Friday, August 4, 2017

Fence Climbing Gators For Freaky Friday...!

Now I don't mind that 'gators are needed in certain areas to help control some other critters, and to eat dead fish and such, but when they start climbing fences to get some place...then I have to draw the line.

And on top of that, some of these more industrial reptile types can climb trees? WTF??

Beware of Cow-Eating Gators and Fence-Climbing Crocodiles
Paul Seaburn
April 8, 2016

Are large reptiles evolving into mutant creatures worthy of starring in monster movies as they wipe out all cows and humans (hopefully in that order)? Two stories this week indicated that alligators and crocodiles are developing new traits that may not be good for humanity or bovinity.

A Florida commercial alligator hunter didn’t have to travel far to respond to a call that a 15-foot gator was eating cows … it was his own farm. Lee Lightsey organizes guided hunts and has been professionally hunting alligators since 1988, so he’s had plenty of experience with the big creatures. But he claims he’s never seen one as big as the 15-footer he spotted picking off cows from the cattle ponds on his farm. The largest American alligator ever recorded measured 19.2 feet long. Lightsey’s cattle feaster was an estimated 800 pounds and had to be lifted with a tractor.

At least you can keep these beasts out of your yard with a sturdy fence, right? That may be true in Florida, but not in northern India where residents of Boondi in Rajasthan watched a 250-pound pregnant croc climb a 4-foot fence and splash around in a lake before looking for a place to lay her eggs. If the crocodile climbed the fence to get out, it probably climbed said fence to get in. As a certain American presidential candidate might say, what these people need is a bigger fence.

Unfortunately, if you live in croc-infested areas, you’re going to need a MUCH bigger fence. A study published in Herpetology Notes found verifiable reports of adult crocodiles climbing fences as high as six feet and juvenile scaled critters scaling fences as high as 30 feet! So if you’re really worried about fence-climbing crocs, you should build a 31-foot fence, right?

Wrong! According to that same study in Herpetology Notes, crocodiles can climb trees too. If your fence is next to a taller tree, you’re croc-out-of-luck in keeping them out of your yard.

Can alligators climb fences or trees too? There don’t seem to be any verifiable eyewitness accounts of that. So your best bet for large alligator avoidance if you live in Florida, Louisiana or Texas is to keep your cows locked up indoors at all times. If you live in the crocodile lands of Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas, build a 31-foot fence, cut down all of your trees or move to Antarctica.

Now, I realize all these critters have to eat and that they need exercise, but I would just as soon not have them anywhere close to my neighborhood, ya know?

Coffee in the kitchen again today. Rain is back.


Gorges Smythe said...

Shoot 'em! I hear they taste just like chicken! ;-)

HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
I've heard that as well...especially the tales!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Having eaten a good bit of alligator, I guarantee you that they are well worth the eating. No they do not taste like chicken. They are much better. I do not kayak in waters containing alligators.

linda m said...

This is why I don't live anywhere near wirer alligators or crocs live. However, they are good eating'. The rain came down in truck loads yesterday - had to chase my garbage can down the street as the water washed it out of my driveway. Today is much colder - only in the 50's right now with a light mist. Have a great weekend.

Momlady said...

There's a 12 footer where my brother plays golf in Florida. They leave him alone...he's kind of a mascot.

HermitJim said...

Hey Barney...
I've never had gator. Good idea about keeping the kayak out of the water where the gators are.
Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey Linda...
Hope you caught the garbage can. Bad news about all the rain, but good news about the cooler weather.
Thanks for the visit this morning!

Hey Momlady...
If I had one close, I would leave him alone as well! Sounds like a good call!
Thanks for stopping by today!

JO said...

They are the descendant’s of the pre-historic ones maybe the gens are going to resurface. Time to knock off a few don't you think. Call the swamp guys they can clean em up.

Looks like we might have a few days of drying out here. Kitchen is fine by me

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

No thank you, for tree climbin' or eating. If you can eat it, somebody got close enough to kill it. Not for me!

alex amarxon said...

e brilliant than those that result from dry chalk -- instead of a dusting you get a rich schemer of color. Soon our brick wall was looking like a board on board fence