Friday, September 15, 2017

Santeria On Freaky Friday...!

Every so often, a story comes along that is so strange I wasn't sure if it was even real. Turns out it was true and not just made up.

The strange, dark journey of LeRoy Carter's head

In 1981, law enforcement found the body of a man named LeRoy Carter Jr. in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park… but just his body. Carter's head was missing, and pieces of a chicken had been partially stuffed inside the body.

Enter Sandi Gallant, a special intelligence officer who was involved in the investigation at the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana. According to BlumHouse, Gallant was something of an expert in the realm of crimes committed with an eye toward black magic, the occult, and various types of witchcraft and spiritualism. Clearly, this was right up her alley. The LA Times reported that she guessed the crime scene had something to do with Santeria, and she put together a profile that included practitioners spending the next 21 days using parts of the man's head to cook up a ritual brew, then another 21 days of sleeping near the head. She also predicted that on day 42, the head would be returned to the scene of the crime.

And it was, showing up in the weeds near Alvord Lake exactly 42 days after the murder. No one saw whoever dropped the head back off on the scene, and the case went cold — but Gallant says that it was something of a wake-up call that dark stuff like this was actually possible.

Now, I don't know what part of this story I find the scariest...the actual crime, or the fact that someone in the police department actually knows all about the ritual itself! The whole thing is off-the-wall strange, if you ask me!

Coffee out on the patio again.


Sixbears said...

That's going down a very dark rabbit hole. I'm going to need a stronger cup of coffee!

linda m said...

Black Magic scares the crap out of me. And the fact that a Special Intelligence Officer just happened to be there and to know something about Black Magic is just creepy. Now try to have a great weekend.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sixbears...
I can sure understand that!
Thanks for stopping by today!

Hey Linda...
Does seem more that just coincidental, doesn't it? All this kind of stuff is spooky to me.
Thanks for coming over today!

JO said...

Creepy is right. But if she new what was coming you would think they would have been watching the sight.

Should only be in he low 90'today we shall see. I'll take a refill on the coffee please this story calls for more coffee here too

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
They say they were watching, but no body saw anything. How hard were they watching, I wonder?
Thanks for dropping by today, sweetie!