Thursday, February 5, 2009

Well...They Are After Me Again !

When Texas passed the last hike in cigarette taxes, I started rolling my own.

I have done this before, so it wasn't such a big deal. Cheaper to buy the tobacco and the cigarette tubes and start rolling! Figures out to about $10 a carton, compared to the $30 or so in the store for a carton. The only thing it makes me lose is about 30 minutes to roll 4 packs...and that's if I'm distracted.

Now, however, Big Brother wants in on the action! The government , in all their infinite wisdom has decided that they will add a little extra tax onto the cost of tobacco products How much, you ask? Well, take a look at this chart and see...

On January 14th, The US House of Representatives voted 289 to 139 to approve the expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by raising federal cigarette and tobacco tax rates as follows:

Cigarettes: $6.10 More Per Carton

Large Cigars: Up to $.40 More Per Large Cigar

Little Cigars: $.96 More Per Pack

Pipe Tobacco: $1.71 More Per Pound

RYO/MYO Tobacco: $23.53 More Per Pound (not a Typo)

Chewing Tobacco: $.32 More Per Pound

Snuff: $.92 More Per Pound

The Senate will vote Monday, January 26th. If approved, it will then be signed by President Obama.

You Need To Stand Up and Not Take This Anymore!

Call President Obama's Office at (202) 540-3000

This issue is moving very quickly and it is critical that you take time now to contact your Senators in order to make your opinions known on the negative impact of this massive tax increase. Please click this link for more information.

See what I mean? Now, many of you are NOT smokers and don't see why you should be concerned about this. Let me tell you why!!

When the Government finally forces all the smokers to quit buying tobacco because they can't afford the taxes anymore, just where do you think the next round of tax increases is going to come from? Do you think for one minute that the PTB are just going to forget about taxing something to get that money? Not on your life...!!!

If you drink, look for a beer to go up in cost! If you drive, look for even more tax added to the cost of gasoline! If you eat, you can count on paying more for the food you eat! Everything you pay a sales tax on now is going to go up...because the taxes from the sale of tobacco won't be forthcoming, or at least not as much.

Will folks stop smoking? Probably not! Will they still get their tobacco from a legitimate source? Probably not! Bootlegging will make a HUGH comeback again, but this time the product will be tobacco instead of liquor...that is, until they raise the cost of liquor again!

I don't know about you, but I for one am totally fed up with all the taxes the PTB want me to pay and pay and keep on paying...just to see it get handed to some fat cat, backroom, under-the-table, good old boy Political type for another "bonus" or so called "bail out".

Well, I got your new taxes hanging right here...!

Did you notice that they want to add $23.53 a pound to the cost per pound for those of us who want to roll our own?

Now, before they manage to raise the tax on coffee again...let's get a fresh cup, my friend! BTW, would ya like a smoke?


Anonymous said...

Lordy, you think those prices are bad, try being smoker in aussie, we pay $70.00 a carton or $20 a packet!

Phelan said...

I was going to say something, then I rad Molly's comment. GEESH! I think I will start growing my own. If they can do it in Kentucky, I can do it in Kansas.

FarmerGeek said...

Well, I roll my own and I knew they wanted to raise the tobacco taxes, but I didn't know it was that much!!

Phelan, I am planning on starting to raise my own this year, too. grows her own and that's where I got the idea. I am thinking I will get my seeds from if you find anywhere else, please let me know! Thanks!

Good post, Hermit!

Did it MY way said...

Could become a nice cottage industry. Grow our own and sell the extra-of course the Feds would ax the selling part. Perhaps trade?

shiloh1862 said...

time to plant my own tobacco!


TEAM HALL said...

Hey Jim! Seems like they're gonna get yah everywhere yah go! You're right, you can stop smoking and drinking...they'll tax peaches and yogourt. lol From all the U.S. news we get, seems it won't affect the fatcats any...they won't even pay their fair share of income tax!
You have a fantastic day!

Lydia said...

Hey Jim,

Looks like we're ranting about the same thing.

I couldn't believe when i saw that huge hike in the ryo - lots of people around here do that, or used to.

It's a constant pounding.


treesong said...

So when do these increases go into affect? And are they federal tax and then maybe we can expect States to hike their tobacco tax? I no longer smoke but Sweetie does - again (nerves due to his mom's health and family issues).

DivaHick said...

Feel lucky... in Ohio they are talking about equipping every vehicle with a GPS system, and taxing us for each mile we drive! (I guess they already do with truckers?) Big Brother is watching!

Lydia said...

Treesong, I think the bill was signed yesterday. Some say asap for increases so am not sure. It is a Federal tax.

