Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pearl Hart On Western Wednesday...!

For the most part, the crooks of the Old West were fairly organised, with robberies even planned in advance in most cases. Not so with some amateurs like Pear Hart and her boyfriend.

If ever there was a couple that didn't qualify as pros, they were it. Guess they did the best they could, but obviously it wasn't good enough to get by.

Pearl Hart holds up an Arizona stagecoach

Little is known about Pearl Hart’s early life. She was born in Petersborough, Ontario, in 1871, and moved to Toronto as a child. She eloped when she was 16, but her husband abused her and the marriage did not last. Eventually, Hart took up with a dance-hall musician and minor gambler named Dan Bandman, and in 1892 the couple moved to Phoenix, Arizona. When Bandman left to fight in the Spanish-American War, Hart relocated to the Arizona mining town of Globe, where she began an affair with a German drifter named Joe Boot.

Short on money, the couple determined to hold up a stage, though neither of them appears to have had any prior experience as robbers. On this day in 1899, Hart (dressed as a man) and Boot stopped a stage on the run between Globe and Florence. After taking $421 in cash from the three passengers, Hart took pity on them and handed back $1 to each so they could buy something to eat when they arrived in Florence.

Unskilled in the art of the getaway, Hart and Boot left an obvious trail and the sheriff of Pinal County arrested the couple four days later. Boot was jailed in Florence, but since the town had no detention facilities for women, Hart was jailed in Tucson. Within several days, Hart had apparently charmed several men into helping her and she escaped. Her freedom, however, was short-lived. A lawman recognized her in Deming, New Mexico, and returned her to Tucson.

Tried and convicted in a Florence court, Boot was sentenced to 30 years and Hart to five. Neither served out their terms. After several years of good behavior, Boot was made a trusty and walked off while doing fieldwork, never to be heard from again. After about a year in prison, Hart became pregnant. Eager to save the Arizona Territory the embarrassment of having to explain how Hart arrived at this condition while imprisoned, Governor Alexander O. Brodie pardoned her on December 19, 1902.

Hart’s life after her release is shrouded in myth. According to the romantic version, Hart leveraged her single experience as a stage robber into a career in show business, billing herself as “The Arizona Bandit.” Some said she traveled for several years on the vaudeville circuit, others that she toured briefly with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Historians have been unable to verify either of these claims. The more mundane but likely version has it that Hart quickly married an Arizona rancher named Calvin Bywater and settled down to a quiet life of domestic bliss. If Mrs. Cal Bywater was indeed Pearl Hart, she lived into her 80s and other people described her as “soft-spoken, kind, and a good citizen in all respects.”

Evidently Pearl finally found a little peace in doing something she was pretty good at. Good thing, as she didn't make much progress at being on the outside of the Law.

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linda m said...

Interesting article. Guess old Pearl wasn't too good at robbing stagecoaches. Possible rain again here today.

Beth Bailey said...

Interesting, indeed. I had never heard of any characters in this story.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
I reckon that she did the smart thing by choosing another endeavor, for sure!
Thanks for stopping by this morning!

Hey B...
I do find many characters that are not as famous or well known as others. Keeps it interesting, ya know?
Thanks, sis, for coming over today!

JO said...

I love that they became model prisoners, one walks away and the other one gets pregnant by a guard. But it sure would be interesting to know what really went on in her life after.

I'll chance the patio with you

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
It's strange to me how so many trustees just walked away from the work details back then. Seems as though they would have been caught rather quickly. Guess we will never know what took place after Pearl's release.
Thanks, sweetie, for dropping by today!