Monday, February 8, 2010

Special Day Coming Up Soon...!

As all of you know...Valentine's Day is coming up pretty soon.

That is traditionally the day for most folks to give some token of endearment to their partners. It can be small, it can be large...but that doesn't really matter as long as the gift is one given from the heart!

I think it's more important that ever to show some love and respect for those in our lives that offer their support and encouragement, be it lover or husband or wife! And we should never forget the young ones in our group! They face the same challenges and the same obstacles as the heads of the family...and are often more troubled by everyday happenings simply because we haven't taken the time to talk things over with them and offer up some reassurance.

Often, when searching for an ideal gift for this special day, we look and look but nothing seems exactly right! Too expensive, too mundane, or too commercial, know what I mean?

I have a little suggestion for you. How about a gift like a "message in a bottle?" That's right...just a note filled with your personal thoughts and thanks, stuffed in an attractive little bottle, maybe accompanied by a single rose!

It's simple, it's personal, and it can be one of the most remembered gifts that you have ever given! There is even a company that offers delivery of one of these designed by you.

You might want to go to their website and look them over! The name is "Love Messages" and it might work out for you or at least give you some good ideas, ya know?

I guess the important thing is to let the special people in your life know just how important they are. We all need that from time to time, maybe even more with times being what they are!

Just a suggestion, and I don't have any association with these folks or anything like that! Just remember to remember...OK?

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit in the kitchen for a bit. Rain today, so we are inside again!


Ben in Texas said...

Hermit Jim Sir. Most of the time I find you writings wise and intelligent. Today, however I think you must have had one too many cups of coffee or you missed your daily medication. Send an empty bottle to someone for ONLY $20.99 to $31.99 ? .. Come on, you should have put the sucker warning with that link.
About Valentines day, I still contend it was contrived by the Flower delivery industry anyway.

JoJo said...

Good Morning Special Friend, nice post. The message in the bottle sounded different. But not ordered, made by the giver is best. And I think has more meaning.The single rose which means Love can be bought and stuck in mabe a saved wine bottle.
For me a gift made by the giver is far more important, special.

HermitJim said...

Hey Ben...
The whole idea of a message in a bottle is that the bottle in't empty, but has a personal note...chosen by the sender, inside! Delivered in a box with a single could be effective!

What I would do is to use their idea, find my own bottle, write my own note, pick my own rose and then deliver ir myself!

I don't send cards or anything like that any more, though. No one to send them to!

Sorry you didn't like the idea, but have some more coffee anyway, OK?

Hey, thanks for coming by, buddy!

Hey JoJo...
I agree! I think that hand made is the best way to go! Just seems to man more! Guess the point I was trying to make is to just not forget, ya know?

Thanks, sweetie, for coming by today!

Ken said... a good idea,but i did it already,a decade ago(maybe more)...i try to do something simple(read different every year for the Mrs...still open for other suggestions,so maybe some from other readers would help this year...i'll keep plugging away until something catches my mind...

...have a good one Brother Jim...

HermitJim said...

Hey Ken...
I got a message in a bottle for a birthday gift many years ago...and only thought about it when I was making some extra room for storage, and found the bottle and message.

Not being married anymore, I can't give you any good ideas, I'm afraid!

Sorta glad that I don't deal with this kind of holiday, since I couldn't afford the cost of a dozen roses now days!

I think that most of the ladies I know would just as soon have a live rose bush...instead of some cut flowers!

Good luck on the hunt, buddy, and thanks for coming by!

Adorabibble said...

like the idea... but got my other half a R. Crumb book and a card. so I am good.
I did one of those engrave your thoughts on a heart in years past and he still has it. partially out of fear I suppose.
I will get the lilies and a dolly, sans the candy (darn). it is just another commercial holiday and when you are an old (not married, but might as well be) couple, it is every day that counts.

HermitJim said...

Hey Adora...
Well, after all it's the thought that counts, right? I have a box of some little trinkets (memories) from long ago, and I get them out once in a while just to recall the history behind them!

Too many times, we don't take a little time to say something nice to those that are important to us. That's sad to really is! All too soon, they may be gone and we'll regret not having said it.

Hey, sorry about the candy...but I'll eat some for ya, just because I'm such a nice guy!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

Mamma Bear said...

I would pass out if Papa Bear sent me a message in a bottle....LOL

I would rather have a bag of M&M's or Hershey Kisses and a big ol' pot of coffee!

Happy Early Valentine's Day to you HJ.... I "LOVE" you and your blog!

blondie said...

I watched the movie "Message In A Bottle" with Kevin Costner the other night. Does that count for anything?

HermitJim said...

Hey Mamma Bear...
I can sure go along with the M&M's or the Hershey Kisses...I love chocolate.

I'm glad you like the blog and that you could come by for a visit!

Hey Blondie...
That's pretty close! Never saw that picture...but I remember it!

Guess the DH is going to give you a big ol' box of chocolates, huh?

Good to see you again and thanks for coming by today, Girl!

Mayberry said...

Bah... Hallmark holidays... Humbug! Heh heh heh... Me spousal unit and I agreed not to buy anything.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mayberry...
Now this is a case where the agreement to NOT celebrate by buying a gift is really a good thing!

One of those times when maybe a kiss and a hug is as good as anything!

Thanks for coming by, buddy!