans used it for digestive problems and it is, in fact, best known as a remedy for digestive upsets and has a beneficial action on the stomach, liver and intestines. It's benefits are well documented the world over. Even the Hermit knows about it and has used it from time to time.

Digestive Problems...

It is excellent for colic, diarrhoea, indigestion, sickness and stomach pains due to its anti spasmodic action which helps to relieve the smooth muscles of the stomach and the gut. You can use it, well diluted, to massage the stomach and abdomen in a clockwise direction. Drinking peppermint tea will also help, and can often be found with the other teas in nearly any grocery store. Just be sure that it is genuine peppermint tea and not just made with a flavoring of some kind.

Colds and flu ...

Peppermint helps to fight colds and flu especially when used in conjunction with Lavender or Marjoram. Its warming and stimulating properties will help to combat the chilly and depressed feeling that often precede the runny nose, sneezing and high fever. It also induces sweating which helps to reduce fever in a natural way. You can use it in steam inhalations or just inhale it from a tissue to clear the sinuses and nasal passages. This last method makes it very easy to carry with you as a treatment if you are away from home. The pleasant aroma assures that you don't smell like medicine in public or in a confined space, like an office.


Peppermint and Lavender blended together is wonderful for headaches! Both these oils are effective painkillers but where Peppermint is a stimulant, Lavender is a sedative. It is this combination of stimulant and sedative that is so effective. Many commercial pain killers such as aspirin contain this same combination, but the difference is the essential oils work on the causes that produce headaches such as mental fatigue, blocked sinuses, and congested liver rather than just reduce the pain!

Mice, Rats, Ants, Cockroaches…

Peppermint is a very good deterrent for vermin. Sprinkle on the runs of mice, cockroaches, rats and the like and they will usually go away. You could always use it alongside another strong smelling oil such as Eucalyptus. When I worked in the produce department of a large food market chain, we used oil of Peppermint mixed with water to help reduce the problem of fruit flies. It is safe to use as a mist around fruit or other foods and is very effective.

I've been told that putting Peppermint by the door or at a location where your cat keeps leaving a “present” and after the second time there should be no more “presents”!!


Don’t use Peppermint in the evening as it can cause wakefulness. Also, with regard to homoeopathic remedies, Holistic Therapies Spain recommends you store your Peppermint far away from them and don’t use it if you are taking these remedies as it can antidote them!

Now let's go get some fresh coffee...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Update...

I was just over at Blondie's blog reading her post for today. It's a good one so if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, please take the time to go over and give it a look.

One thing Blondie and I were talking about is how so many of the recording artist of the 60s and 70s seem to have hit the nail on the head about our environment going downhill. Back then they were called "Radicals" and "Trouble makers" they would be called "visionaries" and "Green Living Advocates".

I guess that every generation has their share of visionaries, I just wish that ours were not so hard to spot. I wish that more of us could learn to heed the warnings from people that see what's coming, but we all know that is NOT going to happen!

It would be nice if just once we could elect someone that really cared about alternative energy, all the damage done by profiteers, reducing our dependency on other countries for some basic needs, and in general wanted to help promote old fashioned values again.

However, as long as there is so much profit in war and in the continued destruction and rape of Mother Earth...most of the politicians will only be interested in three values. Those of greed, power, and profit! That, my friend, is a damn shame!

Now let's go get some coffee...

Taking The Morning Off...

Sorry folks...but I'm taking this morning off just in case the storm comes in. No body knows for sure what it's going to do, so I may be able to get back later. In the mean yourself to the coffee and I'll see ya a little later, OK? OK!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stormy Today In Houston...

Today is probably going to be stormy as we have a tropical storm moving in this direction. It may not hit directly but I'm sure that we will have some rough weather from it. Already getting high winds and rain, and the worst is supposed to be tomorrow. Either way, I'm going to be brief today.

I made my first withdrawal from DRW yesterday and it was paid almost immediately. This a really good program so far, certainly worth looking at.

The sister program EXTads is also doing well. These two sites are a type called "paid-to-advertise" which means they are profit sharing and tend to have a really decent payout. They run from 1.5% to 2.0% a day and can add up very quickly. Consider them if you will.

I'm going to make a withdrawal from 10DW today after a repurchase, of course. This will be my first withdraw since joining, but I wanted to build up my positions, and I am finally getting to the point that I will be able to withdraw a little regularly. That's the goal we all work toward.

My Private program matured one of my positions today, so that's good news. Another matures on the 5th and then yet another on the 7th. So far this is turning out to be a good and steady program. Just hope it holds for a while...and it should, given it's track record. As usual, I can't say anything about it here, but you can email me with any questions and I'll try and answer them, OK?

I'm leaving a little music today since we missed the cartoons from this weekend. This is from a long, long time ago. There has been many versions since the original, but this version is still one of the best, in my opinion. Enjoy it...and while you listen, join me in a cup of coffee.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Something Worth Sharing...

My cousin sent me this piece and I thought it was worth sharing with you...

When I was in my twenties, I stood in a hospital corridor waiting for doctors to put a few stitches in my son's head. I asked, 'When do you stop worrying?' The nurse said, 'When they get out of the accident stage.'
My Dad just smiled faintly and said nothing.

