Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Yeah ! Let's Keep It In The Family...!

Just when you think that most of the jerks are taking a day off, something like this pops up and makes you realize that mental illness actually runs in the family!

I'm really getting fed up with these bozos being allowed to run around free, spreading terror and mayhem each and every place they show up!

Nice example this father is being to his son, huh? While some fathers teach their sons to throw a ball, hunt, or maybe work on cars...this guy is teaching his son to beat up a senior citizen!

Of course, the way our courts are now days, they both will be allowed out after a slap on the wrist! I'm thinking that 2 broken knee caps and a little castration would be more in order!

Dad, 12-year-old son beat up 84-year-old man in Delray Target parking lot

November 26, 2010 10:45 AM

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Police arrested a 53-year-old Delray Beach man and his 12-year-old son on felony charges Thursday after an 84-year-old man was punched, thrown to the ground and kicked in the groin in a Target parking lot confrontation caught on surveillance video.

Delray Beach police say the victim, Lawrence Blank, of Delray Beach, was loading items into the rear of his car Sunday when a silver Corvette with the tag QUIK SL started backing out on the opposite side of the parking aisle. The Corvette nearly struck Blank and his car, prompting a bystander to yell "Watch out," according to a probable cause statement filed by police.

Police say Blank asked the man why he almost hit him, after which the driver later identified as Barry Arthur Hochstadt, replied with "---- you!" Blank asked Hochstadt to move his car so he could leave, and Hochstadt reportedly replied with "Make me!"

Blank told police he walked toward the Corvette and pointed at Hochstadt saying "Move your damn vehicle!" and got the same response from Hochstadt. At this point police say the passenger, later identified as Hochstadt's 12-year-old, 92-pound, 5'2" son exited the Corvette wearing a Ravens jersey and threatened to "beat the ----" out of Blank if he said anything more to his father.

Blank told the boy to get back in the car, and Blank says the boy responded by shoving him into his car and onto the ground, standing over him and punching him repeatedly in the jaw. Hochstadt exited the Corvette and kicked Blank in the groin, Blank told police. At that point, the store's loss prevention officer arrived and helped Blank get up while Hochstadt and his son returned to the Corvette and left the scene.

Police said Blank had injuries to his shoulder, arm and hand and complained of back pain. He also had a large bruise on his inner thigh. In a later interview with police he said he was having difficulty moving his hands, which were black and blue.

Police tracked Hochstadt down first by tracing the credit card he used to pay for his Target purchase. When police arrived at his apartment on Northeast Fifth Avenue, they found a silver Corvette, but with different tags than the Target security guard had seen. The tags on the Corvette were registered to Hochstadt's fiancee, police said. While investigating the Corvette they saw a juvenile wearing a Ravens jersey waving what they later found was a toy gun.

Police spoke with the boy and his father on Thanksgiving Day, spotting the QUIK SL tag inside Hochstadt's apartment, and both described Blank as the aggressor. The boy said he lost his temper because Blank reached inside the Corvette and touched his father; he said only fought the man after Blank grabbed him by the throat and threatened to slap him.

Hochstadt, a New York native and salesman for an Atlanta business described by police as 5'6" and 240 pounds with a Corvette tattoo on his right shoulder, told police his only involvement was to diffuse the situation and that he never hit Blank. He said he didn't report the incident because he thought the man was uninjured and the confrontation was not important. When asked about the Corvette tags, Hochstadt said he switched them only because the QUIK SL tag was expired, not because he was hiding anything. Police determined the tag was valid through 2011 but not assigned to a vehicle.

Based on the statements of all three and the Target employee who witnessed the confrontation, plus the surveillance video, the father and son were arrested Thursday. Hochstadt remains lodged in Palm Beach County jail on felony charges of battery on a person older than 65, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and property damage for dents and scratches to Blank's 2011 Chevy Equinox.

His son, a student at a charter school in Anaheim, Calif., was arrested on felony charge of battery on a person older than 65 and criminal mischief and lodged in juvenile hall.

You can't help folks like this! They are beyond help and certainly not worthy of any special consideration as far as punishment is concerned! I think I have the perfect answer in this case!

I could get some of the members of the OFC (Old Fart's Club) and the SJL (Seniors Justice League) and we could pay this gentleman and his son a very special visit!

We might just be effective where the courts have failed! Couldn't hurt to try!

Now, my friends, let's get some fresh coffee and sit in the kitchen for a bit! We can discuss some appropriate punishment for trash like this!


Anonymous said...

I´m afraid You´re right, one can´t help people like that. Perhaps the young one could be locked in amongst the most scary prisoners for a couple of days so he understands how bad things could get for him.

