Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homeschooling Numbers Rise...!

Slowly folks are starting to catch on to the fact that the public school system is a bit lacking in many aspects.

Given the failure of many school systems in school safety, lack of curriculum, passing falsely or making up test scores for athletes, and hiring teachers without following up on their background checks...and so many more reasons too numerous to mention, I can understand that!

Over Two Million Children Are Now Homeschooled
- Home School Legal Defense Association

In a new study released today the National Home Education ResearchInstitute (NHERI) estimates there were over 2 million children being homeschooled in the United States in 2010. "The growth of the modern homeschool movement has been remarkable," said Michael Smith,president of HSLDA. "Just 30 years ago there were only an estimated20,000 homeschooled children," he added.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2008) there were an estimated 54million K 12 children in the U.S. in spring 2010, which meanshomeschoolers account for nearly 4% of the school-aged population, or1 in 25 children.

Today, homeschoolers can be found in all walks of life and with a widevariety of curriculum options, and a proven record of academic as wellas social success, homeschooling is rapidly becoming a mainstreameducation alternative.

The NHERI study used data from both government and private sources inorder to arrive at the 2 million figure.

I think that more and more, parents are taking charge in the process of educating their children! That's good to see in my opinion!

Only by taking more control of what our children are exposed to can we be sure that the values being taught to them are the ones we want them to carry into the real world when they venture forth!

Life is hard enough as it is, but if folks don't have some type of structure and upbringing to fall back on it's going to be a lot harder!

Let's face it, friends...the moral character of this country is in deep trouble! If you don't think so, just watch the commercials on television! Things are being put out there for sale that were against the law just a few years ago!

The only way that we can be assured that we some day have some leaders with the proper foundation to lead this country, is to maintain a little bit of control over the values that instilled in them! Homeschooling is certainly one way of doing this, and my respect goes out to all the families that are doing this!

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Ben in Texas said...

Sadly "some" of the parents attempting to home school, don't have any education themselves to pass on. Like one SIL of mine,she never finished HS was just dumber than a rock. She "taught" her kids at home, but forgot to teach them how to interact with the real world. Sadly once the kids finally hit the general public they discovered that they weren't always the winners and that there are rules you have to follow. One ended up in fail for drug sales, jumped parole and is to this day still on parole His brother did time for theft , daughter for drugs and the other daughter has a 4 yr old kid, unmarried , at the age of 21. None of the kids have jobs and all still mooch off their parents.

JoJo said...

Good Morning,
I agree and disagree with home schooling some of it is what Ben above said. Kids need to be exposed to the world. If parents are to home school they need to have their kids join boys and girls clubs some soft ball and foot ball leagues. I was under the impression the parents had to pass tests before they could home school of course I could be wrong.
Brownies you say mmmmmm I will be right over.

linda m said...

My grandson is being home schooled. Both my son and daughter-in-law are college educated. He is involved in all sorts of outside activities to help round out his education. While I approve of home schooling (I feel our schools don't teach much of anything and what they do teach are against many of my beliefs) there are some aspects of it that I don't like - such as how to interact with others and "the whole world doesn't revolve around you" aspect. Let's help our younger generation to get back to "morals and principles".

Dizzy-Dick said...

The woman who was married to my son while he was still alive has another family now and they all live in Hawaii. She homeschools her two younger children and writes a blog about it.
Some of you may find it interesting.

Momlady said...

Unfortunately our Government schools are not teaching our children well. Did you know that a majority of congress wouldn't be able to pass a test on the Constitution? And they are supposed to defend it!? I foresee the day when there will be schooling only via computer or television. Thank goodness my grandchildren are/were being home-schooled. They are well socialized and smart as the dickens.

Gypsy said...

Just as some children don't do well with the middle of the road educational techniques (no matter how good the school), there are no doubt children who wouldn't do well with home schooling. It's the same thing with online classes today - I couldn't take a course online and pass it to save my life. I always preferred a classroom setting and interaction with students and teachers. Young children are the same I think. If it works well for the student and the parent, then great. But I would hate to force something on a kid that wasn't the best for the child.

HermitJim said...

Hey Ben...
You have to wonder if a lot of what they turned to in their life would have happened, even if they were educated elsewhere!

Just no telling, now days.

Hey, thanks for coming by today, my friend!

Hey JoJo...
So much of what is taught in the public system just doesn't seem to focus on values anymore!

I'm glad to have grown up during a time where morals and family values were the norm and not the exception!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over today!

Hey Linda...
Sounds to me like your grandson is getting the best of both worlds, with homeschooling and a chance to interact with other kids in organized activities.

So much of what children learn is from home, be it intentional or not! One reason we should always try, as adults, to be an example in the way we live!

All of this is, of dcourse, just my opinion!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

Hey Dizzy...
I think that's great that she is homeschooling! I should go over to her blog and do some reading about it.

Thanks for the link...and for coming by today!

Hey Momlady...
There certainly does seem to be a serious lack of content to some of what passes as education in many cases!

I'm sure that there are some really good schools out there, but those we never seem to hear about!

Hey, I appreciate you coming by today!

HermitJim said...

Hey Gypsy...
It does take a special person and a special type of student to perform well in a homeschooling atmosphere, I'm sure!

Trying to force a child to learn is a lost cause. I'm a good example! If not for one teacher, I would have quit school when I was in high school!

Luckily, I had a teacher that was able to talk some sense into me...and I finished. Even became the Senior Class Poet in an election for class officers!

Thank the Lord for good teachers!

Many thanks for coming by today!

Marjie said...

I've used a curriculum from a private school in Baltimore for my 2 youngest. One of them took the SAT as an 8th grader last year, and scored higher than the average high school senior. He started high school this year, and his lowest grade to date has been a 91. He's in all honors courses, and sailing through it. Sadly, there are people homeschooling who are doing their kids a disservice by not teaching them anything useful, but the I have to wonder if those children would have learned anything in school anyway. You only get from your children what you expect of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mom lady.
From a home schooling mom, I have home schooled two daughters. My oldest was in public education for kindergarten and during that time she was told she could not read and was not taught. She Spent most of her time watching videos. On opening day of hunting season, for her assignment at school she had to watch Bambi, "So she can see the other side of killing deer", said her teacher.
The following year, I was told that our public school in the area had Mormon teachers and Mormon prayers were taught to the children. I being a Christian, (nothing against Mormons) did not want this for my daughter. So I home educated her. My own father told me I was too stupid to do this, but I did.
Maybe I wasn't the smartest person to teach my daughters, but I tried my best. And the old line of the child not being social would be the fault of the parent. My daughters found jobs in town and were an asset to their community.
If anyone out there is considering to home educate your children, make sure you search out a local home educators group.
There you will learn about play days, classes, and field trips.
Sorry to go on.

Jane said...

I agree there are pluses and minuses for both sides of the home school issue. that being said ,I'm glad I don't have kids in school anymore, Blessings jane

HermitJim said...

Hey Andy...
The very fact that you did your best to do what you felt was right says a lot!

You certainly have my respect for even wanting to assume some control over your children's education!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Jane...
I'm with you 100% on being glad I don't have kids in school anymore!

Thanks for your visit today!

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by yourfirst paragraph "the public school system is a bit lacking in many aspects." Hell, the public school system is albeit a failure from what I read.