Mayberry said...

Hmmmm, Maybe that veggie patch would be better utilized as a tabaccy patch! It'd look real good next to a still... Heh heh heh, "The Revenuers are comin"...

Now the revenue man wanted Gran'daddy bad,
He headed up the holler with everything he had.
It's before my time, but I been told,
He never come back from Copperhead Road....

Ashley said...

Why is it so *$#&@ hard to find the actual text of a bill that's been passed into law? Anywhooo.... I like the SCHIP, but surely they can find a better way to finance it than that.

I mean, I have no sympathy, after the name you called me yesterday for being allergic to tobacco smoke, but let's be reasonable. Especially the part about roll-your-own? The tobacco least likely to be contaminated with toxins is the one they're increasing the most?

How much is a pound of that stuff, anyway?

Perhaps they should find something more reasonable to tax, like limousines and mansions and private jets. It wouldn't affect the people passing the laws, since they're not even secretive about their own bounced checks and tax evasion.

Oh, right... if they don't pay the taxes, then the children don't get the health coverage. Wow. This gets complicated. I guess it's time to start growing your own tobacco.


Anonymous said...

I bet they will figure out a way to tax the air we breathe.. I chew tobacco occasionally and it seems the price is always going up. I am considering growing my own and giving the middle finger to the latest entitlement sceme that washington comes up with.. Hey Mayberry Ill bring the corn mash!

HermitJim said...

Hey guys and girls...thanks for stopping by and giving me a chance to rant a bit...

Sometimes just getting it off the chest makes it better, ya know?

I appreciate the visit!

Stephanie in AR said...

I did some research into growing your own last summer - for potential trading around here with the cover of growing flowers or insecticide. Some of what I found I wrote about on the blog. Look in either the gardening catagory or the dyi. I have other links in a folder on my computer but am still at fil's using his washer. Take a look & if you have more questions ask in the comments at the latest post. If you have never commented before the system will hold it until I approve but after one approval you are good to go (its a system thing). I'll get back to you asap remembering I am at the mercy of the good old electric company and repair crews.

dyi is not a typo - its do yourself in because there are days in diy land when you are really just beating yourself up.

I never really smoked - gave it up after 3 weeks because it made food taste bad & I know my priorities. But mom & dad smoked with mom being at least a 3 pack-a-day, more when stressed. Even today when things are stressful I can feel the pull of smoking. Coffee is much better imho (priorities don't cha know)

HermitJim said...

Hey Stephanie...I sure thank you for the information and I'll be looking all over for all the info I can get along these lines.

Thanks so much for stopping's always a pleasure, my friend!

Off Grid Survival said...

I don't smoke, but people need to start waking up! First it's the smokers then the drinkers, and then what, the air we breath? The water we Drink?

Edain: said...

I stopped smoking about 15 years ago but know where you are coming from with the whole tax issue.

My answer to this (and everything else) is:

Be self sufficient, grow ya own and barter!

Anonymous said...

it's a fantastic idea that should be expanded!

just imagine, "stiff" taxes on sex toys and condoms to fund anti-hiv efforts.

heavily taxed newspapers to fund education.

excise taxes on TVs to fund communications.

taxes on free needle exchanges to fund anti drug efforts.

taxes on fast food for anti obesity campaigns

the mind just reels with the possibilities...

HermitJim said...

Hey're right! The PTB will find something else to's gotten to be an obsession with them.

Hey, thanks for coming by and for the comments.

Hey EDAIN...always a pleasure, my friend. Looks like we will have to do just that, doesn't it?

Thanks for the visit...

Hey ANON...those are some good suggestions. It probably won't be long before someone in the " new tax office" looks at them!

Mind boggling, huh? Thanks for the visit!

Dragon said...

Among my very first preps were loose tobacco and seed... The camps all have had tobacco planted and some is now put up for aging... So they the TPB are now the TPW (powers that were) in my book...
The funniest thing I found out in growing my own is that tobaccy grows wild almost everywhere I've been and I didn't know what it was...I'd been walking past it my whole life... Plant some this spring, age it well and enjoy the new freedom.... I recommend stealth planting. just some hither or yon...or even in a planter as landscaping. Dragon

HermitJim said...

Hey Dragon...thanks for the info, my friend. Always a good thing to talk to someone who has some practical experience, ya know?

Thanks for coming by and sharing that knowledge with us...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

i'll be doing an apiary, amd mead... i'll gladly 'barter' some when your taxes are out o' control...

Bullseye said...

Man you can get good weed in KY for that You know what I mean...Well boys, smoke 'em if ya got 'em.