It´s 14F here this morning so I´ll make a hot cup of coffee to start the day :-)
Have a great day!

HermitJim said...

Hey Christer...
Maybe a taste of hard time is what the boy needs. He certainly isn't going to get any constructive leadership from his Dad!

Down in the 40s here in Houston...and for us, that's cold! Only thing is, it's not pretty here like it is there! Just rain and wind!

Stay warm, my friend, and thanks for coming by today!

Anonymous said...

Hey HJ,
Just call me when ya'll are ready, I'll rent the bus. Heck I'll even drive, I know the way.

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Speicial One,
You know we all keep saying the kids today. But if they were taught proper manners and behavor they wouldn't be this way at least not most of them. I always say slap those parents not the kids. This is one of the worst storeys so far. I hope the father does some time.
Temps here are 42 and have been for a week or so. They had a freeze warning but it never happened which is fine by me.
Nice hot coffee goes down well.

HermitJim said...

Hey YOF...
Somebody really needs to do something! This kind of thing is getting to be way too common!

I think it's time for someone to take a bit of more drastic action!

Thanks, buddy, for dropping by today!

Hey JoJo...
It's 33 on the patio this morning and, believe me...that's WAY too cold for me! Heck, all my snuggle bunnies live a long way off!

Without a doubt, the parents are to blame and should bear the brunt of the punishment for this!

Time to start making these folks pay for what they do!

Hey, you stay warm...and I appreciate you coming by today!

Ben in Texas said...

Excuse my language, But that AH needs to be nutted so he can't reproduce any more kids, And the Kid needs to be removed from that family permanently! Shame that the ole man that was attacked wasn't carrying his legal firearm!!


HermitJim said...

Hey Ben...
I have to agree with you on that! No excuse for it all all!

Man, there seems to be more and more of this type running around these days!

Crazy cat wants to stay outside where it's in the 30s this morning! So be it!

Oh well, it's his choice!

Hey, thanks for coming by, buddy!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Morning HermitJim - doing some catch up on blog reading this morning. Glad to read the eye surgery went well for you. Also nice that you spent the holiday with your mom - sure she appreciated the company even if those no-shows didn't make it - their loss!

There are no words for idiots like these.

HermitJim said...

Hey Beatrice...
Hope you had a really good holiday! It's ce4rtainly a pleasure to see you here this morning!

Enjoyable thanksgiving here, and even had some of Mom's grand daughters and great grand daughters come by later in the day! Mom appreciated that!

I sure do appreciate you coming by today, my friend! You keep those feet warm, OK?

Ken said...

...mornin'Jim,good thing i haven't witnessed schitt like this,i'd have pummeled that dude,and taught his boy some respect...the hard way...startin'with a bare ass whoopin'on the hood of his ol'mans POS vette...
...i'm NOT one of those "i don't want to get involved" kind of folks,especially in a situation such as this...

HermitJim said...

Hey Ken...
Hard not to get involved if you see something like this going on!

No accounting for some folks, that's for sure! Time to open up a can of "whoop-ass", I'm thinking!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by today!

Ashley said...

My father never taught me how to be old to mean people. Although he did teach me how to chop vegetables without hurting myself. Which is just as good, when you think about it. But really, it's a good thing this happened at a Target instead of a Walmart, since the parking lot security cameras at most Walmarts are fakes (there was a story about it in the news and stuff).


Kelle said...

Okay my redneck bumps are all flared up! I agree this sort of shill should be wiped from the face of this earth! We NEED far less PC tolerance for these idiots and far more rope!

Hermit, glad your surgery went well, we were praying for you.

Now I'm all worked up, better go haul a load of firewood or manure or something< Sheeeesh>

HermitJim said...

Hey Kelle...
I appreciate your good wishes and the prayers.

Dealing with these types requires a lot more than PC, I'm afraid! Like you said, maybe more rope will do the trick!

Gotta work off that mad some way, I know! Hauling wood should do the trick!

Thanks for the visit today!

Bob Mc said...

I'm with Ben. To bad the old guy wasn't packing.

8 inches of new snow on the ground this morning. Power was off for 3 hours. Made coffee and breakfast on the wood burner.

HermitJim said...

Hey Bob...
Sorry that you lost the power, but I'm glad you had a good back-up! Nothing like having a good wood burning stove to cook on and heat with!

Getting to where it's not safe anywhere for older folks in the world, I'm afraid! That's really a shame!

I appreciate you coming by today!

Anonymous said...

Some parents should really use condoms, they just shouldn't be allowed to breed.