When I was in my thirties, I sat on a little chair in a classroom and heard how one of my children talked incessantly, disrupted the class, and was headed for a career making license plates. As if to read my mind, a teacher said, 'Don't worry, they all go through this stage and then you can sit back, relax and enjoy them.'

My dad just smiled Faintly and said nothing.

When I was in my forties, I spent a lifetime waiting for the phone to ring, the cars to come home, the front door to open. A friend said, 'They're trying to find themselves. Don't worry, in a few years, you can stop worrying. They'll be adults.'

My dad just smiled faintly and said nothing.

By the time I was 50, I was sick & tired of being vulnerable. I was still worrying over my children, but there was a new wrinkle. There was nothing I could do about it. I continued to anguish over their failures, be tormented by their frustrations and absorbed in their disappointments.
My Dad just smiled faintly and said nothing.

My friends said that when my kids got married I could stop worrying and lead my own life. I wanted to believe that, but I was haunted by my dad's warm smile and his occasional, 'You look pale. Are you all right? Call me the minute you get home. Are you depressed about something?'

Can it be that parents are sentenced to a Lifetime of worry? Is concern for one another handed down like a torch to blaze the trail of human frailties and the fears of the unknown? Is concern a curse or is it a virtue that elevates us to the highest form of life?

One of my children became quite irritable recently, saying to me, 'Where were you? I've been calling for 3 days, and no one answered. I was worried.' I smiled a warm smile.

The torch has been passed!

Now...let's get some fresh coffee.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

HermitJim's New Toy...

Well, another dream has been realised and another goal reached. I just bought a Dell Latitude laptop from Ebay. I have wanted a laptop ever since I started planning a move to the country and using solar power as a primary energy source. The reason? It is much more practical to keep a laptop battery charged or to use it from a power supply using solar than trying to use a desktop. An added plus is that a laptop takes up a lot less room than a desktop. You see? I'm trying to cover all my bases before I actually move. Little by little, I'm getting there.

I'm basically a self taught computer user, so setting up all the bells and whistles and making everything work like it should takes me a little longer than some folks. But the one advantage to this is that once I learn something, I find it easier to remember. I was supposed to have some help tonight setting everything up, but the help never showed. So I will get it done the old fashion way...doing it myself.

Unfortunately, I did not get a users manual with the package, but I managed to download one from Dell's website. With the manual, some fresh coffee, and a good attitude the Hermit will pull it off! Just have to stay positive about it.

For those that might be interested, here are the specs on it...

Condition: Used
Processor Type:Intel Pentium M, Centrino
Processor Speed:1.6 GHz
Screen Size:14 inch
Processor Configuration:Single Core
Memory (RAM):512 MB
Primary Drive:CD-RW/DVD Combo
Hard Drive Capacity:40 GB

It came with a really nice carrying case, a charger, and an AC adapter and power cord. Overall, I am well pleased with it and I'm looking forward learning all about it. So now...I'm going to get a fresh cup of coffee and start,I mean working...with my new toy. Want to join me?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Thinking About The Summer...

You know...I was sitting here today thinking about how the Summertime means different things to different people. Besides family reunions, camping trips, fishing trips, swimming holes, picnics, bar-b-ques and cookouts, day camps, matinee movies, out of town visitors, sleep overs, sleep ins, sleep outs in the back yard, chasing fireflies in the yard, playing with flashlights in the dark, laying on your back watching for shooting stars, listening for the sound of the whippoorwills, cooling watermelons in the creek, eating fresh peaches off the tree, pulling honeysuckle of the vine, salting fresh tomatoes right off the vines and eating them with the juice running down your chin, filling your lungs with the wonderful smell of new mowed grass or freshly cut hay, playing in the rain, drinking from the garden hose, running back and forth under the sprinkler, water balloons and water guns, blowing soap bubbles and all the hundreds of other memories that make up the image of Summertime to me...there stands out one other that I remember well!

I can so remember the old hand crank ice cream freezer and the pounds and pounds of fresh cranked ice cream that my Dad and Grand dad and Uncles and cousins all turned out over the years. I remember the men all sitting in a group outside either under a shade tree, in the drive way, on the back porch or anywhere they could be comfortable and out of reach of the women folk, bags and bags of ice in the cooler (along with whatever frosty beverages were available) and boxes of Morton's ice cream salt handy! Also ever present was the old quilt or blanket just right for putting on the top of the freezer and having some poor child who was too slow to escape sit on, while the men folk cranked the handle and talked about politics, crops, women folks and other mysteries that remained unsolved, but all felt better after talking about. Tongues were hanging out and mouths were watering when the grown-ups finally pronounced the ice cream ready for consumption!

Not many taste in my childhood stand out in my mind like the taste of homemade ice cream and a cold bottle of root beer! Even though there are plenty of really good brands of ice cream and root beer in the stores today, they just don't have the same mystic about them as the ice cream from the old hand crank freezer, and the root beer chilled in the cooler or tub covered with ice.

Man...makes your tongue reach up and slap your brains out just thinking about ! That's it! I gotta go have some fresh coffee after all that. Want to join me?