Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Different Use For "Pez"...!

Who would have ever thought that something like the candy called Pez would have been designed with smokers in mind?

Strange beginnings for a candy, but many had some strange starts. Seems like anything goes when naming a candy, even in the old days.

PEZ Dispensers Were Created To Attract Smokers

The famous PEZ candies were created in Vienna, Austria, in 1927. Originally, they didn’t have the sweet, fruity flavors that we know today. They used to be peppermint flavored. In fact, their name comes from pfefferminz, the German word for “peppermint.”

Packaged in tins, the candies were popular for a time. They were supposed to be used as an alternative to smoking because their creator, Eduard Haas III, disliked smoking.

In 1949, new PEZ dispensers designed by Oscar Uxa were introduced as a way to hygienically share the candies without touching all of them. The dispensers were also designed to draw in smokers. Flicking open the top of a PEZ dispenser was meant to be like flicking a lighter. For a time, Haas even used the slogan “No Smoking, PEZing Allowed.”

In the transition to American markets, PEZ changed to their iconic fruity flavors, and the dispensers acquired their character tops. Whether PEZ have actually discouraged smoking is debatable. But PEZ still exist today as beloved combinations of candies and toys.

Thanks to the folks at Listverse for sharing this bit of candy history with us. Great place to get some useful information.

Coffee out on the patio this morning. High should be in the 70s, OK?


Chickenmom said...

Some of the old Pez dispensers are quite valuable today!

linda m said...

I really loved all those cute Pez dispensers. They were so clever. Thanks for enlightening me on their origin. Would love to sit on a 70 degree patio. It is 4 degrees here with a -1 windchill.

JO said...

I wonder if you can still find the original design in the stores.

We shot up into the 80's already and last night slept with the ceiling fan on, I'd rather sit at your patio in the 70's

Dizzy-Dick said...

Very interesting, Jim. I never knew that they were originally made to help smokers quit their habit. I learn a lot from your blog. Keep up the great work.