Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Morning Cartoons Again...!

Ya know, November is almost gone. Seems like this whole year somehow got away from me.

I'll be glad when December is gone as well. As you know, I don't care too much for the Christmas holidays anymore. But...gotta decorate and all for Mom. She sill likes it, so the tree and lights will be going up as usual. Now, let's get to the 'toons!

Four for today...and not one commercial break in between! What a deal!

Coffee out on the patio again this morning. That OK with you?


Mamahen said...

Thank you for the great old toons....Great way to start the morning....The patio sounds great also....tired of pie yet? How bout some some chocolate chocolate chip cookies with just of orange zest...homemade of course..They're a favorite at our house this time of year :))

Chickenmom said...

Agree, Mamahen - the old ones are the best! Would love some of your cookies!

JO said...

More oldies for laughs.

I agree don't really care for holidays anymore. But then when my grandkids show up with their little ones a little excitement kicks in. So they will come and do the decorating of the village and the outside But the deal is for them to come take it all down again, not like last year.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mamahen...
I am always up for some cookies! My favorite meal!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Phyllis...
Glad you liked the older 'toons. Looks like the cookies are a hit this morning!

Thanks for dropping by this morning!

Hey Jo...
Having some young kids around does make a difference. None around here, though.

Thanks for coming over, sweetie!