Monday, May 9, 2011

Did You Lose Something...?

I'm sure that someone, somewhere is thinking "So THAT'S where I left it!".

Not many things are as surprising as finding a gun on your car bumper...especially a loaded gun!

All I can think is that somebody has way too many guns when they don't even miss one that they left sitting on a car bumper in a parking lot! You have to ask yourself, why did they feel it necessary to set the gun down? Why did they have a gun in the first place? Didn't the owner notice when the gun was lost?

Lots of questions about this whole thing, don't you think?

Couple finds loaded handgun on bumper of car at Walmart

May 08, 2011 6:37 AM
Staff reports
Daily News

NICEVILLE - If you left your loaded .22 caliber handgun on the bumper of a car at Walmart, the Niceville Police Department would like a word with you.

On April 22 they were summoned to the Walmart on John Sims Parkway by a man who said he and his wife were leaving the store when his wife went to the passenger side of the car and knocked something off the back bumper.

When she reached under the car to find what she thought she had dropped, the found a handgun. She gave it to her husband.

The man emptied the weapon and called police.

He gave them six .22-caliber rounds of ammunition and the gun itself, a chrome Ruger revolver.

The man told police he had no idea where the gun came from or whom it may belong to. Police say the gun had not been reported stolen.

Ya know, no matter how many guns I might have around the house...I think I might know if one was missing! Especially if it were a handgun.

Must have been a good sale at WalMart, if the customers felt it necessary to bring a handgun! What bothers me the most about the fact that the gun was fully loaded! Just imagine if some child had found it first!

Coffee on the patio this morning! Hope you all gave Mom a good hug and some kisses yesterday! She deserves it everyday!


Gorges Smythe said...

To the person who "lost" the gun mentioned in the article: Please lose as many gunas you like on my truck bumper! In fact, I'm usually sitting in the truck at WallyWorld while my wife memorizes barcodes inside, so you can just hand them to me if you want. You'll know me when you see me, I'll be the guy wearing camo and sunglasses, and have a bumper sticker on the back that says, "Possum - the OTHER white meat!"

Ben in Texas said...

Wonder if he gets to keep it?
Finders Keepers. Losers, Weepers. :-)

I still say there should be some sort of IQ test when you buy a gun , just to see if you got smarts to even own one.

Momlady said...

Hmmmmm, sounds like Niceville may have a not so nice citizen (the one that put the gun on the bumper).

linda m said...

Really makes you wonder about people sometimes. What was the gun owner thinking and why was he/she carrying a loaded gun to WalMart?

Phelan said...

They probably bend over to tie their shoe and got distracted by something shinny. I know, it happens to me.

Sixbears said...

Now I know I left a rocket launcher around here someplace . . .

JoJo said...

That is one stupid person. I doubt he bought that gun anyway. It may have been a planned robbery gone bad for the robber.
windy, windy. And I can't tell if these are rain clouds or smoke from the fires. Sure hope its rain clouds.

Anonymous said...

Have to be criminal element. Don't care, can always steal another one, and so wht if a kid found it, criminal element has no social responibility.


russell1200 said...

Agree with Argentum on criminal element.

Bad guy going to Walmart (possibly to a strong arm robbery in parking lot) sees Cops. If it is a stolen piece, and/or they have a felony conviction it is much easier to ease it of their pocket and walk away then risk being patted down with it on them.

I seriously doubt it was lost.

Bob Mc said...

Reported or not, I'd lay odds it was stolen. Lots of guns floating around on the black market.

Michael Ultra said...

I know where all my guns all times. I even have some of the serial numbers memorized. Had to be a throw-away.

Tracy said...

I just have to point out that there is no such thing as a "chrome Ruger revolver."
That being said, who knows what really happened here?

Diggity Dog said...

I definitely have to agree with Argentum and russell1200. A .22 6 shot revolver is a great gun for a criminal. Doesn't leave any ammo behind to trace the brass, easy to conceal, fairly quiet report especially with subsonic rounds, easy recoil, etc.

Still, it's a humorous story. I'm just glad no kids found it and decided to play cowboys and indians with their brother or another innocent.