Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Wild West Wednesday...!

Somewhere down the line, I got sort of locked in to doing something on Wednesday relating to the old west.

Now, thanks to, that isn't as hard as you would think! They seem to always have an article or two that I can steal...I mean, borrow to use!

I love the fact that there are still so many things about the old west that I can learn and that's why I like sharing all that I find!

Jul 11, 1869:
Tall Bull dies

Tall Bull, a prominent leader of the Cheyenne Dog Soldier warrior society, is killed during the Battle of Summit Springs in Colorado.

Tall Bull was the most distinguished of several Cheyenne warriors who bore this hereditary name. He was a leader of the Dog Soldiers, a fierce Cheyenne society of warriors that had initially fought against other Indian tribes. In the 1860s, though, the Dog Soldiers increasingly became one of the most implacable foes of the U.S. government in the bloody Plains Indian Wars.

In October 1868, Tall Bull and his Dog Soldiers badly mauled an American cavalry force in Colorado. He confronted General Philip Sheridan's forces the following winter in Oklahoma. Near the Washita River, Sheridan's Lieutenant Colonel George Custer attacked a peaceful Cheyenne village under Chief Black Kettle. The Cheyenne suffered more than 100 casualties, and Custer's soldiers brutally butchered more than 800 of their horses. However, Custer was forced to flee when Tall Bull and other chiefs camped in nearby villages began to mass for attack.

Custer's attack had badly damaged the Cheyenne, but Tall Bull refused to surrender to the Americans. In the spring of 1869, Tall Bull and his Dog Soldiers took their revenge, staging a series of successful attacks against soldiers who were searching for him. Determined to destroy the chief, the U.S. Army formed a special expeditionary force under the command of General Eugene Carr.

On this day in 1869, Carr surprised Tall Bull and his warriors in their camp at Summit Springs, Colorado. In the ensuing battle, Tall Bull was killed and the Dog Soldiers were overwhelmed. Without the dynamic leadership of their chief, the surviving Dog Soldiers' resistance was broken. Although other Cheyenne continued to fight the American military for another decade, they did so without the aid of their greatest warrior society and its leader.

Let's face it! The old west was brutal, to say the least! There were many times that innocent bystanders got caught in the middle, and the homesteaders certainly had to stay on their toes in the wilderness! That's a scary way of life, I think!

Coffee in the kitchen this morning! It's supposed to rain again and I don't want my coffee to get watered down, ya know?


Sixbears said...

We tend to forget that it really wasn't all that long ago.

Dizzy-Dick said...

The Indians were fighting the invaders. We tend to forget that we were the aggressors who invaded their land.

linda m said...

You can't fault the indians for protecting their land. It really was a shame that this happened all in the name of "expansion". People were very brutal on both sides and innocent bystanders got killed in the process. But, such is war. Hey, Jim, can you send some of your rain to me; I sure can use it.. Thanks for the coffee and the history lesson - enjoyed both.

JOJO said...

Good story. As others have said the Indians paid heavily for what was their's first.

fast refill for me people coming for second look.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sixbears...
You're right and unfortunately attitudes haven't changed much in some folks minds, either!

Guess the PTB just refuse to learn from history at times!

Thanks, my friend, for coming by today!

Hey Dizzy...
Some members of the government were overly aggressive, even back then!

In some ways, times haven't changed much!

Thanks for coming by, buddy!

Hey Linda...
There is never anything nice about war! What's really sad is that throughout so much of our history, we have been the aggressor and the invader!

Even today, the laws of imminent domain are little else but ways to steal from rightful land owners!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
I hope the second look goes well for you. What's the next step after that?

Keep us informed, OK?

Thanks for dropping in, sweetie!