Monday, February 22, 2016

Headless Body For Monday Mystery...!

One thing worse than finding a dead body is to find one missing a head as well! Especially if he was related, ya know?

I found this murder mystery over at Listverse. Credit where credit is due, ya know?

Robert Hollis

On the afternoon of June 4, 2015, 75-year-old Robert Hollis’s son was checking in on him after neighbors grew concerned because they hadn’t seen the elderly man, affectionately nicknamed “Mr. Bojangles,” in a few days.

When the son entered his partially blind father’s Inglewood, California, apartment, he made a gruesome discovery: His father was dead and decapitated. Even more disturbing, the killer took Hollis’s head when he or she left the apartment. It has never been found.

Hollis’s family is unsure who would have killed the elderly man because he didn’t have any enemies. He was even friends with his ex-wife. His family also said that valuables in the house were untouched.Police are still looking into the death. The mayor of Inglewood also arranged a $50,000 reward for information regarding the murder. Despite this, no arrests have been made.

Pretty gruesome way to go, abd the question we always ask is...WHY?

Coffee inside as it is starting to rain. Bummer!


Chickenmom said...

Sad, so sad. 'Hope he was dead before it happened.

linda m said...

So sad to think someone would decapitate a fellow human being. But to steal the head is just sick! All though I have seen a detective show on TV where they stole the head to use it for entry into a secure area that needed an iris scan. Man, I watch to much TV. In the mid thirties here today with clouds.

JO said...

There are to many sick people roaming around in this world. What a horrible way to die or like chickenmom said hope he was already dead.

It will be sunny and 79 degrees here temps falling off bit I OK with that. Nice cozy kitchen is fine

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
You and me both. Sure wouldn't want him to be alive.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Linda...
Hope this isn't a trend like in Mexico.
Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Jo...
Right you about the sickos running around the world. Way too many, for sure!
Thanks for dropping by today!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I sure hope the bad guy didn't take the head as a trophy like hunters do with deer. Maybe the killer was hired to do the dirty deed and took the head back as proof that the job was done.