Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is This Really Necessary...?

Now I don't know about you, but there are somethings that it's not necessary to instruct me in.

I would hope that I had enough common sense NOT to do this and I certainly don't want to work with a bunch of folks that need signs posted that remind them not to !

Somehow this whole building just doesn't sound so "new and improved" to me, but maybe that's because I don't see the big picture! I'm not really sure that I want to see the whole thing as it might be a lot uglier than it appears!

Rules in Chandler restrooms: don't drink from toilets

by Edythe Jensen - Nov. 10, 2010 06:01 PM
The Arizona Republic

Chandler's new City Hall comes with some features that have municipal workers and visitors scratching their heads. Like the restroom signs that tell people not to drink out of the urinals and toilets.

And the lights that shut off when nobody flips a switch.

A few employees have been cracking jokes and speculating about what it would take to make them slurp from potties when water fountains and sinks are a few feet away.

"I'm glad that I saw that sign because I was very thirsty and looking for a means to quench my thirst," Mayor Boyd Dunn quipped. "Seriously, I'm certain there's some regulation out there that requires that type of sign."

It's possible.

The environmentally-friendly five-story building uses recycled gray water from its cooling system to flush the urinals and toilets. The notices disclose that. "There's a lot in this building that's so new and different; it's exciting stuff," Dunn said. As an aside, he said his private mayor's office restroom doesn't have a don't-drink-out-of-the-toilet sign.

City spokesman Craig Younger said the city had to get a building code variance not to color the reused water and post the signs instead.

Workers also are getting used to the building's energy-saving "light harvesting system." It's set up with light and motion sensors so if there's enough illumination from the sun or if offices and meeting rooms are empty they shut off. Marian Norris, assistant to the city manager, said the motion detector shutoffs save energy by extinguishing lights when workers leave their offices and forget to flip the switch. But crews are adjusting the system because it has been shutting off lights when people are working but are too still. That happened during a recent City Council subcommittee meeting that prompted one official to jump out of his chair and walk briskly around the table just to bring the lights back.

The new building and all its features will be dedicated by Dunn on Monday before the first City Council meeting there. Free refreshments and entertainment from 5 to 7 p.m. will proceed the formal session.

Now, I would take it as a personal insult if someone thought I was dumb enough to drink from the toilet, and put up a reminder sign for me. Like I said though, that may just be me!

One thing that's safe enough to drink, however, is the coffee on MY let's get a fresh cup and sit outside for a bit!


Zoe said...

Gee, we had those things that shut the lights off in my office at least 15 years ago. And yes, I had to jump up and wave my arms sometimes! As to recycled gray water, I think I would prefer that it was tinted...just to be sure a plumber didn't cross a line somewhere. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think I´d rather die of thirst that to drink out of the toilettes :-) :-) :-) I would love to have a sign like that here at home just as a joke to my friends though :-) :-) :-)

Think of all that good exercise they get when the lights turn of like that :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day my friend!

Sixbears said...

One more example of the law of unintended consequences.

As for me, the woodstove's lit and coffee's on its way.

Momlady said...

Good grief!

edifice rex said...

We've built those building with the same lighting system and I like them. I think they save a lot of energy but yeah, if you sit still for too long in the toilet the lights will go off! And that's something, to have your drawers down doing your business and suddenly find yourself in the pitch dark. lol! Fortunately, you usually don't have to move a whole lot to get the sensor to pick up on you.

Ben in Texas said...

Your right!!! Are you kidding me?

HermitJim said...

Hey Zoe...
I have to agree about putting a tint in the recycled water...just in case!

I wouldn't want to jump up and down to turn on the lights in some cases, if you know what I mean!

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Hey Christer...
You would have to be really thirsty to drink out of them, I reckon!

I can't figure out why they figured it was necessary to install these signs. I wonder if this is a problem in their toilets!

I do thank you for coming by today, my friend!

Hey Sixbears...
Scary that they felt it necessary to install those signs! Doesn't say much for the IQ of the folks working there...if it was really necessary!

Sad that there is a rule that says we need to warn folks with signs like this! Doesn't say much for what their opinion of us is, does it?

Thanks, buddy, for coming by today

Hey Momlady...
Sad, isn't it?

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Anne...
Yep, I can definitely see where that might cause a little bit of a problem at certain times!

I can only imagine that over time, it would save quite a bit in electric cost!

I appreciate you coming by today!

Hey Ben...
Does sort of make you chuckle, doesn't it?

It's a crazy world out there, buddy!

I do appreciate you dropping by today!

Mechanic in Illinois said...

In today's crazy world its probably a good thing to warn people not to drink out of the toilets. Thanks for the great lesson and have a good saturday.

Bob Mc said...

Ever read the warning labels that come on new electric appliances? "Don't put your finger in the electric pencil sharpener" etc. I guess there really are people who need to be told.

Shadowmoss said...

I'm thinking a 'non-potable water in toilets', or some such would have done the same. It is good to mention that the water isn't as clean as North Americans are used to. I know I've dropped combs or soap or such into a clean toilet (at home!) and reached in and retrieved them, which I would think twice about if I knew it was gray water there instead.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mechanic...
Never hurts to warn folks, I reckon! Just seems to me like you shouldn't have to!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Bob...
Does make you wonder, doesn't it?

Some folks need all the help they can get!

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Shadowmoss...
That's why I think the tint in the water is a great idea! Wouldn't think it would be necessary, but could be!

I sure appreciate the visit today!