Monday, August 1, 2011

Going Out With A Bang...!

At first glance, this seems a little strange.

After closer examination,though, this makes sense in an unusual sort of way! Almost seems like an ideal way to remember a loved one that has passed on. Every birthday of the departed, you could go outside to their favorite hunting spot, load up a special round in their much loved shotgun, and fire off a salute to them that they would be proud of!

If you only kept the "special rounds" around the house as a memorial, they could still be used in case of an emergency! Just think...Grandpa could help fight off the "zombie hordes" in the future years after all! Bet he would like that!

Going out with a bang: The service that will turn your loved one into live ammunition.

A bizarre new service that allows you to lock and load your loved one’s ashes is blowing up on the internet.

Holy Smoke, based in Stockton, Alabama, boasts a 'tribute to your outdoorsman or woman like no other,' according to their website.

The company offers a means to 'continue to protect your home and family even after you are gone,' by turning ashes into fully-functioning bullets.

So how does it work?

Once the deceased’s family decides the calibre and gauge of the ammunition, they send one pound of their dead relative's ashes.
From ashes to gunpowder: Holy Smoke offers the ability to go on one last hunting trip with your dead loved one

From ashes to gunpowder: Holy Smoke offers the ability to go on one last hunting trip with your dead loved one

From there, the staff place a portion of the cremated remains into each shotshell or cartridge, depending on the ammo selected.

In return, Holy Smoke sends the family a case of up to 250 bullets for display in the home or to take on a hunting trip.

The company claims its methods add up to a fraction of the cost of most burial services cost.

Prices begin at $1,250 for the 250 rounds for shot guns and pistols, and 100 rounds for rifles.

The type of service, which is offered through their website, is unconventional, but certainly not unheard of.

In 2005, the ashes of author Hunter S. Thompson were famously shot out of a cannon, six months after the Gonzo journalist killed himself.

The celebration was funded mostly by Pirates of the Caribbean actor and Thompson’s close friend Johnny Depp.

Actually, I don't see too much wrong with this way of "spreading the ashes", as it were! Much stranger things in the news nearly every day!

Want some coffee on the patio? Hot, but at least the chairs are dry!


Gorges Smythe said...

Uh...There's nothin' "special" in that coffee is there?

Old Jules said...

Yeah, I'll have some coffee. Straight.

Thanks hermit.

Morning to you.

Anonymous said...

That is kinda cool, I imagine a few shooters would be pleased to have their remains scattered that way.

chinasyndrome said...

Heck yeah!My boys can shoot the ol man! Jim, Hunter Thompson was an original no doubt about it.Gave Gonzo its meaning I'd say!


Ben in Texas said...

I didn't do that with Wife, BUT I did take her ashes down and sprinkle her along her favorite beach AND name a star for her.

We had discussed years ago not wanting to be planted in the ground and decided that organ donation and cremation was the way to go.

And, if you use the right company IT's FREE!!

Mechanic in Illinois said...

If someone can do this,maybe they'll figure out a way to turn politicians into cat litter. Thanks for the story and have a great Monday. said...

"Going out with a bang" just took on a whole new meaning, yeah?? What will they think of next?!
Just remember, I love to shoot. Although I think naming a star after one is much more romantic in a quiet, everlasting way. Oh well, to each his/her own, eh?
Love ya.

edifice rex said...

(shaking my head) Only in Alabama would they think of that. LOL!! and yes, I'm from Alabama to ya'll that don't know me!
I like Mechanic's idea too!

HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
Nothing strange in the coffee this morning! Maybe it's just the heat!

At least it's different, right?

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Hey Jules...
One straight coffee coming up!

I really appreciate you coming by today!

Hey Anon 5:41...
Not a bad way to go out if you're a shooter!

I can imagine worse!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey China...
They would look forward to it every time, don't you think?

The more I think about it, the more sense it makes! Certainly different enough!

Many thanks for the visit this morning!

Hey Ben...
I think what you did was pretty cool, buddy!

Organ donation makes a lot of sense to me, and being scattered in a place where there were good memories is nice!

Thanks for dropping in for a visit today, my friend!

Hey Mechanic...
I don't think my cat would use that litter! He doesn't care for bad smells in his litter box!

I really appreciate your visit today!

Hey Sis...
Yeah, ol' Ben is quite the romantic! He just tries to keep it a secret from all of us!

Hey, maybe you and Ben should get together and become acquainted!

Are you still coming down in August? That would be a nice visit!

Thanks, Sis, for coming by today!

HermitJim said...

Hey Anne...
At least you folks there in Alabama have a good imagination!

Hey, my friend, I really appreciate you coming by for a visit this morning!

TROUBLEnTX said...

Sounds a little on the "sick" side to me. And i want to be cremated too, after anything i have left taken that can benefit anyone. Even when u get old, u still have a few good things left. lololo.

chinasyndrome said...

Ben in Texas very nice man!Wonderful send off!