Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating With Lewis And Clark...!

Even the early explorers couldn't help but enjoy a good celebration on the 4TH of July!

It's good to know that these two took the time to appreciate the founding of such a great country, and to share the holiday for the first time west of the Mississippi!

Jul 4, 1804:
Lewis and Clark celebrate July 4

Staging the first-ever Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi River, Lewis and Clark fire the expedition cannon and order an extra ration of whiskey for the men.

Six weeks earlier, Lewis and Clark left American civilization to depart on their famous journey. Since their departure, the party of 29 men--called the Corps of Discovery--had made good progress, traveling up the Missouri River in a 55-foot keelboat and two dugout canoes. When the wind was behind them, Lewis and Clark raised the keelboat sail, and on a few occasions, managed to travel 20 miles in a single day.

By early July, the expedition had reached the northeastern corner of the present-day state of Kansas. The fertility of the land astonished the two leaders of the expedition. Clark wrote of the many deer, "as plenty as Hogs about a farm," and with his usual creative spelling, praised the tasty "rasberreis perple, ripe and abundant."

On this day in 1804, the expedition stopped near the mouth of a creek flowing out of the western prairie. The men asked the captains if they knew if the creek had a name. Knowing none, they decided to call it Independence Creek in honor of the day.

The expedition continued upstream, making camp that evening at an abandoned Indian village. To celebrate the Fourth of July, Lewis and Clark commanded that the keelboat cannon be fired at sunset. They distributed an extra ration of whiskey to the men, and the explorers settled back to enjoy the peaceful Kansas night. In his final journal entry of the day, Clark wondered at the existence of, "So magnificent a Senerey in a Contry thus Situated far removed from the Sivilised world to be enjoyed by nothing but the Buffalo Elk Deer & Bear in which it abounds & Savage Indians."

The next day, the travelers resumed their journey up the Missouri River toward the distant Pacific Coast. They would not pass by their pleasant camping spot in Kansas again until their return journey, two years and many adventures later.

Guess this was the start of many such celebrations all across this wonderful place we call home! I would say that from long ago, up to the present day, even with all our faults, we have plenty to celebrate!

I hope we never lose track of our history and the efforts of so many to bring us to where we are today!

Fresh coffee on the patio this morning. Happy Independence Day to one and all!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hope you day is a good one, HJ. I second that while manu folks grumble, we should never forget our history and sacrifices made.

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Happy Fourth of July to all and may God continue to bless this great and wonderful nation!
I'll bring apple pie to go with your delicious coffee!

Sixbears said...

An extra ration of whiskey. What a good idea!

I'm thinking, what was their normal ration of whiskey?

Anyway, maybe I'll raise a glass to Lewis and Clark.

Happy Independence Day!

linda m said...

Happy Birthday America and may God continue to richly bless this great Country of ours.

edifice rex said...

Happy Forth Jim!!

JOJO said...

Happy Fourth My Friend and all who come to this patio for coffee and some great treats,and conversation.

Dizzy-Dick said...

It is too bad that the area that L&C explored couldn't be the same today as it was in their day.

Ted Webb said...

Time changes everything D D it's also a healer.