Monday, February 7, 2011

This Is For Real, Folks...!

Many of us have been warning about this kind of thing for a long time, and now it's here!

This is for real, folks, and really does point to the fact that Prepping is now more necessary than ever before! We can stop thinking about when in the future this sort of thing is coming...and start realizing that this is going to be more the rule than the exception from now on!

Better be on board, or get left behind when it comes to survival and making the best of the bad times coming!

This is a major city here in Texas that we are talking about, so don't think it can't happen in your city as well!

Frigid El Paso limiting water use to drinking only

Feb. 6, 2011, 8:36PM

EL PASO — El Paso's mayor declared a water emergency Sunday to stiffen enforcement of a ban that restricts residents and businesses from using water for anything but drinking.

Mayor John Cook took the step after frigid temperatures put some of El Paso's water distribution network out of commission, prompting a water shortage.

The emergency proclamation allows the city to cut off water service to customers found to have violated the restrictions. Hospitals and other emergency services are exempt. A citywide alert continues urging the public to boil water before drinking.

A statement issued by the city says the restrictions will remain in effect indefinitely.

Some improvement had been seen in reservoir levels Sunday, City Manager Joyce Wilson told the El Paso Times on Sunday. However, El Paso Water Utilities customers have been asked to boil their drinking water and refrain from showering, using dishwaters, washing cars and other activities that might use large quantities of water.

You can read the rest of the story here!

If you think for one minute that this sort of thing isn't possible in your area, just keep on dreaming, Sparky! Ready or not, here it comes!

Let's have some fresh coffee in the kitchen this morning. Patio is too chilly to be comfortable!


chinasyndrome said...

Jim,serious business there.I heard them say on the news customers of one of southern reservoirs had a boil water order.I been tied up with ice and snow removal at work,seriously cutting in to my blog time,but good to see you are still on top of things!Take care Buddy,I will talk to you when Mother Nature gives me a break!


Sissy said...

All is topsy-turvy these days, even the weather, especially the weather! Funny, I just this morning posted clues to the problem. The wizard knows his stuff! A very fascinating subject to ponder while I warm up with a cup of "That Which Will Peel Your Socks",

JoJo said...

This is very important stuff. We had our problems last week. I still can't get the elbows to fix my pipes, we found the pipe and a little pipe dope and other sealers but still no elbows. As you know I always keep lots of water. I found it was not nearly enough and will get more as soon as the store shlves get restocked. Many parts of Pima County didn't even have natural gas for days and the temps were very low for here some had single digits. I don't know if all areas are fixed as of yet.

Rae said...

We all need to take heed and stop being so complacent. A few years back our entire city lost its water service for a whole week. It sure brought about an awareness of how dependent we have become on government services. It was a mad scramble to find water from other sources for hospitals, businesses, and homes. It was a mess. I learned then to always be prepared and not rely on anyone else.

Bob from Athens said...

JoJo, if they are avialable just take a tee and a short nipple and a cap, block off the unused side and instant elbow.
Jim, this is the result of citizens refusing to vote for improvements in their infrastructure, most don't think that this will ever happen to them. Around here jails and bigger schools are the hot things. I hate taxes about as much as anybody but without them where are you gonna get these schools,jails, water storage and treatment, roads, etc., a community needs to function

Kelle said...

This storm even has put pressure on peopel who are prepped, so can you imagine what it would be like to have nothing? So glad we've taken the steps we have to ensure we'll always have water, be it from our well( if electricity is out we have a hand pump) or the river out back. Sometimes when spending monies on putting in a well, water filter and accessories, handpump and such it seems almost like a budget burden, that is until you NEED them. :o)
Praying everyone in this city fairs well during this time and that they ALL take HEED!

HermitJim said...

Hey China...
Time for all of us to double check the supplies. Way too late to work on convincing other folks! Let them get a good taste of what doing without is going to be like!

I'm betting that the Preppers don't seem so crazy right now!

Don't work too hard, buddy! Stay safe and warm...and thanks for coming by today!

Hey Sissy...
I'm glad you are staying on top of things, my friend! Keep that ol' pot going with the good brew!

Hoping you can stay warm and safe!

Thanks, girl, for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
Follow the advice of Bob in Athens about how to get a fix on your pipes! Learning to make do is so very important for all of us right now!

I'm glad you are good as far as keeping as much extra water on hand as you do! Just stay ready, OK?

Thanks, sweetie, for coming by today!

Hey Rae...
I won't say that this type of event is a good thing, but it can certainly be a great teaching experience! It's a shame to have to learn the hard way!

Good to see you again, and I appreciate the visit this morning!

Hey Bob...
I think so much of the problem stems from the mindset so many have that "this can't happen here!".

It can happen, and eventually will! Better be prepared!

Talk about a real life test for all of us! This is but one of them...and more coming, I think!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by today!

Hey Kelle...
At least the Preppers can quietly think "I told ya so" and make suggestions to others on how to soften the blow of the unexpected!

Of course, we have been trying to do that for a long time...often without success! Maybe now the message will get through to a few!

Take care, my friend, and thanks for coming by today!

Mechanic in Illinois said...

We tell everyone, we show them, we scream at them but nothing helps. Prepare or rely on the gov at which point you become their slave. I guess something bad is going to happen before they wake up and then it's too late. It won't be too late for me. Thanks for the info and have a great monday.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mechanic...
I'm hoping this Winter will be a wake up call to many folks! We can only hope!

The more we can train and educate, the fewer we have to care for!

Things should get interesting during the next year! That's for sure!

Stay warm, buddy! Thanks for the visit today!

Mayberry said...

It seems the pace of decline is picking up...

HermitJim said...

Hey Mayberry...
That it does, my friend! That it does!

Many places that thought of themselves as untouchable are starting to have second thoughts now!

Welcome to the real world!

Many thanks for dropping by today, buddy!

Anonymous said...

We have thankfully no such problems here where I live and I think we won´t have it either. Lots of lakes and rivers all over the country and it seems to be raining and snowing even more now days.

We living in the countryside have our own wells and I share on deep drilled with a neighbor, so as long as we have electricity we have water :-)

Have a great day now!

Lamb said...

Hello from El Paso!!!
Because we live outside the city proper, yet still within city limits, we are in an unusual situation. Our little community gets some power from El Paso, some from New Mexico. Some natural gas from New Mexico, a wee bit from El Paso. Our water is from a local well that supplies some of El Paso...BUT!... (Very BIG "but") the water that is piped into our community is not on the same pipe as the El Paso water. Our main never froze, broke or leaked. Our power and natural gas never went out. We lost internet for about 4 hours...that's about it!
It got below zero out here in the high desert...but my pipes never froze because we took the time to wrap pipes and leave the faucets on a trickle.
I wish our neighbors had planned ahead, as the pipes burst at 2 of our neighbors and the front and back yard flooded...but because it was so cold...INSTANT SKATING RINKS! Sounds fun until you have to wander across them to feed the goats and chickens at 6 a.m.!
So, by location and planning, we were doubly blessed! Even if we had lost power, water and gas, I had everything prepped BEFORE the storm hit and we would have been just fine!

Marjie said...

I got mad at the water thieves here about 15 years ago, because way back then my water bills were over $250 per month, and they would call 12 days after they had printed the bill to remind you that the bill was due in 2 more days. They made the mistake of doing that one too many Saturday mornings before 9AM, and I told them to come get their (expletive deleted) meter the next time they came to read. Then we got a well. Best thing I ever did. I expect the bill would have been up to at least $500 per month by now.

And El Paso should have buried their water lines deeper to protect from the cold. We northern climates know a little about dealing with cold. We bury everything at least 4 feet deep.