Friday, December 31, 2010

My Wishes For Your New Year...!

I hope you all have a great New Year and that all your hopes come true!

Thank you for your support during this past year, my friends!

Throughout the rest of this Year and all of 2011..

May you always make the right moves.

May your cup runneth over with love.

May you always find shelter from any storm.

May you remain good looking and looking good!

May you find the perfect diet for your soul.(If this face doesn't make you want to stop eating sausage, nothing will.)

May you find perfect balance in the company you keep.

May you have as much fun as you can before someone makes you stop.

May you manage to make time for siesta.

May all the new folks you meet be interesting and kind.

May your accessories always harmonize with your natural beauty!

Should your mouth be bigger than your stomach, may you have a chewing good time!

May you always know when to walk away and know when to run.

And may your friends always bring you joy!

Wishing a very safe and happy New Year for you all!

Peace and Love from the Hermit, my friends!


Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

I LOVED IT...same back at ya. Your posts have brought a zeal to my life, a smile on my face, a tear to me eye,
food for my soul, and a whole lot of happiness to me and everyone else.
Happy New Year to you Mr. Jim!

HermitJim said...

Hey Diane-Sage...
I'm sure glad you got a little bit of enjoyment from my scribblings here!

If I can make just one person smile a bit, I feel that I am truly blessed!

You have a safe one, my friend!

Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

Your welcome!..P.S. and top it off with LMAO I am so excited about the New Year that I skipped right over it. I meant to say "Now Lets Rock 2011 not 2012! Oh is what it is :)

Anonymous said...

Have a good ending of this year and a good New Year!

Will B said...

Jim, I love the kitten and the monkey!

Here's an Irish greeting for you, and all your readers:

"In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want."

Best Regards,


Ben in Texas said...

And to you ole wise Sage, Hermit.

May this new year be the best yet for you.. ( you do know your site is my first stop each day don't you? )

JoJo said...

Happy New Year my Very Special One,
Thank you for all the good things you write, to make me laugh so early in the morning and the wake up call to reality on others. May the New Year bring you much joy and health. Keep on blogging my friend.

At this point here in Tucson it is 26 and I have no water. Hope the pipes defrost soon and none are broken. Glad I keep lots of water in my fridge to at least brush my teeth.


Beth said...

Great post,as usual,my Brother. I don't get a chance to read them everyday but when I do I am always uplifted,amazed,taught and/or tickled.
Keep up the good work.You have many faithful followers and I suggest this site to many others.
Good health and much happiness to you in the new year.
Love you.

Mechanic in Illinois said...

The best to you for the next year and thanks for all the great lessons and info. The last week I was busy plowing snow for the township and didn't have time to visit. Finally the weather has broken and its raining and alot of the snow is gone. We're going to take the weekend off and then its back at it fixing the plow trucks. Have a safe and happy New Years holiday.

Rae said...

Wishing you the same. I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Also wishing you a fantastic 2011 and will be looking forward to your blog each day. Thank you for making all our lives just a little bit brighter each day.

Momlady said...

May you be blessed with happiness, friendship, love, and may all your needs be met. Have a GOOD new year, Jim.

HermitJim said...

Hey Christer...
Thank you so much for the good wishes, and I send them right back at you twice over, my friend!

Thanks for coming by!

Hey Will...
I certainly am glad you enjoyed the picture, and I want to thank you for the blessing. Can't ever have too many of them!

Thank you for taking the time to come by today!

Hey Ben...
I'm glad you can come by first thing in the mornings!

Here's hoping you have a great year also, my friend!

Thank you for stopping by!

Hey JoJo...
Sorry about the water and glad that you have some on stand-by!

See, it never hurts to prepare for the worse, because someday you may need those preps!

Thanks, sweetie, for the kind words and for the visit!

Hey Sis...
It's always a nice surprise to have you stop by in the mornings!

I hope you are having fun with your snow...and hope you at least made it to the store for your coffee!

Much love to ya, B, and thank you for coming by today!

Hey Mechanic...
Sounds like you have your hands full, trying to move all that snow!

I do hope you get an upper hand on it and also hope you have a great new year!

Stay safe...and thank you for coming by today!

Hey Rae...
My dear friend, you know I wish you and the family the very best new year possible!

Thanks for the wishes and for coming by today!

Hey Dizzy...
I sure do thank you for all the kind words this morning!

Thanks for being a faithful reader and thank you for dropping in today!

Hey Momlady...
Many, many thanks to you for all the blessings!

I'm sure happy you could come over and thanks for your continued visits, my friend!

edifice rex said...

Those were great!! Thanks for posting such inspiring things. And a very Happy New Year to you Jim!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Have a happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Have a happy New Year.

HermitJim said...

Hey Anne...
I do thank you for the good wishes, and I send them right back to you twicefold!

Thank you for coming by today and all through the year!

Hey Anon 10:46...
Thanks, I'm glad you liked them and I'm happy you came by today!

Have a great new year!

Felinae said...

Have a safe, wonderful, New Year, Uncle Hermit, may 2011 bring you all of life's good things. :)


HermitJim said...

Hey Felinae...
Thank you, my friend! I appreciate it a bunch!

Thanks also of coming by today!